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    Here are some lovely things that can help you present your fan-made cards in a nice, new way! This is a recreation of an old thread I created, but this one's a bit more cleaner and concise, and it includes some new Hearthcards tips. Enjoy!

    Custom Card Templates

    In order to create custom card templates, you will need to go to: http://www.hearthcards.net/customsubmit/

    This is for very advanced creators who want to make their custom class really pop and stand out.

    However, every creator can use custom templates with ease. In order to use them, simply put in the code (for example, "{{CLASS=customclass1111}}") at the end of card text you want to add to the card.

    Here is a list of some additional custom class borders.
    Some do not have a hero card, or may use the old style of weapon card border.

    Chef, CheeseEtc
    Firelord, Logovaz
    Gambler, Tox
    Gambler, Otovent
    Ninja, McF4rtson
    Warden, Jengus
    Riftblade, McF4rtson
    "Motherboard", Jengus & McF4rtson
    Improved Sea Witch, McF4rtson
    Runic, original artist unknown, McF4rtson
    Ringmaster, Walrus, McF4rtson

    Furthermore, here is a list of custom emblems. Simply click on them to get the code you need to put in. Like a custom class, they go at the end of your card's text.


    In addition, two emblems were added later on: {{EMBLEM=custom50}}, {{EMBLEM=custom51}}

    Updated Custom Card Tools:

    Demonxz95 pointed out a button that might save you a lot of time. 


    Rarity Colours (Copy and Paste)



    Source Code for Rarity Colours (for mobile devices)

    Click the "</>" button to access the source code. The underlined words are the ones that should be replaced by the text you desire to be coloured.
    • <strong><a class="rarity-0">Token</a></strong> (e.g. The Coin)
    • <strong><a class="rarity-1">Common</a></strong> (e.g. Wisp)
    • <strong><a class="rarity-2">Basic</a></strong> (e.g. Magma Rager)
    • <strong><a class="rarity-3">Rare</a></strong> (e.g. Alarm-o-Bot)
    • <strong><a class="rarity-4">Epic</a></strong> (e.g. Doomsayer)
    • <strong><a class="rarity-5">Legendary</a></strong> (e.g. Ragnaros the Firelord)

    Charts (Copy and Paste)

    Legend: AxB where A is the amount of boxes along the horizonal axis and B is the amount of boxes along the vertical axis.





















































































































    Source Code Guide for Charts

    • "<table>
      <tbody>" = Beginning of Table
    • "</tbody>
      </table>" = End of Table
    • "<tr>" = Beginning of Table Row
    • "</tr>" = End of Table Row
    • "<th>Insert Words Here</th>" = Table Heading (Black Box)
    • "<td>Insert Words Here</td>" = Table Cell (Beige blocks)


    <th>Warcraft Faction</th>
    <th>Basic Hearthstone Heroes</th>
    <td>Jaina, Anduin, Uther, Valeera</td>
    <td>Thrall, Garrosh, Rexxar</td>
    <td>Gul'dan, Malfurion</td>


    Warcraft Faction Basic Hearthstone Heroes
    Alliance Jaina, Anduin, Uther, Valeera
    Horde Thrall, Garrosh, Rexxar
    Other Gul'dan, Malfurion

    Superscript and Subscript

    • <sup>Superscript</sup> (e.g. Fe2+)
    • <sub>Subscript</sub> (e.g. H2O)

    Hearthcards Tricks

    Unorthodox Rarity Gem

    Type {{CUSTOMGEM=red/green/limegreen/gray}} within the "card text" box.

    Font Size

    Type {{FONTSIZE=x}} within the "card text" box. "x" is a whole number between -15 (smallest font size) and 15 (largest font size).

    Coloured Stat Numbers

    Type {{MANACOLOR=red/green}}, {{HEALTHCOLOR=red/green}}, or {{ATTACKCOLOR=red/green}} within the "card text" box.

    You can also use hexadecimal colors like this {{MANACOLOR=#f442f4}}

    The above cards were made by RazorOfArtorias in his expansion Servitors of the Loa.

    Any other recommendations for presentation tools is appreciated and will be added to this thread.

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    awwwwwwwwwe...thanks luv <3 I'll miss this site...

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    Healing and buffing both count as increasing health. Rings a bell?

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    That is all.


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    Quote from linkblade91 >>
    Quote from thepowrofcheese >>
    Quote from ZardozSpeaks2 >>

    Edit: after reviewing all entrants, I gotta say, there's a lot of garbage. Never seen so many comment posts, nearly every page has some ill-informed person fouling up the thread with card reviews instead of submissions. Also, lots of broken garbage, dumb jokes, spelling mistakes, terminology mistakes, people reusing art from existing cards....


    Completely agree. The constant comments are really frustrating. I know I don’t have a submission every week, but I don’t remember it ever being this bad.

     You wouldn't even notice their existence if I could keep up :/

    This may have to do with the fact that MUCH more people got involved in the WCDC than previous ones. Mostly cause there was no restraint on the theme so they could've submitted an integration problem as a card for all they cared. On the bright side, that means much more people will get involved; on the downside, poor Linky here has to teach every novice that ye can't just post comments in the submission.

    Pats the Linky

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    "SWOOP! SWOOP! That's the sound of da dragon. SWOOP! SWOOP!"

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    Quote from Kovachut >>
    Quote from Cogito_Ergo_Sum >>
    Quote from thepowrofcheese >>

    My new idea that can ensure you go second in game, because Bink needs all the Coins he can get. But if your opponent has it too, then it's up for grabs...

    I'm gonna be honest here and say that I'm not exactly a fan of this card because it basically punishes your opponent for not having enough dust/luck/money to craft this legendary and counter a deck that would favour this outcome. Depending on how the meta is, this would either be an auto-include for any tempo deck, or just not be played entirely because tempo decks don't work well enough to allow a 1/2. The fact that you need to expend money for a single specific card to swing the statistics into your favour against another specific card and have the chance just end up with a useless 1/2 in your deck seems kinda frustrating. The flavour is nice though, and I always love me some Coin interactions, but as it stands, I'm afraid that Bink ironically has money problems.

    Here's my cards if you wanna input feedback :3.

    Hey. Glad to see you being active again.

    Before I discuss your cards in detail, I would like to say, that it would be best to create something entirely new for this week's competition. While it's true, that all cards are welcome, if you browse in the submission thread, you will see that people prefer joke designs. The current theme is all about anarchy and the hearthpwners support the cards, which normally wouldn't be allowed. Now it's their time to shine. So imho it would be best to create something bizarre and outrageous, in order to attract people's attention.

    Now, about your cards - I agree with what Demon said for the most part, but here is my personal feedback:

    Spellsmith - the whole list of paladin spells can be seen here (Demon missed Holy Wrath). I must say, that I was impressed by this minion initially, because despite his powerful effects he felt balanced in that class, but my problem is that paladin doesn't feel like a magic class. Not really knowledgeable with the WoW lore (I have never played paladin there myself), but that class normally used its spells to enhance its melee combat skills. It relied on stats like Strength and Armour Penetration when taking the role as DPS or Armour, Dodge/Defense rating if they played as tanks. The spell-based spec was the healing one, so designs around spells should be related to the Holy spec imho.

    Fortune Teller - I like the idea, but the card seems like a more word-y and worse Curious Glimmerroot. In both cases you generate a card for yourself, which oftentimes might be situational and this is caused by the RNG aspect. However, in the case of the fortune teller the opponent will ALWAYS give you the weakest outcome, whereas in the Glimmerroot's case if you are presented with something good (like DK), you will know for sure that you can keep it. Also, unlike Glimmerroot the opponent will know what card you got from the fortune teller and will try to play around it.

    Dragon's Call - strong (in a good way), should be epic (see Cabalist's Tome), not really exciting though.

    Dragon Swoop is the best one. I wanted to see if someone would abuse it somehow (link), but everything seems ok. In fact some players might make a meme combo with Underbelly Ooze.

    Thanks for the feedback! Ye, I'm hoping to be a bit more active now that my life is slightly less out of order. I'm starting with normal cards for now to get back into the swing of things. :3 I may brainstorm more radical creations though, but for now I'll stick with Dragon Swoop

    AWWWWE, Lassy, Trusty Companion is soooo cute!!! I absolutely adore it's flavour, and I think it's balanced since you have to slot in a very weak card for a pseudo Ice Block. That being said, it is a bit too weak for stats, and it does only prevent one lethal blow. I'm sure that bumping it up to a 1 mana 1/1 is no issue.

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    If I had a nickel for every time I've heard "Oh no, there's too many of them!"...

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    Hello! As the title suggests, this is a compendium of the most apparent cycles that I found in Hearthstone. Is this thread ultimately useless and fluff? Probably. But gosh darn it, it's the internet, and I'm gonna exercise my right of speech! Also, it's neat for me and the 1% of people who find this vaguely interesting (including my boyfriend. HOI PRISM! <3)

    What is a cycle?

    A cycle is a series of cards that have a clear relationship with each other and share a common theme, whether mechanically or thematically (This definition is ripped straight out of Magic: The Gathering's wiki site). A rather famous cycle, for example, is the Rager cycle. In Hearthstone, cycles are usually portrayed as having similar wording in their card names and/or card text, and cycles often consist of one card per rarity or class, whether they be all 9 classes (e.g. Spellstones) or just a couple (Odd/Even Battlecry cards).

    What is considered to be a cycle?

    What can be considered as a cycle is very subjective. For example, you could say that Fire Elemental, Water Elemental, Earth Elemental, and Air Elemental are all part of a cycle. However, for purposes of this thread, I'm going to try to find cycles that have been intuitively implicated to be intentional and have a shared mechanical theme rather than just a shared flavourful theme. Plus, cycles tend to have very similar wording (though there are exceptions and I'll list the ones I think are significant enough).

    I will also not list some redundant cycles (e.g. the class legendary minions per set) and mega-cycle pairs because most of these mega-cycle pairs are just fun reiterations of earlier cards, and boy do Whispers of the Old Gods have lots of these. Additionally, I'll add noncollectable cards if necessary to cycles, but I will not add cycles composed of exclusively uncollectible cards (e.g. Animal Companions) because there's WAAAY too many of these, and I don't wanna make the thread bigger than it already is.

    Regardless, let me know if I missed any cycles you think should (or shouldn't) be on the list!

    What are some cycle-related terminology (neeerd)?

    • Mega-Cycle:  A cycles that spans across multiple expansions.
    • Tight Cycle: A cycle consisting of very, VERY similar wording and theme (e.g. Spirits from Rastakhan's Rumble)
    • Loose Cycle: A cycle comprised of cards with only a thematic link or a very weak mechanical link (e.g. the Monster Hunters Tess Greymane, Darius Crowley, Toki, Time-Tinker, and Houndmaster Shaw from The Witchwood expansion). 
    • Horizontal Cycle: A cycle that includes one card per class (e.g. Legendary Spells from The Boomsday Project expansion). Hearthstone has lots of these.
    • Vertical Cycle: A cycle composed of one card per rarity. This, funny enough, is rare in Hearthstone.
    • Pair: A cycle containing only 2 cards.



    Unanimously known as the worst card in the entirety of Hearthstone by the Hearthstone community, Magma Rager is the classic 3 mana 5/1 has been parodied multiple times in later sets in both collectible content and solo adventure content. Eventually, this formed a cycle dedicated to the most classic joke card in all of Hearthstone (or should I say Basic?).


    Giants are 8/8 minions that suitably have the naming structure of "______ Giant". They tend to have an incredibly expensive cost with card text denoting a way to reduce its cost. You can find the Classic giants near your local Warlock.

    Weapon Oozes

    Weapon Oozes are small minions that in some way cause weapon durability reduction. Also, they have an icky animation >w>.


    This cycle comprises of cards that hearken back to the infamous Annoy-o-Tron. This is probably the closest a Hearthstone card has ever gotten from having its flavour and gameplay functionality connected. (I still hear its "Hello"s...).


    0-Attack cards that have the naming structure of "_____ Egg". They usually have a Deathrattle that spawns a minion larger than the Mana Cost would normally allow, but this effect can vary. Also part of a complete and nutritious breakfast.

     Battlecry Healers

    1, 2, 3, 4! A healer for each mana Cost floor! 5, 6, 7, 8! Targets any character as a Battlecry, mate! 9, 10, 11, 12! I need healing.

    Spell Damage Kobolds

    Kobolds with Spell Damage! Like the name says! Ironically, none are found in Kobolds and Catacombs.

    Druid of the...

    Druid elves with a Choose One effect that allows them to transform into a Beast with different stats and effects. We don't talk about Druid of the Fang ever since he split off and started that oil rig...

    Wisp Puns

    Druid spells that can spawn a lot of Wisps and are named by a guy who refuses to be fired from Team 5. Clearly Druid's secret wisp-on.

    Shadow Words

    Cheap destruction spells that only destroy minions with a certain amount of Attack; noticeably, none of these cards affect 4-Attack minions or your moral compass.

    Power Words

    Buff cards! Priest edition.


    Buff cards! Paladin edition.

    Mad Goblins

    "Mad" goblins that give an effect split randomly between all other characters. Under much consideration, Flame Imp was not included in this cycle despite having a similar effect.

    Elemental Shocks

    Shaman spells that deal damage equal to its Cost (without Spell Power) and have an extra little effect. The Basic and Classic Shocks in particular are 1-Cost cards that deal 1 damage to a target and give a negative effect to it. Lava Shock shockingly breaks this pattern.

    The Cutest Wittle 1/1 Race Minion

    Who's an adorable cheap minion with a 1/1 statline with an intended use for Racial decks? You are! Yes you are!

    The Chicken Cycle

    1-Cost Chickens usually with a very bad but powerful effect if the stars align. Also Leeroy Jenkins's favourite cycle.

    Hunter Traps

    2 Mana Hunter Secrets with the word "Trap" in their name. Presumably catches a lot of fish aliens.

    Hunter Shots

    Damage dealing Hunter spells with the word "Shot" in their name. Rogue has a more affordable option in Witchwood.

    Troll Berserkers

    Trolls that gain +3 Attack attack when damaged or whenever they're damaged. Again, ironically none are found in Rastakhan's Rumble...

    RNG 1-Cost Minions

    The name says it all. To your opponent, a Pyroblast. To you, a Glacial Mysteries.

    Banana Cards

    Minions that give Bananas! And Potassium! And random appeeling comedic slips!

    Injured Cards

    Poor minions that damage themselves when played into the battlefield. Unfortunately, Priests only healed the Injured Blademaster in the meta due to his attention-seeking nature making everything all about HIMSELF. Hmph!

    Ragnaros Cards

    Cards that in some way refer to the iconic Ragnaros the Firelord, which used to be the most powerful Classic card. Cards in this cycle are defined by doing 8 of something to a random character, Ragnaroking, and rolling.

    Ogre Cards

    Miss them? Well, they'll miss you. These cards have a 100% chance to hit 50% of the time!

    Yogg-Saron Cards

    Legendary minions with an effect that often goes along the line of "Battlecry: Play a ______ for each ______ you've played this game (targets chosen randomly)". Also, they have a sparkly border during its effect! Shiiiiny!


    Vanilla 2 Mana Beasts

    I think you can see why I don't wanna post EVERY card pair...especially the mega-cycles...there's too many of em...

    Dwarfs with Guns

    No, this is not a euphemism >w>. These are dwarfs that have the simple Battlecry of "Deal X damage." Stop judging

    Basic Shadow Words

    The original cards that made every Priest scream whenever they see a Ysera. For real though, they're cheap Assassinate spells that only destroy minions with certain Attack.


    Pandaren Brewmasters that return a friendly minion to your hand. See, this is what The Caverns Below flavour text meant by The Taverns Below. "Say what's in this drink?~"


    2/3 minions that give adjacent minions Taunt. It's how you find your Classic Giants.

    Dragon Aspects

    Legendary Dragons that depict the original five Dragon Aspects. Two of them are 9 mana 8/8 minions (one female, one male), and the two other dragons are 9 mana 4/12s (one female, one male); all 4 of these fellas have 16 stat points in total. The only exception is Deathwing. Cause he's Deathwing. (Must've been eating too many Death Wings).


    7 mana 5/5 Epic Druid minions that have a Choose One effect. They also rhyme and have bushy beards!

    New 1-Cost RNG Spells

    Introduced as some of the first new Classic cards, these cards are Common 1-Cost spells that give you a random card. And they will still always give you Glacial Mysteries. Even Call of the Void.

    Self-Damage Demons

    Demons that deal damage to your hero equal to their attack. Like my insecurity and anxiety!

    Racial Reward Cards

    Cards that used to be rewarded for collecting all cards of a certain race! They also used to come with a dental plan, as shown by their excellent mouth modelling.

    Special Token Reward Cards

    Legendary minions that generate a random special token. ALSO CONTAINS CAPS LOCK FOR SOME REASON.

    Thaddius Spawners

    Two of these spawn Thaddius when they both die. If Feugen was wearing a top hat and Stalagg was wearing a monocle, then you summon Chaddius.


    Mechs with an even cost that summon a random minion. This is one of Hearthstone's only verticle cycles...and it doesn't even complete the cycle. REALLY COOL FOR MY OCD BLIZZARD.


    Troggs that gain Attack whenever your opponent casts a spell! Also, the first series of cards that the pros rated 5 stars even though it saw no play whatsoever. I, a more intellectual creature, rated Hobgoblin as 5 stars.

    Death Cost Reduction Cards

    Cards that cost (1) less for every minion that died this turn. I too would sacrifice Silver Hand Recruits to listen to Nefarion's sexy voice.

    Empty Hand Hunter Cards

    A cycle that includes not only Hunter cards that have a bonus if you hand is empty but also the OG 4 mana 7/7.

    The -Bane Sisters

    3 mana 3/4 sisters that do something neat when you cast a spell on them! They also have this whole light-dark thing...their spiritual book is very helpful! Remember, the light and the dark is all about you.

    Hunter TGT Legendaries

    Alone, they're pretty bad 4/2 Beasts. But together, Dreadscale and his sidekick Acidmaw make a Twisted Team! Though, I hear Acidmaw is easily neutralized by Basic cards.

    Non-Legendary Inspire Class Cards

    Our first 9-class horizontal cycle (not including class legendaries)! This cycle is composed of inspiring non-Legendary cards from each class! In fact, each class only contains one Inspire card in TGT! Except for Priests. Because how else would Acidmaw see play?

    Upgraded Hero Powers

    Speaking of Inspire, an inspiring set of better versions of hero powers that could be obtained via Justicar Trueheart! You might be wondering why I only included this uncollectible cycle. The answer is rational and simple one: Because I said so.

    Joust Cards

    Cards that reveal a minion from each deck and if you get a higher cost minion, you get a prize! (I hope it's funnel cakes)


    League of Explorers

    These Legendary cards are the Explorer's League, and they are in need of explorers. They seek adventure across land and sea! Won't you come and join them?

    Murloc Pop Songs

    Murloc spells in the respective Murloc classes! They're also named after catchy Murloc songs, but we all know that I Am Murloc reigns supreme over these newfangled hippy songs! Why back in my day...

    Old Gods

    10 Mana Legendary Neutral Minions with effects beyond your mortal comprehension. They depict the Old Gods...although...I'm pretty sure if we just kindly called them "Elder Gods", they'd be much nicer!

    C'thun Buff Cards

    Cards that buff C'thun wherever it is! In your hand, deck, board, basement, demonic circle, and local library!

    10-Attack C'thun Cards

    Minions that grant a benefit if your C'thun has at least 10-Attack and also a free coffee on the 2147483648th Attack!

    Forbidden Cards

    The Forbidden cards. Powerful spells and minions that expend all your mana and do something based on how much mana you spent. No creature within the realm of sanity should-OMG LOOK AT THE CUTIE LITTLE SLIMES IN FORBBIDEN RITUAL'S ARTWORK AAAAA I WANNA CAST IT.

    Karazhan Portals

    These Portally good Portals of Portaliness perform an action with a specific number and summon a minion with a Cost of that same number. Now you're thinking with Portals!

    Menagerie Cards

    Minions that synergize with a Beast, Dragon, and Murloc! Midrange, Control, and Aggro...animals, all of them!

    Rare Discover Tri-Class Cards

    Nine tri-class cards were introduced in Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. Three of these allowed you to Discover with each option being from a different class within the Crime Family. So now you can Purify your Dreadsteed!

    Common Crime Family Mechanic Cards

    The other three of these cards represented the basic mechanics of the three Crime Families: handbuffing, Jade Golems, and Potions! Of course, the actual mechanics were Patched, the False Idols, and the deck that struck rich.

    Legendary Crime Lords

    The leaders of Crime Families that can make you an offer you can't refuse. Unless it's Don Han'Cho (sorry buddy :c).

    The Kabal Legendaries

    Not only are they the only Crime Family with a Legendary cycle, but they also have the most fabulous pink outfits too! Oh, and their battlecries only work if your deck has no duplicates but have you seen Solia's nail polish like oh my old gods.


    Spells from the Kabal classes that can be generated by Kabal Chemist! But she always miscalculates Hess's Law and makes the potions freezing cold though. :/

    Hog Motorcyclists

    A gang of pigs that will only gain Charge under specific conditions. And yet again we have ANOTHER INCOMPLETE VERTICAL CYCLE BLIZZ WHY U DO DIS TO MEEE.

    Conditional Self-Buffers

    Understated minions that become much more powerful under certain circumstances. Just gotta give em some encouragement! Look at how sad they are! Look at that poor squid! Go squid go! :D


    Our first non-minion class legendary cycle! These consist of 1-Cost Legendary spells that start in your hand and give you a 5 mana card as a reward once you complete their requirements. The exception is Sulfuras, whose lack of a 2 mana Cost is found within DIE, INSECT!. If the reward is a minion, the card is usually an 8/8 unless it's Galvadon, The Last Kaleidosaur who has Stealth and whole lot more.

    Tar Elementals

    Summoned with a wubbly bubbly animation, these minions have increased attack during your opponent's turn in case you're against aggro and you wanna give 'em a sticky situation.


    Adorable wittle dinos that shuffle in an overstated minion into your deck if you dare disturb the mother's child...BUT I WANNA PET IT.

    Class Legendary Elementals

    Elementals: My favourite Hearthstone race! They were featured in Mage, Shaman, and Priest, so naturally a Legendary Elemental was given to each class. It was just elementary.

    Class Legendary Dinosaurs

    RAWWWWWR RAWR RAWR RAAAAH. (They're big class legendary beasts. Belonging to dino classes. What more info do you need?)



    Neutral Legendaries with a special Battlecry that would only activate if there were no minions in your deck that have the same cost as it. Yeesh. They're clearly spotlight-hogging divas. Nerf this!

    Death Knight Card Generators

    Neutral Legendaries that produce powerful token cards known as Death Knight cards, including the literal Death Metal that is Frostmourne and that one card that makes Combo decks concede: Death Grip. Best. Cards. Ever!

    Death Knights

    A formidable 9-class horizontal cycle. This cycle consists of a new card type called a "Hero Card" which supplies some Armor, has a useful Battlecry, and transforms your hero power into a more potent one. They also have edgy monologues as their flavour text. It's just a phase. Don't worry it'll pass in the next rotation.

    Opponent's Turn Deathrattle Cards

    Deathrattle-holding cards that only activate if it's your opponent's turn. Because there's nothing passive aggressive about wanting to die at the enemy hands but not yours because they trust the enemy more than you. Noooo...

    Recursive Cards

    Spells that recast itself if something happens.
    Spells that recast itself if something happens.
    See this is so recursive, this joke is probably done before.

    Scarabs and Spiders Cards

    This cycle includes cards that spawn Scarabs or Spiders, which was a theme for Druid this expansion. It's not a bug. Well, it is.

    Legendary Weapons

    The last non-minion 9-class legendary horizontal cycle of the Year of the Mammoth (that was a mouthful)! This cycle is composed of weapons for each class! Interestingly, the Kabal classes all received 0/3 weapons. However, despite being a non-weapon class, Druids get a 1-Attack weapon. Stick to the plan.


    Rare Class Spells crafted by the Azari devil
    Can be upgraded by three levels
    Each named after precious stone
    With flavour text in a poetic tone

    Unidentified Cards

    Unidentified objects which can transform into one of 4 unique tokens when drawn. Also makes you hold up the object in mid-air while a song goes "Na na na na na na...da da da daaaa!"

    Rogue Secrets

    2 Mana Secrets in Rogue that are all about timing, cunning, and hoping your opponent puts that Stubborn Gastropod Zombeast next to that Charged Devilsaur (you know you want to!).

    Spell Hunter Cards

    Cards that only work if your deck has no minions. Also, the decck archetype everyone made fun of when it was revealed. Well, who's laughing now? (not me and my odd mage ;w;)

    Warlock Self-Damage Cards

    Cheap cards with 2-Attack that deal 2 damage to your face! Instead of burning you with fire like Flame Imp does, they burn you mentally with insults and study-work overload. Yay.

    Armor-Limiting Taunt Minions

     These are minions found within the Armor classes that cannot attack unless you have a certain amount of Armor. Also, they're fist models.

    Odd/Even Start of Game Cards

    An odd way to even the match by providing an improved hero power throughout the game if your deck only contains odd or even cards.

    Odd/Even Battlecry Cards

    Some even stranger oddities that are beasts with better effects if your deck only contains odd or even cards.

    Stat-swapping Worgens

    Worgens that swap their Attack and Health each turn they are in your hand. They also change their art and opinion towards Michael Jackson's Thriller.

    Death Dependent Hunter Cards

    Hunter cards that have a benefit if a minion died this turn. Also features some Emerald Drakes in the artwork. What is it with Hunters and Emerald anyways? Is Rexxar a May baby? Maybe.

    Self-Damage Dependent Warlock Cards

    Warlock cards that have a benefit if your hero hurt itself this turn. Yeesh, what is it with these hurtful cards? Can't wee have a card that does something if we give the enemy a fuzzy wuzzy warm hug?

    Random Shaman Spell Generators

    In the Witchwood, which wood would witch woods? The witch would with Witchwood witchcraft.

    The Monster Hunters

    Characters present in the solo adventure, and Hagatha would've gotten away with her schemes if it wasn't for these meddling hunters...and rogues, mages, and warriors.

    Legendary Scientists

    Magic is merely phenomena undefined by science! And in this expansion, there is definitely some science goin on. Each class represents a certain field of science with a Legendary minion (and hero) acting as the head scientist of that field. (But no scientist will ever be Legendary as Stephen Hawking...)

    Legendary Spells

    The class identities within this expansion are further depicted by Legendary spells, each pertaining to their field of science and usually refers to the aforementioned head scientist. I for one can't wait til we get the Neil DeGreese Tyson Legendary spell.

    Omega Cards

    Cards that have a special effect if you have 10 Mana Crystals, empty or full. They also have an Omega symbol on their art. As Cogito_Ergo_Sum, I prefer Sigma Cards.


    Common class spells that benefit both players. There is unfortunately no Poultryizer Project nor Funnel Cake Project to project.

    Left/Right-Most Card Interactions

    Cards that deal with left-most and right-most cards in your hand. To the left, to the left, that's right!

    Class Loas

    Each class represents a troll team supported by a troll god called a Loa (talk about team spirit). Thus, each class has a Legendary Beast representing that class's Loa except for Priest, which has Bwonsamdi. They have the naming structure of "Loa's name, Loa's species". Which Loa do you follow? (hint: it's the big friggin Dragonhawk! GO DRAGONHAWKS! I mean, ahem, your choice.)


    A bit of team spirit! There is also a 9-class horizontal cycle in which each class contains a 0/3 Rare Minion that has Stealth for 1 turn and a passive effect. This effect synergizes well with its respective Loa. That's the spirit!

    Troll Champions

    The other Legendary class minions (and a hero) each represent a Warcraft lore character (save for Rogue) that has some tie to the Loa. Also, they have one of the best accents in Warcraft lore (but Draenei accents are still da best for unbiased reasons).

    4-related Tauren Spells

    A card pair that heals for 4 and deals 4 damage respectively. It also features Tauren in similar art! The former's a lightweight, but the latter's on fire!


    With every villain scheming, their maniacal smiles beaming!
    With every turn, their power grows,
    Until cast as powerful blows
    Their victory, at last, there and gleaming!

    The E.V.I.L. Founders

    They're evil villains from Hearthstone's history! One from each year! They also have the same Attack and Health as their previous reincarnations, with Lazul and Hagatha being an exception because they're a Hag (but still her Health and Armor are the same!). Some of them even bring back the mechanics of Legendaries from the sets the villains came from.


    Ever get that feeling of deja vu? Well, considering that these villain cards call back to the mechanics of the sets these villains featured in, you should! Ever get that feeling of deja v-hold on I'm getting a call. Back to it I guess.

    Lackey Generators

    There's a single Lackey generator for each evil class (and neutral)! Cool right? Although I chose not to include uncollectible cycles, it's worth noting that each of the first 5 Lackeys correspond to one of the five villains in the set and usually are flavourfully themed to said villain (e.g. Rafaam's Ethereal Lackey uses Discover, which came from LoE)

    Common Twinspells

    Every class has a twin of twinspells, which are spells that add a copy of the spell to your hand without "Twinspell"! One of them is common, while the other is rare. And they all feature the Eye of the Kirin Tor as well! 

    Rare Twinspells

    Every class has a twin of twinspells, which are spells that add a copy of the spell to your hand without ""! One of them is common, while the other is rare. And they all feature the Eye of the Kirin Tor as well!

    Portal Demons

    Demons that shuffle Portals into a deck that summon a Demon when drawn! Where do they keep getting these demons...

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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 9.15 - Submission Topic

    "No u."

    An attempt at making a fair AoE for Priests. This is great against Aggro decks...provided they attack first, but only situationally good against Control and Combo who know needs to consider if they should mindlessly hit face or not. Think of it as a super Vaporize . The Twinspell effect allows you ensure another attempt against a rather swarmy Aggro deck (*cough* Soul of the Forest *cough*), BUT now your opponent is aware of its existence, allowing for counterplay (e.g. they could just not attack and build up a board AND THEN attack, either way you still get to stall a little).

    What it looks like if you took damage:

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