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    posted a message on It Is Time To Nerf SN1P-SNAP?
    Quote from hillandder >>

    7 Mech Hunter in a row, running x2 Hex and x2 1 mana silence spell and it is not enough, looks like my senses are correct again...

     7 games in a row and no mech hunters.

    Your senses seem all kinds of wrong to me

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    posted a message on How to spot a bad player in Hearthstone
    Quote from XMegaMike >>

    Sounds like you lost to "xxxDankPantsxxx" playing a fast Murloc Shaman at rank 25 who also continuously BM'd and roped you til you conceded and wrote this waste of a post. 👏👏👏

     Pretty much what his initial post reeks of, yup.

    This whole “funny post” simply belongs in the salt thread. Nothing original or fun here, just winching.

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    posted a message on Rank 50 - Legend in 16 hours challenge
    Quote from Bee >>

    Now do it on day 1, against real players.

     You’re a sad sad person that probably never was able to get legend yourself.

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    posted a message on Honest Rise of Shadows Cards
    Quote from iWatchUSleep >>

    These get worse with every expansion...

     Was thinking the exact same thing

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    posted a message on Teching for Murloc Shaman and then never see them!
    Quote from GentilleMouche >>
    Quote from Lyconik >>

    Teching Hungry Crab is so bad actually, you increase your winrate against Murloc Shaman for a few %, but you decrease every other matchup also, so in the end, unless you met like 70% murloc deck, you're going to hurt your overall winrate.

     That is the thing. He did see 70% shamans. Until he made the change. 

    He made the correct change and the game punished him for it with very simple rules. There's not conspiracy... That's how a matchmaking works (in every online game with matchmaking), it's not just trying to find you the closest fastest opponent.

    Have you not noticed that tier 1 decks and absolute meme decks have trouble finding an opponent quickly sometimes? Well that's just another rule, if possible the matchmaking won't put you against someone that cannot win or cannot lose. Playing odd paladin in Wild sometimes takes me a full minute to find an opponent, switching to a regular tier 2-3 deck and it happens instantly, at the same time of the day of course. 

    But yeah, let's just scream tinfoil hat, make fun of it, blizzard conspiracy, lololol. Tinfoil hat team has no argument to prove their point, other than "did you make calculations ? Because I will not do it, you're so wrong lol" 

    People are actually, genuinely idiotic to think the matchmaking does not have rules based on cards and decks that are being played. 

     You are very convincing! 

    Just like those flat earth people on Tv, where you genuinely believe they are that paranoid/delusional, and not just pretending. 

    You put so much effort into writing nonesense, it’s actually quite impressive. 

    You keep saying you have proof, but that this “proof” is really just consistent confirmation bias. Just because you continue to feel this way, does not make it so. And no one will ever take your “I remember this happening over and over, so it must be true, even though I never tracked it” as any kind of proof, sorry.

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    posted a message on Reckless Experimenter Nerf
    Quote from sxavalentine >>

    A card that was perfectly fine before doomed to become trash because of SN1P-SN4P.

    It's like "Alchool and driving are bad together... Let's ban cars" 

     That’s a really bad analogy. 

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    posted a message on Reckless Experimenter Nerf Coming June 3
    Quote from JagBone >>

    Bruh... They have 1000+ card to take note off than doesn't even include the cards from the future sets. They have said it before there were at least 400+ cards designed and prototyped before choosing the ones for released. So, if you use your brain for a moment and ponder about that.... Then ya, they can miss this interaction. What's your response to that then?

    That they stop spamming so many keywords on one card expecting it to not be a problem?

    Didn't go well for UI don't see why it would go well for a cheap spamming magnetizing mech. Should be a no brainer that they more you put on any card the more problematic said card will be.

     Arbitrary distinction to make. Al’Akir was always fine. So was Corpsetaker

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    posted a message on Reckless Experimenter Nerf Coming June 3

    As someone who works for an IT company making billing systems for ISP companies, I can assure you, oversights happen, even in highly experienced teams with a high level QA department.

    I’m hereby not stating anything specifically about hearthstone development or QA teams, just that the argument that they should be infallible is rather naive.

    It is absolutely, 100% common practice in software development to have more levels of testing, both internally and customer test/verification. Reacting on the customer test feedback (in this case community input to a design idea) signals only positive things to me.

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    posted a message on The ratio of an actual gameplay and talkstone + ads is absolutely ridiculous.

    The ads really, really do suck! 

    That being said, I enjoy the format for now. I hope they continuously change it year for year, but I like the switch.

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    posted a message on Teching for Murloc Shaman and then never see them!
    Quote from MProdigy >>

    Be prepared for “tinfoil hat” idiotic comments bro.  

    But, as a statistician, I can attest that it does seem awfully suspicious when it happens with 60-70% consistency. Numbers don't lie, but no one is going to spend time compiling these types of stats on a stupid game.  Oh well.  I feel ya mate. 

     So, Mr. “statistician” (who just grabs a random 60-70% confirmation biased “statistic” out of thin air), how exactly is this supposed to work?

    Where are the posts about the guys winning all their games because of being matched against perfect opponents all the time? Or how does that fit into your statistics, that 60-70% of all games you are matched against your counter? 

    Are they all bots? Russians that blizzard hired to actively play counter decks to a select set of people? I’m sure they also mess with the shown rank of the opponent right? You can’t guarantee a perfect counter signing up around your rank at the exact same time, so surely they also fiddle with this number...

    Since you are a “statistician”, as you so eloquently put it, you must have some basic understanding of math. Have you given any thought into the calculations needed to on the fly evaluate card weights of all decks, down to selected tech cards, on all possible opponents? Yea, didn’t really think so.

    This “theory” doesn’t even deserve to be marked as a tinfoil conspiracy, as it is so overwhelmingly stupid and unfeasible, that it would be an insult to other tinfoil conspiracies 

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    posted a message on Is SN1P-SN4P too good?

    Let’s hope people don’t start teching silence against the experimenter then! Or taunts! Or board clears for the mech!

    It will be a lot like a stealthen auctioneer in old school miracle rogue. If you don’t have an answer, you’re likely dead. 

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    posted a message on The Pepper Thread - Share your good vibes!

    The new solo adventure is amazing! 

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    posted a message on Dalaran Heist is a bummer

    I’m having an absolute blast with this adventure. 

    The nay-sayers are of course entitled to their opinion, but..... There are a lot of user names on here, that I, month after month, year after year, only see salty posts from. I think it is time you guys re-evaluate how you spent your time. You know who you are, do yourselves a favor :)

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    posted a message on Dalaran Heist is a bummer
    Quote from ItsATM >>
    Quote from agon_EU >>

    I was really excited to play this new game mode but I was really let down. The game mode is just a dungeon run 2.0 with very little innovation. 

    The money/gold requirement to buy the whole thing is not worth at all, it's essentially a dungeon run but with the cash grab.


    Little innovation? Cash grab? Lets take a look at what your $20 gets you:

    - 15 card packs
    - 1 Golden Legendary
    - 5 chapters of exclusive content
    - New deck-building feature (Tavern visits)
    - 9 Henchmen to play as.
    - Each of the henchmen have 4 different decks to choose from, and 4 different hero powers.
    - Dozens of unique bosses.
    - Even more new treasures added throughout each run.

    Learn some gratitude, or go complain elsewhere.  

     Thank you.

    OP is just a bitter grump as always. The mode is good, and the price even better

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    posted a message on Why is Priest so bad?
    Quote from Bed_ROK >>

    hsreplay and vicioussyndicate all say priest is in garbage pile, tier 4. Is there any priest deck out there thats tier 2?

     What is your goal? Priest has at least 3 arche types for standard that can go rank 5, so for the biggest player base, it’s perfectly viable.

    High legend it may very well be a different story, so need to know your level of ambition.

    I personally played Nomi/Miracle Priest to rank 3 this season, and I empathically disagree with previous poster saying it is boring. It is hard to pilot effectively, and you need to know which resources to use in which matchups.

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