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    posted a message on Patch 18.6 - Server-Side Hotfix
    Quote from memo333 >>

    This mode is another SAD attempt to get and easy cash grab. not only they have intention for you to buy MORE PACKS from other sets and adventures...BUT THEY WILL EVEN CHARGE U IN HEROIC FOR A PASS LIKE ARENA.

    this mode is aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz............ they have NO SHAME to steal ur money.

    dont play this garbage mode. play OTHER things. except this.


    How are they shamelessly stealing anyone's money? Last I checked, no one was forcing you to pay for anything. I really don't understand why people think Blizzard owes you anything. Free will and a capitalist market are amazing things. You have so very many choices. You can play a free variant of this game, or you can not play this game, but another one instead. You can pay for all of the perks of this game if you enjoy it, or you can not pay anything, and give the game a bad review if you don't. 

    You have no right to play any game. You have the luxury of playing $0 to play free games, and you have the luxury to spend tens of thousands of dollars on micro-transaction games. 

    Lastly, as you've shown, you have the right to kick, tantrum and fuss over anything you want, with no cost at all. 

    What an amazing world.

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    posted a message on So, what do you think about Duels?
    Quote from sanchogrande >>

    Looks fun to me.

    But the best new mode would be classic with a shorter timer. A mode for smart people who don't need to think while taking a turn.

     Fixed it for you.

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    posted a message on New Hearthstone Expansion: Madness at the Darkmoon Faire

    The new C'Thun is going to be deadly in my Sudderwock deck

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    posted a message on New Hearthstone Expansion: Madness at the Darkmoon Faire

    Or, the fact that there's a pandemic screwing up everything on the planet... The expansions are measured by "years", Year of the Phoenix will have 3 expansions. Really don't have to be a rocket scientist.

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    posted a message on 18.6 Patch Notes - Battlegrounds Updates - New Game Mode: Duels! - Pre-purchase

    Imagine either:

    Thinking you shouldn't have to pay $80 for 85 free packs, a golden legendary, + tavern pass and extras for a game you enjoy,


    Keeping up to date on a game forum and posting passive aggressive complaints for a game you don't enjoy.


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    posted a message on 18.6 Patch Notes - Battlegrounds Updates - New Game Mode: Duels! - Pre-purchase

    Dammit, I just said this exact thing to someone on page 1 of this... Now I feel like a repeatin' bastard! (Anyone remember the Adam Sandler 'Tollbooth Willie' skit? Anyone? Anyone?)

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    posted a message on 18.6 Patch Notes - Battlegrounds Updates - New Game Mode: Duels! - Pre-purchase
    Quote from online4556677 >>

    goodbye HS

     Innkeeper says "Don't let the door hit you on the way out!"

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    posted a message on 99% certain
    Quote from Biomass >>

     You beat me to it... I was literally just about to link this definition. 🤣

    Quote from N0Sp00n22 >>
    Quote from Aggro699999 >>

    Because it's too coincidental to be just a coincidence, You PoS. 

     Wow.  Very constructive post.  Well thought-out and articulate.  Would definitely read again. 

    11 out of 10 (+1 for the 3rd grade level "PoS" comment.)



    Look at his name... Anyone seen the Beavis and Butthead movie, and recall when Beavis has too much caffeine... I think we've found the real life version.

    Quote from warcraftofworld >>

    blizzard are purposely rigging the MMR system so that players spend more in the shop. #conspiracytheories-srs

     But, this would prove that having the extra tech cards DOESN'T help you, and having lots of counter decks is useless... 

    If any of this crap were true, the best option would be to pick a budget face hunter deck, and grind it out without changing anything, which would, of course, be the last thing Blizzard would want everyone to do, since they would make absolutely no money.

    This conspiracy could be true, if everything were literally the exact opposite of what this conspiracy theory suggests.


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    posted a message on Arena is a discover fiesta right now

    In duel class arena, people are drafting cards that generate other cards?? Shocking! 🤪

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    posted a message on Incoming Mage Nerfs

    This should literally change nothing... Stop crying.

    This makes playing the Prime risky... Like it's supposed to be with RnG... It already gives you a 7/7 body, with Spell Damage with half a puzzle box that affects the enemy if possible... 

    Now, if you take the gamble of playing it, and it doesn't clear the enemy board, you can't just Frost Nova... Which is a reasonable risk.

    Evocation costing 1 more... Meh.


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    posted a message on Evocation & Solarian Prime Nerf!

    No dust refund for Astromancer Solarian, because they're only nerfing the Prime


    Kidding, but wouldn't be at all surprised.

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    posted a message on Save the Date: Hearthstone Fall Reveal, Coming October 22!
    Quote from tripzplash >>

    2 packs for 30 min nice normal its 4 hours so its alot faster 

    Imagine 0.5 to 4 hours of your time being worth $3... Sorry, the way people monetize these free packs always gets me... A minimum wage job would get you 8 packs an hour! lol


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    posted a message on Admiral Proudmoore is unbalanced

    First try... Your hero power leaves it with 2 health...

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    posted a message on OMG fueded...
    Quote from grommpy >>

    "The centaur have long fueded with the tauren, fighting over territory and resources." Challenge 6/8, book of heroes, Rexxar...

    I am being a total grammer nazi here, but lol, this should read feuded. They kind of fu(e)ddled this sentence.


    You're being a spelling nazi, not a grammar nazi, and certainly not a grammer nazi whatever that is.

    Now, I'm being a spelling AND grammar nazi, and you are just ironic.😄


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    posted a message on Whirlwind Tempest

    Oops... Ended up here randomly from a battlegrounds discussion, but this comment REALLY didn't hold up to time... Has anyone ever actually seen this card in play in the last 1.5 years?

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