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    posted a message on Forged in the Barrens Decks - Pro's Edition

    You have a better label for professionals whos profession is playing the game?

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    posted a message on New Rogue Legendary Card Revealed - Scabbs Cutterbutter

    Coin + this guy + SI:7 AgentSI:7 Agent 

    = 9/9 worth of body and 4 damage on turn 3

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    posted a message on Vanessa VanCleef

    Note: Make sure to play something after Tickatus when playing vs. Rogue.

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    posted a message on Selective Breeder

    Oh no!! We should pass on the message to the rest of the "big brain" thinkers who have said this every single expansion since beta. I'm sure this year will be the one... 

    On a completely unrelated note. I really wish Android and Apple would make the 4chan drooling concave head guy a standard emoticon.

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    posted a message on Kor'vas Bloodthorn

    Does the outcast need to trigger, or does it just need to have the keyword?

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    posted a message on Felsoul Jailer


    Return to hand or silence... Probably the least effective disruption tool in Warlock, but fun for the memes

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    posted a message on Aegwynn, the Guardian

    I don't think triggering this twice would do much... The next minion would get spell damage +2 and 2 of these deathrattles, and that would just keep happening, because it's always transferring to "the next minion" (singular)

    You would have to catch it on a minion with Reborn, kill that minion, draw a minion, then kill the minion thst was reborn to get multiples... But then if both of the minions you've created died in the same turn without a minion being drawn between, it would go back to stacking uselessly on a single minion.

    The best possibility would be to stack a bunch of low cost minions with +2 spell damage in hand, but it would be a complex process of killing your own reborn minions, and drawing minions.

    Probably not viable beyond having a single minion with +2 spell damage on board every turn.

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    posted a message on Illidari Inquisitor

    Worst case scenario, assuming you have no weapon equipped, and opponent has a 5/5 minion:

    9 mana- destroy an enemy minion, do 9 face damage, and summon an 8/3 minion.


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    posted a message on Control is dead because...

    My control decks work fine... My guess is, you don't know the difference between control and combo... If your control deck has 1 win condition, you're doing it wrong.

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    posted a message on Help!

    What do you want people to say to you?

    GIT GUD?


    YaH tOTaLLy! THerZ uh BiG cOnZpEErESEe!!



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    posted a message on Market feature

    Never will happen.  Blizzard would lose money. As it is right now...dust 4 legendaries for 1.  Somehow they think this is okay.  

    Even worse:

    Opening 40 packs (about $50) isn't even enough for ONE legendary many times. 

     I agree. They should just make packs cash only (can't purchase with in game gold), and refund 50% of the dust value when you disenchant cards.


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    posted a message on Rally!

    No idea where you got that idea, but resurrected minions come back with base stats.


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    posted a message on Introducing the Darkmoon Races Mini-Set! - All New Cards! - Release 21st of January!

    You might want to have a look at that again. Our dollar dropped at the start of Covid, because of lockdowns, but something must have happened recently to scare your economy into CAD being 0.8 of the USD. Beginning of the year 1 USD was 1.45 CAD.

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    posted a message on Tickatus would have the perfect nerf, yet Blizzard...

    I've lost 2 games to Tickatus since launch. I play both Wild and Standard. In wild, Raza Priest is still doing fine, and Standard has been 90% aggro since way before Tickatus. 

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    posted a message on Bots in standard ranked

    Yeah, I figured i was facing a bot yesterday. Odd Warrior doing nothing but Armor Up and roping. I would have conceded, but I was on a winstreak. His hero power button would highlight every 10 seconds or so, but never hovered over cards. 

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