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    Quote from The_George >>

    Garbage deck.

     Deck is GREAT! Its a LTP issue. Just git gud. I am 20-6.

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    Quote from Happensdance >>

    Seems that way, just buy 1 Descent of Dragons pack and it should work.

     This worked, thank you. Best 100 gold spent on pack of cards in long time lol.

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    Hello, so back in the day I played Hearthstone quite a bit 4 years ago. Obviously I am missing alot of expansions and cards.  I just recently came back and I am struggling to climb ranked in standard and WIld because of this so I just bought the next expansion Alterac Valley, the Mega bundle and the other one they sell, for a total of 144 packs which I plan to open tonight. 

    My problem is there is going to be cards I want to craft old and new to stay competitive and I want to buy more card packs so I was thinking of buying more classic cards since I have most of them anyways. Still missing quite few legs though but If I get repeats I can just dust them and use that as more dust to craft what I want. Is this a viable strategy because I literally have 20 dust lol, or would it be better to buy cards directly from the expansions themselves and hope I get what I want or what? I have enough money to buy 2 49.99 version of any set atm but want to know from you guys if this is smart or is there a better way to go about this? 

    Just for the record back in the day I used to dust off a lot of cards that were golden for classes I did not play much or at all so I know thats a thing.

    Thank you!



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