About Me

I'm Desiree! 

The Basics

I'm female, twenty-nine
and I live in a desert that's 
pretty close to Mexico.

I'm a energetic person,
I love playing video games,
watching anime, reading, drawing,
art and listening to music.

I absolutely love the Kingdom Hearts Series.
I also have an infatuation with Fable And Halo.
I prefer cloudy or rainy days
to sunny ones, Its Just too Hot where I live.

Everyone figures this one out eventually
but I'm a very, very lazy person.
I'm also not very fond of people for the most part but I try to be kind. 

Perfection exists in the mind's eye

As awesome as I am even 
I'm not perfect, no human is; it's 
what makes us human. I make many
typos and have a habit of phrasing
things poorly so I tend to come off (unintentionally)
offensive. I'm also very blunt about how
I feel about some things or even people. 
It's just easier to get straight to the point even 
at the cost of someone's feelings.
To top it off, I have a short temper
and hold grudges like no one else. 


Learn some. First off I only give
respect to those that deserve
it. I despise drama with a passion,
I don't care for it and hate when I can't relax 
some where because of one or two idiots.
I have enough problems offline, The internet is 
meant to be fun, not stressful.

Improper grammar doesn't bother
me too much but when it's to the point 
someone is using incorrect words or 
chat speak then I have a problem. We
go to school to learn how to read and
write properly so we can communicate
with people without much difficulty.
It's very backwards to destroy that knowledge
with chat speak because it's easier.

Current Drink Addiction:Dr. Pepper
Current Game Addiction:Rocket League // Overwatch / heathstone


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