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    The reste of my rare neutrals

    By the way is there a way to change my username ? It's actually horribly long.

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    If by 'first card' you mean card on the first page of the submissions, that is not at all true. Not even close to being true. I've gone through 30 weeks of submission to see if your page or position within your page has an effect on winning the overall competition, and there is no effect. The winner is equally likely to have been from any submissions page and any position on the page. Asylum_rhapsody was referring to the order of the Finalists page. That is not ordered the same as the submissions pages, but rather based on the number of votes.

    My bad then,

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    Quote from Asylum_Rhapsody >>

    Is it me or the first card to be displayed always win ?

    Maybe randomizing the order of display would level the playing field.

    We have to put them in some sort of order, so we put them in order of what scored highest on the finalist qualification formula detailed in the submission topic. So being further towards the beginning in the finalist poll topics probably does correlate to likelihood of winning, but it's correlation and not causation, the actual factor causing both being how much the card stands out in terms of quality among all of its competitors.

    It is still strange that the first one always scores the highest during the qualification phase even after having weighted the votes. Part of the explanation could be that the best ideas are picked up first and the following contestants have less choice. But the themes are generally large enough not to limit other contestants, so there is something else and I am not sure this "something else" is always overall card quality. Rather, the first ones to be displayed are more familiar to the voters and therefore are prefered.

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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition #36 - Finalist Poll

    Is it me or the first card to be displayed always win ?

    Maybe randomizing the order of display would level the playing field.

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    posted a message on Troll-themed expansion, 186 cards [Last update : 30/7/2016, New Druid class cards!]

    New cards again, these time rare ones.

    Some tweaking could probably be done about the rarity of my cards.

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    posted a message on Troll-themed expansion, 186 cards [Last update : 30/7/2016, New Druid class cards!]

    New set of cards. This is the final set for the common neutrals.


    Comment on the cards:

    Atal'ai High Priest: The first unsilencing card in the game. I know I used the same ability for a card in the 'counter card' topic but I felt this didn't fit a DK, so I made this one instead and the DK will have a new ability.

    Drakkari Golem: Basically a 1/2 throwing punching ball. Some sort of Violet Teacher but with a different triggering condition, slightly less powerful in order to compensate for the tokens being 1/2 and not 1/1.

    Darkspear Rebel: The Defender of Argus of my set. Imagine playing this between 2 minions with Taunt !

    Vault Guardian: Magma Rager's big brother. I hesitated to give him "Charge. Can't attack heroes." which would make him a cheaper but less durable Icehowl. I know that in the current meta this would never be played in constructed but whatever, I find it fun.

    Drakkari Berserker: Basically a reversed Gurubashi Berserker. Like the card above, it acts as a soft taunt and will probably get destryed during the round it is played.

    Reversed Berserker: Also a 'reversed' Gurubashi, except this one will likely be used as a damage sponge. In the event that it receives Charge or is not damaged by the opponent the next turn, it becomes a valuable card.

     Also Thel you're right about the basilisk, I nerfed it.

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    posted a message on Troll-themed expansion, 186 cards [Last update : 30/7/2016, New Druid class cards!]

    New series of cards :


     Comment on the cards:

    Frog's Friend: As I said, my set has a lot of synergies with frogs, so this can be useful. Also, Murloc. Since frogs synergies are similar to murloc's, I figured out this would be better this way.

    Zul'farrak Basilisk: A textless 4/4 Beast for 3, nothing special here.

    Sen'jin-eer: The 'Spare Part' card of my set.

    Zabra'jin Shieldmasta: Currently there are no defensive enrage effects, so I wanted to change that. 

    Fanservice Farraki Patroller: When I first saw that art I KNEW I should find a way to include it. So here it is. So, a 3-cost 2/2 that can potentially become a 5/5 if you have another one (so two 5/5 for 6). Also, as I imagined it, the aura would also trigger if the other Farraki Patroller belongs to your opponent. It is not in his interest to do that though since his would not be ready to attack while yours is.

    Smolderthorn Pyromancer: The dragon-synergy card of the set. It's a Blackwing Corruptor whose effect can be triggered several times. 

    Bambala Shieldmasta: Although it's weak as an attack. It is a strong defense since this is equivalent to a 5/3 with Taunt for attacking enemies, which makes it costly to remove. Anti-face again

     Also I am still hesitating about whether I should change my keyword or simply Vilebranch's effect. Not all of my stress effects have to do with enchantments. I feel like, for some card, making them trigger only in case of non-lethal damage would make them weak.

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    posted a message on Troll-themed expansion, 186 cards [Last update : 30/7/2016, New Druid class cards!]

    Thanks for having pointed that out.

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    posted a message on [21 WIN STREAK RANK 6 TO LEGEND IN 6 HOURS] Mazbaz's Cutpurse Aggro

    I remember having beaten a rogue with this deck as a mage. I almost lost, the rogue had 16HP and I had 7. Then he played his Leper Gnome and triggered my Mirror Entity, so he decided to remove my copy using his dagger. He lost 2 HP from the counter-attack and then 2 HP from the gnome's Deathrattle so he had 12 HP left. I double Fireballed his face the next turn. Nice duel.

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    posted a message on Troll-themed expansion, 186 cards [Last update : 30/7/2016, New Druid class cards!]

    Ok, new series of 7 cards. Cheap common cards again.



    Comments on the cards:

    Raptor Mount: I hesitate to nerf this before since it's a face deck card. Isn't +2/+2 and Charge too much ? I like the Charge effect but maybe +2 Attack or +1/+1 is better. Especially since Raptor Mount is a decent 1-cost minion even when the joust is lost.

    Hemet's Trainee: Face counter... Which paradoxically would also benefit face decks themselves. It only works on beasts so it's not directly anti face but we all know which class is most likely to play face, right ?

    Blood Snake: A 1-cost 3/3, but which prevents other weak minions to be played during the few next turns. Great to trigger Stress/Enrage effects though.

    Frogomancer: A Frog-themed card that destroys frogs like Saltscale Hunter. I got the inspiration from a quest in Howling Fjord in WoW, during which a troll locates a ship by using a Frog (although the frog isn't actually killed).

    Troll Monk: Counter-attack again, counts as a 2/2 for the opponent so they would avoid trading with it.

    Orc Peon: I know, this is not a troll or troll-related card, but no expansion has been 100% in line with its main theme until now right ? Basically a free 2/1... if you don't count the cost of the card/hero power you use to damage this (and you can't use Blood Serpent since it deals 2 damage). Again, I hesitate to buff this. Wouldn't 3 base Health and/or an 'Enrage: +3 Attack' be better ? Or maybe Charge so that it's still useful after turn 1 ?

    Human Peasant: 'More work ?' The Orc Peon counterpart. A 0/4 with no abilities. The most obvious combo I see for this is for a priest to Inner Fire it on turn 2. That would make it, on turn 2, a 4/4 ready to attack, in addition to a potential 1-cost minion also played during turn 1, and also ready to attack. The priest would also have 1 mana crystal left for the turn. An other combo would be to give him taunt so it would basically be a free Shieldbearer.

    I noticed it only after having finished the card, but I have created a pattern of ex-WC3 worker units being 0-cost minions in HS (the Wisp used to be the night elf worker unit).


     EDIT : How do I modify the title of my thread by the way ?

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    posted a message on Troll-themed expansion, 186 cards [Last update : 30/7/2016, New Druid class cards!]

    I couldn't find a better name for the stress mechanic, and I think keywords are simple to learn. Keywords like Windfury are not very explicit either. Also yes it is already in the game but I made it more important. Deathrattle too already existed before Naxx after all.

    I made some text changes on two cards (gameplay is not affected). I will post a new set of cards this afternoon.

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    posted a message on Troll-themed expansion, 186 cards [Last update : 30/7/2016, New Druid class cards!]

    I hesitated to make it a Beast, but I fear this will benefit hunters too much.

    I also hesitated to make it a murloc instead. 

    And yes Zul'jin is in lol.

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    posted a message on Troll-themed expansion, 186 cards [Last update : 30/7/2016, New Druid class cards!]

    Troll Expansion - 122 Collectible cards, 28 Uncollectible


    I've decided to make a troll expansion, because who doesn't like trolls ? (What do you mean 'I don't' ?)

    At the beginning I wanted to make only 100 cards, but I was too inspired and I ended up making a set the size of GvG. (That's what happen when you find awesome artworks and want to make a card out of them).

    All cards are ready to show, but I will only show them progressively because I don't want to overwhelm readers with cards (and uploading 123 cards in one time is boring).

    My expansion introduces 2 new keywords:

    'Stress: X' : Whenever this minion takes damage, do X. This is basically an Enrage that doesn't trigger only once. For example, if this was a real keyword, the card text would be ' Stress: +3 Attack.' for Gurubashi Berserker and ' Stress: Draw a card.' for Acolyte of Pain.

    'Counter-attack +X': When this minion is attacked, deal X damage to the attacking minion/hero in addition to the card's attack. Very effective against face decks when combined with Taunt.

    The general themes of my expansion :
    - Stress/Enrage effects (because this is a troll expansion)
    - Transform effects (in particular transformations to Frogs, although not the 0/1 Taunt Frog from Hex)
    - Some anti-face cards
    - A limitation of the number and importance of RNG effects. I think that the last two expansions have too many RNG. That does not mean there are no RNG cards in my set, they are just less important.

    Some remarks :

    - I am not a native english speaker so if you see any grammatical/spelling mistake in my cards or posts, tell me !
    - For some cards I struggled to find an adequate art (for some I took some WoW screenshots, non-WoW arts or even real-life photos), so don't be surprised if some card arts are ugly or a bit odd for the card.
    - I am aware that, as it is, an expansion with lots of Enrage/Stress effects would clearly give an advantage to mages and warriors, so I tried to include some cards capable of dealing damage to our own minions.

    Without further ado, here are my first cards :

    Neutral Cards (69 cards)

    Neutral Common (32 cards)

    <= 0-2 mana (17 cards)

    >= 3 mana or more (14 cards)


    Neutral Rare (16 cards)

    Neutral Epic (12 cards)

    Neutral Legendary (9 cards)


    Neutral Uncollectible (4 cards, 1 hero, 1 hero power)

    Class Cards (63 cards)

     Paladin (7 cards)


    Druid (7 cards)


    All the Choose One cards:

     Hunter (7 cards)


     Warlock (7 cards)


     Mage (7 cards)


     Priest (7 cards)


     Rogue (7 cards)


     Shaman (7 cards)


     Warrior (7 cards)





    • Silver Hand Hexmeisters attack decreased by 1 (down from 4)
    • Troll Menagerie and Beast slaying's respective classes swapped. Druid need more Beast synergy and Beast Slaying fits hunters more.
    • Da Voodoo Shuffle effect replaced (instead of unfreezing all minions. Too situational).
    • Hakkar the Soulflayer 's stats and effect changed again. Now deal 6 damage at end of turn.
    • Sandfury Firecaller 's effect converted from a Stress to an Enrage with a new effect. Stats unchanged
    • Stormancer's effect changed to Stress. Now deals 2 DAMAGE.
    • Drakkari Idol now gives +3/+2 (instead of +1/+2).
    • Alterac Marskman 's effect changed.
    • Shadowtooth stats increased by +1/+1. Its target is now random.
    • Drakkari Berserker stats changed to be less extreme
    • Zul'jin 's forms stats and arts changed


    • Darkspear Rebel : Now also gives Taunt to adjacent minions. Rarity decreased to Common (down from Rare).
    • Hemet's Apprentice (ex Trainee ) : Attack decreased by 1.
    • Terrible Hexmeister : Attack decreased from 3 to 1.
    • Vault Guardian : Stats changed from 10/1 to 2/9.
    • Hakkari Ritual Dancer : Now transforms minions into random Beasts. Health increased by 1.
    • Zanzil the Outcast : Cost decreased by (2).
    • Zuni has been given Taunt on top of "Spelltaunt"
    • Orgrimmar Chef 's cost reduced by (1)
    • Bloodlord Mandokir (ex Halazzi ): Cost reduced to (down from 6)
    • Zandalari Dinomancer stats changed from 3/2 to 2/3. Cost decreased by (1).
    • Jin'do and Soul of Hakkar replaced by a stand-alone Hakkar with a brand new effect.
    • Corrupted Blood 's effect changed to be more devastating, just like the real thing !
    • Frostmane Sorcerer 's Attack increased to 3, up from 2.
    • Refreshment Table 's effect changed to "Your spells cost (2) less". Cost increased to (6) (up from 5). Health increased to 5 (up from 3)
    • Hethiss Staff REMOVED.
    • Murloc Mage added as a replacement.
    • Tauren Rogue 's Cost reduced to 3 (down from 4).
    • Griftah 's effects and stats completely changed.
    • Sandfury Buccaneer 's cost increased to 3 (up from 2). Effect changed.
    • Hot Dancer 's effect and stats changed.
    • ER Stormancer 's cost increased to 3 (up from 2). Now damages ALL minions. Negative Overload deleted.
    • Witherbark Axe now only gives +1 CA.
    • Sergeant Bly 's cost increased to (8) (up from 7).
    • Kurzen Witch Doctor 's Rarity increased to Rare.


    • Zabra 's effect now restores only 6 Health (down from 7).
    • Argent Dawn Healer 's cost increased to 3 (up from 2).
    • Amani Lynx , Halazzi's summoned token, has been nerfed to a 4/2 (down from 5/5).
    • Thrallmar Sniper 's Health increased to 3 (up from 2).
    • Zandalari Dinomancer (ex Snake Charmer ) now summons a unique 2/2 Beast (previously an Emperor Cobra). Attack increased to 3 (up from 2).
    • Gift of Mylune 's first option now summons only 4 Squirrels (previously filled the board).
    • High Priest Venoxis nerfed to a 3/3 (down from 6/6). His enrage effect has been converted into a battlecry instead.
    • Zuni 's Health increased to 8 (up from 7)
    • Zar'jira now only takes control of 3 enemy murlocs/frogs at most, now triggers only as a battlecry.
    • Overlord Drakuru 's stats changed to 6/6 (down from 7/8)
    • Hakkari (ex Revantusk) Ritual Dancer effect has been radically changed. New uncollectible token added.
    • Second War Veteran (ex Undefeated Headhunter ) changed to a 8-mana 8/9 (from 4-mana 6/6). Quality decreased to Common (down from Epic).
    • Amani ('Shi) Hatcher's cost increased to 3 (up from 2). Now a Rare (down from Epic).
    • Baby Raptor 's cost increased to 2 (up from 1). Now has Charge. Quality decreased to Common (down from Epic).
    • Shadowtooth Troll attack decreased to 1 (down from 2).
    • Trapper quality increase to Epic (up from Rare). Also nerfed to a 2/2 (down from 3/3).
    • Darkspear Loyalist 's quality decreased to Common (down from Rare).
    • Zandalari Invader 's cost increased to 3 (up from 2). Has Windfury instead of counter-attack. Quality decreased to Common (down from Rare).
    • Amani (ex Amani'Shi) Warbringer's cost increased to 3 (up from 2). Quality changed to Epic (up from Rare)
    • Gurubashi (ex Troll) Slavemaster cost increased to 3 (up from 2). The slaves no longer have charge.
    • Raptor Rider 's quality Changed to Common (down from Rare)
    • Stromgarde Troll Hunter cost AND attack have been increased to 3 (up from 2). Also its quality has been changed to Common (down from Rare)
    • Revantusk Sorceress (ex Gurubashi Hexmeister) deathrattle now targets the leftmost enemy minion (rather than a random one)
    • Darkspear Rebel 's quality increased to Rare (up from Common)
    • Reversed Berserker 's Attack has been reduced to 6 (down from 8)
    • Drakkari Golem 's rarity has been changed to Rare (up from Common). Cost of the associated Living Mojo token increased to 1.
    • Raptor Mount effect now grants only +1/+1 (down from +2/+2), also it's cost has been increased to 2 (up from 1) and it's quality has been changed to Rare (up from Common)
    • Drakkari Berserker 's effect is now inactive if damage taken is lethal.
    • Zabra'jin Shieldmasta 's base health has been increased to 3 (up from 2), its text has been changed in order not to revive it if its health falls below 0.
    • Firetree (ex Smolderthorn) Pyromancer has been nerfed to a 1/3 (down from 2/4) and the damage is now "randomly split among all enemies" (rather than dealt to a single enemy). Also, it is now an Epic (up from Common).
    • Kurzen Witch Doctor 's text has been reworded in order to be less ambiguous, also it's cost has been increased to 3 (up from 2) and his power doesn't work on heroes anymore.


    • The change to the Stress keyword was reverted. Now it again triggers when damage is lethal
    • As a consequence, the text on Vilebranch Cannibal was updated.


    • The art was changed for Troublemaker , also its attack has been reduced by 1.
    • The art was changed for Troll Batrider , also its cost has been increased by 1 (so that it is balanced when compared to a Demolisher ).
    • Both the collectible and the uncollectible version of the Frog has been given the Beast type, Hunters have many other ways to trigger their hyena or their skill command anyway.


    • Frog's friend nerfed to a 1/1 (down from 2/2)
    • Zul'Farrak Basilisk's health reduced by 1 (down from 4)


    • Changed the definition of my Stress keyword 'APPLIES ONLY IF THE DAMAGE IS NOT LETHAL' (Reverted, see above)



    • Revised the ergonomy of my thread.


    • Tiki Shield' s art changed and renamed Bulwark of the Amani. Effect unchanged
    • Imp-notyzer's effect reworded for more clarity. Art zoomed in.
    • Hakkar's art changed.
    • Curse/Champion of Quetz'lun art changed and typo corrected. "At the end of your turn, ..."
    • Sanfury Firecaller art zoomed in.
    • Zabra Hexx art changed
    • Stormancer art zoomed in.
    • Witherbark Axe art changed.
    • Amani Axethrower art changed (again)
    • Firetree Pyromance r art changed (again)
    • Drakkari Golem art changed
    • Shadowtooth troll art changed
    • Darkspear Rebe l now a Rare... again.


    • Hemet's "Trainee" name changed to "Apprentice".
    • Hakkari Ritual Dancer : Art zoomed in.
    • Zuni's effect reworded for more clarity, again
    • Zuni's artwork changed
    • Halazzi , the Hunter Legendary, has been replaced by Bloodlord Mandokir ...
    • ...and its token by Ohgan
    • Hot Dancer artwork zoomed in.
    • Witherbark Axe 's art changed.
    • Sergeant Bly 's art changed.
    • Troll Monk 's name changed to Deepholm Monk . Art changed as well.
    • Sandfury Cretin 's art changed.
    • Venoxis art reverted back to its original state.
    • Daakara , the Druid Legendary, has been replaced with Zul'jin ...
    • ... consequently, the warrior legendary is now Warmaster Voone ...
    • ... who got Amani Axethrower 's art, which was therefore replaced.
    • All the " Mojo " cards have been given new art and names. Their quality have been decreased to Common (down from Rare)
    • Rain of Frog 's art changed.


    • The text on Pain suppression has been reworded.
    • Thrallmar Sniper 's transparency updated.
    • Beast Slaying now only works on enemy Beasts (previously: on any beasts)
    • Sandfury Cretin 's Artwork updated.
    • Snake Charmer 's name changed to Zandalari Dinomancer . Art updated accordingly
    • Venoxis artwork changed [REVERTED, see 20/12/2015]
    • Zuni's effect reworded.
    • Sea Witch Zar'jira's name simplified to Zar'jira .
    • Overlord Drakuru art has been recentered
    • Revantusk Ritual Dancer name changed to Hakkari Ritual Danced . Art updated accordingly.
    • Undefeated Headhunter name changed to Second War Veteran
    • Amani'shi Hatcher name simplifited to Amani Hatcher
    • King of Frogs text has been simplified.
    • Darkspear Loyalist art has been recentered.
    • Changed the wording on Ogre Witch Doctor
    • Amani'shi Warbringer name simplified to Amani Warbringer
    • Gurubashi Hexmeister has been renamed Revantusk Sorceress , its artwork has been changed accordingly.
    • Darkspear Rebel 's text and typo has been corrected
    • Smolderthorn Pyromancer has been renamed Firetree Pyromancer and it's artwork has been changed.

    11/10/2015 :

    • Corrected a mistake in Kurzen Witch Doctor text (lose s 2 Attack);
    • Changed the typo on Bloodscalp Scout .
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    Card name please ?

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