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    1) In Slay the Spire (another card game revolving around hand and mana management, just like you said all card games do), there's a 0 mana card that reshuffles your entire hand. In that game, that card is considered good - despite the mechanics of that game being vastly different from HS's, you did mention that the name of the game is irrelevant when the concepts are the same. For which I largely disagree... hence the absurd argument above.

    2) Well, you say a card needs to be good on its own, but then exist cards purely created to be cheated with, like Voidlord (you can try and make an argument that the card was good - it was indeed not, it was only good because of Lackey and Skull), or Devilsaur Egg (I don't even think there's any argument about this one), two cards which were bad on their own, but worked wonders together with other cards. I don't think this card is that different. If your hand sucks (which it sometimes will), this card is a great tool for re-stabilizing even without Betrug or Elekk. So it has a tiny bit of use outside of combos. Just like Devilsaur Egg.

    3) The card reshuffles your hand into your deck first because it literally cannot do anything else with Hearthstone's design. It would make little sense for a card to suddenly require a whole different area of management on its own. Even ignoring that, however, and speculating that it could "place your hand aside, draw cards, then shuffle", that would just be broken. There has to be some risk/RNG to the card (because Hearthstone), and also frankly, if you run Betrug and your hand contains all your minions, you'd actually be happy that you're reshuffling them first. Also, you choose when to use it, and when you don't need to use it, just tap the hero power. Same old combo strat - draw cards and play as appropriate.

    4) To add an argument here, I don't think you should be so firm on your statement when we haven't seen all the cards yet. Not because you're wrong - you might just feel dumb when future cards are released. See Lackey for example, which was crappy because there were no good demons to cheat out and it was too slow, and then Voidlord was announced. Give it a chance. It might still have some good enablers coming soon. :)

    1) I can't quite agree with the statement, since Slay the Spire has the same card and it's actually good there.
    2) Other cards were also crappy when played alone, like Voidlord and Devilsaur Egg. It's not a stretch to claim that without any activators, Plot Twist is even better than Devilsaur Egg.
    3) It has to have some amount of RNG for it to be Hearthstone.
    4) Not all cards are revealed yet, so it might get some more support :)

    Hope this gives an idea for why players like the card. Have a nice day!

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    May I remind you, kind Sir, that priest has a wonderful mechanic which turns their healing into damage, which essentially made Flash Heal a (not exactly but you get the point) Choose One - Deal 5 Damage; or Restore 5 Health.
    Healing is priest's/paladin's identity and now they're giving Druid a little bit of that. I can't say I dislike it. If you've ever played Warcraft or World of Warcraft, druids are healers, as well. If Rastakan brings out Feral, this brings out Restoration. Which is a pretty big druid thing. Not gonna lie.
    Have a good day!

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