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    Hello hello! 

    I'm a graphic designer from Delhi, and I have been playing Hearthstone since 2014. Well, technically I kinda sucked at it for the first three years and wasn't playing it with as much focus (was busy try to get a career track sorted). 

    Also, this is a stupid thing that I did. Haha. I didn't know that standard and wild were separate formats. I had been experimenting with C'thun off and on, but then it rotated out of standard, so I stopped playing. Until I realized in 2017 that it was just a click of a button. Also that year, I got hooked to tavern brawl, which is essentially how I picked up my skills in strategy and gameplay. 

    Since then I have been quite regular and a bit obsessively invested in the game. I collect a lot of gold and then dust and craft cards. My favorite gameplays are quests and upgraded heroes. Although I don't follow all the blogs on deck strategies, I like to figure it on my own, I like experimenting. I'm not a very advanced player, but I like a good gameplay. 

    If there are other players in India, feel free to add me!

    Chandalika #1793

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