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    posted a message on I'd like to see an option to offer a draw

    Yeah, no. That's like banning all control on control matchups to just get the favorable ones. That's not unfair at all... 

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    posted a message on Who else gave up Hearthstone with this expansion?

    I gave up this game when MtG Arena came out. Good riddance I say. 

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    posted a message on Why I left Hearthstone for Faeria
    Quote from ramoss >>
    Quote from PhantomStone >>

    Hmm, I don't think anyone cares why you stop playing a video game.

     Your main complaint is aggro meta but you released the video in UNG meta and all your clips are from Tavern Brawls... sure.

     This thread is six months old, seriously what are you doing? 

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    posted a message on Dean Ayala Asks: What Would Get You Back Into Hearthstone?

    WotC cancelling MTG Arena. Other than that, good luck Blizzard. 

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    posted a message on hearthstone is better drunk, agree?
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    Oh em gee. Look everyone, look how drunk I am. I just drank a whole beer so now I'm posting to the forums about it.

    This is even more hardcore than that time I smoked a cigarette.

    Now you've joined the club of the hundreds of thousands of people who do stuff while drinking alcohol, I'll tell you the golden rule. Stop telling people. No one cares.

     You are a party pooper 

     Dude, i bet u smoke weed! É nois...\ii/,

     Did u really replied to a comment which was created 3 years ago? -_-

     I'm guessing he's drunk. 

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    posted a message on Why are there suddenly so many Mecha'thun decks?

    "Any deck I don't like loosing to is toxic." - Every OP posting about a deck on hearthpwn. 

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    posted a message on What is the Most OP Deck in HS History ?

    If you say anything but Undertaker Hunter you're just showing the fact that you didn't play back then. There isn't even a competition.

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    posted a message on Blizzard fanboys
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    Quote from AkiraTerion >>
    Quote from user-26847294 >>

    I often use the term fanboy (sheeple will also do) to denote the uncritical attitude towards anything Blizzard, a.k.a. nothing card designers come up with is wrong. If you challenge beloved developers, you are either:

    1. Salty (move to the salt thread).
    2. Don't know what you are talking about. Blizzard is always right.
    3. conspiracy theorist.

    Loyalism on pwn is a serious problem for a thorough discussion. Also very nasty:  you argue at length, the fanboy (doesn't read what you write) picks out a line mock you in turn.


    End to end willful ignorance from the post to the signature.  Fanboys exist.  But, it's not bad design when you come up against something that counters you.  That's called balance.  So when you're spinning about hurling vitriol without substance, expect to be treated with deserved skepticism.  That you think you should always be able to win, every time, just on skill means you don't understand design on these kinds of games at a minimum.  Your argument would have merit in chess.  Not so much in HS.

     Do I have anything to add to this quintessential fanboys respons? I don't think so. I rest my case.

     Oh god the level of irony is through the roof... 

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    posted a message on Thoughts on the Upcoming Hall Of Fame Roation?

    Let's just remove all the playable cards and remove the restriction on Magma Rager so you can have 30 in your deck... 

    Seriously if they keep HoFing cards the basic set will become pointless.

    Then again I much rather they copied the rotating core sets from MtG.

    Spicing things up with having to make new sets. Not having to nerf or HOF basic set cards since they will rotate again  

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    posted a message on Infinite Dragons PogChamp

    As fun as this seems it's like banging your head against a brick wall.

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    posted a message on GJ Team 5.

    All you people crying that all hunter decks combined being 30% of the meta and how that it's unprecedented are just clueless.

    Jade druid at it's prime was 30% of all decks played. That was ONE archetype. You guys either weren't here then or you're just lying to yourselves to cry moar.

    And let's not go into Shamanstone or Undertaker Hunter.

    Kids these days ... 

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    posted a message on GJ Team 5.

    Meanwhile I keep crushing the dreams of Hunters with my Undatakah Druid. 

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    posted a message on I don't like the idea of lowering the power level!

    A lot of theses problems are not just with the cards but how the game is played. If I could play the game in a best of three setting with a sideboard I wouldn't play it any other way. Except for that tournament mode we got cheated out of. 

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    posted a message on I think Hunter might be a bit broken...
    Quote from Khaostheory >>
    Quote from EternalHS >>
    Quote from scorpyon >>
    Quote from EternalHS >>

    Just stop

     Nice! Informative and useful opinion there. XD

     After at least 3 new threads about hunter every single day there are no more informative and useful opinions. Class is strong, we get it, people should stop spamming the forum with hunter threads

     Why should they? You could always just not click the hunter titled post? Or is that too outrageous?


     Because forum etiquette for anyone who isn't 12 should always be to search first and post in the appropriate thread if there already is one. But Facebook brought all the rerards aboard and now we have comments like yours. 

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    posted a message on Nerfs - The dust refund policy must be changed as it's not fair anymore
    Quote from robpcom3 >>
    Quote from HSForPeL >>

    For freak's sake, could people just stop complaining...

    I can understand the frustration, the feeling to have lost valuable time or money to craft some cards and see them nerfed, directly or indirectly a short time later. Just remember a few things :

    - no one actually forced you to craft anything. If you crafted the card, it's because you liked it and wanted to play it. If that was the case, it hasn't changed. The problem is you didn't want the card, you wanted the broken combos, OP possibilities and easy win. If you wanted a card for the right reason, i.e. because you found it genuinely interesting, you can still tinker around with it. Kingsbane is NOT dead. Shudderwock and Grumble, Worldshaker are NOT dead either. And God knows Druid isn't dead. You just have to find other ways, to actually think of new possibilities. You can still have fun! It's not that hard, go, explore, there are so many cards!! =) Maybe you will be the one to discover an entire new archetype brought by the new expansion, or bringing back cards that had fallen sunk into oblivion!

    - as a long-time irl TCG player, I've known my fair share of card bans and limitations. What do we get in return? NOTHING. Not almost nothing, not scraps like the 80 dust from Leeching Poison feel like after crafting Kingsbane. Just nothing at all. Buying many cards, sometimes really expensive ones, to build decks that get crushed by a new ban list? Happens all the time. But has anyone forced me to buy any cards? No. Was I aware of what was implied? Yes. It's called accepting your responsibilities.

    EDIT: apparently misspelled a card name and 2 modifications to sound less aggressive, as it was not my intention

     Blizzard has implemented the policy of refunding for nerfs. I am sorry about your TCG experiences, but they aren't relevant. If you craft a card in this game, you get a refund if they change it. When there are two cards involved in an interaction, Blizzard has the choice to change one card or the other, and changing the cheaper card is a sleazy way of getting around their own policy. Yes, no one was forced to craft anything. However, people craft cards in order to play a deck based on the interactions between cards.  No one forced Blizzard to make policy about nerf refunds and then squirm their way out of it whenever possible. 

     That's just your tinfoil hat narrative.  You have zero prof that the reason they nerfed the cards they did is so that they would have to dole out less dust. Come to think of it the odds are they are actually giving back MORE dust because a lot more people will have the nerfed cards than have the legendaries. Whoopsie there's logic pissing on the parade again. 

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