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    Here's my piece for the week.  Loving the flavor of some of these entries!  I'll be back to do some card reviews for my favorites later on!

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    This Week's Finalists

    Competition Theme: Pet Cemetary

    Congratulations once again to nobravery for winning WCDC 10.10. They've got a fitting competition theme as we near Halloween.

    Competition-Specific Restrictions:  

    You will create a Zombeast. However:

    • It must combine with an in-game beast that costs (5) or less that has no text or simple keywords. (River CrocoliskYoung Dragonhawk, etc.) You include this in your post.
    • You create a Beast, either Standard or Wild. As with all Zombeast cards, this must cost (5) or less. You do not post this card.
    • The resulting card, the combination of an in-game Beast and the Beast you create, is the Zombeast you enter to this competition.
    • You don't have to name it "Zombeast", name your entry however you'd like.
    • Interestingly, nobravery did not specify that the Beast you will create to combine with has to be a Neutral or Hunter beast, nor did he specify the in-game Beast you will use have to be Neutral or Hunter. The end result, however, must be a Hunter Zombeast.
    • As a rule of thumb, balance your entry as if you used Rexxar's Hero Power to create it, instead of a standalone card.

    This is a special, seasonal contest! What better way to celebrate the spoopy season than with a prize of 7 free packs to the winner?

    We have calculated the 8 entries with the highest scores!! 
    Check out all the finalists below and vote in our poll (vote for as many or as few as you like) to help decide the winner and be sure to check back after the poll finishes for the announcement of the winner and the start of a new theme!

    By YoThats

    By Wailor

    By xOwleyex

    By Klipce

    By Adamaxes

    By twistertiger

    By Nohva

    By BMcGill



    Big Bad Wolf


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    The title of this thread has been changed to reflect that this IS, in fact, a ROGUE card. 

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    Quote from eLsir >>

    Doesn’t load?


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    Submission topic is open, gentlemen

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    Its a shot because, well, damage, and if the thing lives, well you get to protect a minion.

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    Quote from Thezzy >>

     I like the continued effect each turn, seems well costed to me, fits the theme well.   7/10


    Quote from FHillz >>

     I like this effect ALOT.  Sleep is way cooler than freeze, though I might call this "Traquilizer Shot" hahah 8/10


    Quote from DeraVCC >>

     This is pretty creative.  Versatile, as it can be used to buff a minion with 6+ health, or destroy a minion with 5 or less.  Out of all your ideas i'd go with this one.  7/10

    Quote from Covetousj >>


     Again, i feel this is another card that puts a creative twist on a mechanic that kind of already exists.  Very clever and i think it fits the power word theme nicely. 8/10

    Quote from Wailor >>



    I like both of these cards.  They FEEL very Un'Goro, which is fine.  Extinction is my favorite of these two though because i really loved the adapt mechanic.  8/10
    Quote from Blightcaller>>

     I agree that shadowform is totally overlooked, and could be a cool archetype if it just got some card support.  Cool idea, but would definitely need a few more cards to supprt it.  6/10

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    Quote from Mugen8 >>

    I'm a newbie to this process myself - are we able to post card ideas in this preview thread? I understand we'd also have to post in the submission thread, but I'd love to try and get in first with an idea before someone else has the same thought. :-P

     Yes. The idea of this thread is to post your ideas here, get feedback on your concept, and perhaps MOST importantly, provide others with your feedback about THEIR ideas.   Everyone helps each other out here.


    here's a link to the discussion thread from last week's competition, to give you an idea of how it works

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    This is the Submission Topic. Be sure to upvote what you like here!
    The Discussion Topic is here.

    Competition Theme: Skill Share

    Congratulations once again to Wailor for winning WCDC 10.9. They add yet another contest idea to their already long line of competition victories: 

    Competition-Specific Restrictions:  

    You must create a spell from any class that is either:

      • A Power Word - a Priest minion buff (Power Word: Shield)
      • A Shadow Word - a Priest removal that destroys (Shadow Word: Horror)
      • A Shot - a Hunter removal (Quick Shot)
      • A Blessing - a Paladin minion buff (Blessing of Might)
      • Or a Mark - a Druid minion buff that gives stats (Mark of the Loa)
      • Bonus points this week for "sharing" of a skill. Basically, let's say a Warrior has a Power Word, or a Druid has a Shot.  However, if you do a Warrior Power Word, it would still need to be a minion buff.
      • Zanywoop will only vote for entries on the Submission Thread sharing skills across class lines

    General Competition Rules

    These are the rules that remain consistent from competition to competition.

    Posting Rules

    • You are allowed to submit only one entry. 
    • After your submit, you may only make minor edits to your submissions (spelling, grammar, etc.). Please PM a fan creations moderator if you have questions regarding an edit you are not sure about.
    • You may not delete ANY posts you make in this Submission Topic, not even accidental ones. Please PM a fan creations moderator if you make a mistake in your submission.
    • This thread is for submissions only. Any discussion of the competition must take place in the discussion topic.

    These are the rules about your Submission:

    • Your card cannot be Golden, have a hearthcards.net generated backdrop, or any major photo editing done to it.
    • You are allowed to post in this Submission Topic only once, only to submit your one entry.
    • Accompanying the image of your card, you may offer some minimal additional commentary to explain its design, balance, and/or other qualities. Flavor text is also welcome.
    • You may not plagiarize. An immediate qualification is the punishment for this offense.
    • You must host your card on a image hosting website. postimage.org is highly recommended. imgur.com currently has issues on this site and images hosted there do not show up.
    • Fun and even humorous entries are perfectly allowed, but "troll" entries will be disqualified. If you're worried that your card may be misinterpreted as a troll card, contact a moderator before you submit. Emote-related cards will be considered a troll entry.
    • We reserve the right to classify cards as "troll" entries as we deem necessary, even if the reasoning is not explicitly stated in the rules.

    A Note on Group Submissions: If you team up with other people to submit an entry, you must enclose that information in your submission and none of you may upvote that entry. That would be considered an unfair advantage and we will treat it as vote-manipulation. You are technically voting for yourself, and that is not allowed. Failing to tell us you're in a group is also against the rules, as we'll have no choice but to assume that you withheld the information to ghost-vote your group's submission.

    Finally, know that manipulating votes in any way is strictly forbidden. Any violators will receive an official warning, and will be banned from this and all future HearthPwn Card Design Competitions.

    Posting Tutorial

    This is a posting tutorial for the website imgur.com. If you use another website, the process will be similar.

    1. It is recommended you use hearthcards.net to create your cards. Save the generated card to your device.
    2. Upload the image to imgur.com. You do not need an account.
    3. After your image is uploaded, many links will be generated. Find the "Direct link". It will have a .jpg or .png at the end of the link. Copy the link.
    4. On your hearthpwn post, find the "Insert/edit image" button: 
    5. Paste the direct link. This is recommended but not mandatory: You may choose to make the image smaller by changing the image dimensions.

     Competition Process

    Below is a list of all the deadlines for this contest:

     Preview Phase (Oct. 22, 2019 [10:00 PM CST] -  Oct. 23, 2019 [10:00 PM CST])
    The Discussion Topic is made available, previewing this week's competition theme.
     Entry and Early Voting Phase (Oct. 23, 2019 [10:00 PM CST] -  Oct. 27, 2019 [10:00 PM CST])
    During this Phase, the Submission Topic will be unlocked. You may also, of course, feel free to give early up-votes to any submissions that you like!
     Voting Phase (Oct. 27, 2019 [10:00 PM CST] -  Oct. 28, 2019 [10:00 PM CST])
    During this Phase, the Submission Topic will be locked, so no more entries may be submitted. Instead, use this time to browse the submissions and up-vote your favorites!
     Final Phase (Oct. 28, 2019 [10:00 PM CST] -  Oct. 29, 2019 [10:00 PM CST])
    During this Phase, the Discussion Topic will also be locked, and a Finalists Thread will go up. Discussion will be allowed to continue in the Finalists Thread, and it will also include all the qualifying finalists and a poll to decide the winner of the competition!

    How do we determine the qualifying finalists? We use the following formula:

     ab ) / ( ) = x

    a = The total number of submissions on the same page as the submission.
    b = The total number of up-votes that the submission received.
    c = The total number of up-votes on the same page as the submission.
    x = The submission's final score.

    The formula basically measures which cards stood out the most, with the necessary assumption that each page is about equal in overall submission quality. It will be the entries that receive the highest final scores that move on to the Final Phase.

    The bottom line is that, although entries on the earlier pages of the Submission Topic are much more visible and thus receive many more up-votes than entries on later pages, you don't actually have to rush to get your entry in as soon as possible because the up-votes end up being weighted by what page your entry ends up on in order to determine its final score.

    But wait, there's more! During each Weekly Card Design Competition, each Fan Creation Forum moderators will be given a Wild Card , which they can use to advance any one entry that they feel was initially overlooked or under-appreciated to the Final Phase, regardless of its final score. Wild Cards are our way of spicing things up a bit, but please don't ask to be given one or be upset if you aren't given one. These are just supposed to be fun.
    (Also, it should go without saying that, while we moderators are allowed to participate in the competitions, we are not allowed to benefit from Wild Cards.)


    Bragging rights are always awesome, but as usual, we do offer a couple of HearthPwn site rewards to competition winners:
    Their card forever immortalized in our Winners' Gallery!
    They will be allowed to select the next card design competition theme.
    And a unique Avatar Border & " Card Design Champion " Title, as depicted below!

    Looking for more information about the WCDC or Fan Creations in general? Why not check out this FAQ to see if your question is answered there? You can also PM one of us Fan Creation Mods!

    Good Luck!

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