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    posted a message on Dear Blizzard / Activision, please stop bullying Shaman.

    3 cards revealed and shaman is looking hopelessly irrelevant in the upcoming expansion. Time to join the drooling DH horde I suppose...

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    posted a message on New Shaman Epic Card Revealed - Magicfin

    Team 5's design philosophy behind shaman seems to be "throw a big lump of shit on the wall and hope something sticks". We've only been shown three shaman cards and I can already tell shaman is hot garbage.

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    posted a message on "Disaster" Shaman - 78% WR to Legend UPDATED

    I'm using a slightly tweaked list, one that is more akin to Galakrond board flooding playstyle:

    - 1x Instructor Fireheart (don't have it)
    - 1x Lightning Storm & 1x Tidal Wave (imho this much small-AoE is just overkill & I just generally dislike L.Storm for Overload and the RNG in it)
    - 1x Swampqueen Hagatha (pretty sure Dekks took this out too, feels too slow & doesn't really win you the games)

    I made the deck bit more proactive with following changes:

    + 1x Marshspawn (Fireheart placeholder, not too sure of this one tbh... could do with another Gala card perhaps)
    + 1x Devoted Maniac (mostly as L.Storm replacement, doesn't Overload you and puts bodies on the board)
    + 1x Shield of Galakrond
    + 1x Dragon's Pack (activates Groundskeeper & great value with Notetakers in control matchups)

    Currently at 71% winrate 10-4 (two losses vs ResidentSleeper Priests). Very favorable matchups vs DH, Hunter and Rogue, haven't encountered yet Bomb Warriors and Paladin is favored if you get to neutralize Librams.

    EDIT: After 70 matches, still at 71% WR (50-20). Haven't seen many Paladins (which I consider the worst MU along with Gala Rogue), but generally this deck seems to have decent matchup spread across the board. Res Priest is manageable with Notetaker + Hex, Bomb Warrior with Sphere (keep placing bombs at the bottom & Elysiana them outta there), aggro Rogue & Hunter & DH is very favored and Mage is winnable if you manage to outheal their burst.

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