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    Update: Replaced Polkelt with Far Sight due to upcoming nerfs.

    Today I hit Diamond 10 at 71% winrate (21 - 6) Paladins being the toughest matchup. Still, this deck has been consistent vs DHs, Hunters (aggro and HL variant) and even against some greedier Control lists (ETC Warrior, Res Priest and Clown Druid with a bit of luck). It can grind out fast aggro decks with AoE's (unless mulligans and early draws are utter shit) and slower matchup attricion wars can be won through Galakrond, C'Thun's BK and/or Diligent + Serpentshrine or Dunk Tank bursts. At the moment I wouldn't swap out a single card, but if Paladins pick up after the next patch I'd toss in another Devolving Missile (and maybe even 1x Earth Shock/Wandmaker/Cobalt for good measure).

    Overall, very pleased with the deck so far!

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    I stumbled on a C'Thun Control Shaman list at /r/competitivehs and started tinkering with it. I was little skeptical at first, but I ended up with a seemingly viable decklist.

    It seems favorable vs DH and Hunters (at least the aggro variant) and somewhat surprisingly, against ETC Warrior too thanks to C'Thun burst. It's basically a Galakrond stall Shaman with C'Thun added into it. I also added Polkelt & Lady Vashj for added draw and contingency (for tutoring out assembled C'Thun, shuffled Vashj Prime or just Galakrond). Polkelt is probably optional here, but so far it feels like a good addition.

    Control C'Thun Shaman
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    I recently swapped in Serpentshrine Portals in favor of Walking Fountains, as they seemed tad too slow and often clogged my hand. There's probably room for improvement, but it's been working reliably vs aggro & Evolve Shaman.

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    3 cards revealed and shaman is looking hopelessly irrelevant in the upcoming expansion. Time to join the drooling DH horde I suppose...

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    Team 5's design philosophy behind shaman seems to be "throw a big lump of shit on the wall and hope something sticks". We've only been shown three shaman cards and I can already tell shaman is hot garbage.

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    I'm using a slightly tweaked list, one that is more akin to Galakrond board flooding playstyle:

    - 1x Instructor Fireheart (don't have it)
    - 1x Lightning Storm & 1x Tidal Wave (imho this much small-AoE is just overkill & I just generally dislike L.Storm for Overload and the RNG in it)
    - 1x Swampqueen Hagatha (pretty sure Dekks took this out too, feels too slow & doesn't really win you the games)

    I made the deck bit more proactive with following changes:

    + 1x Marshspawn (Fireheart placeholder, not too sure of this one tbh... could do with another Gala card perhaps)
    + 1x Devoted Maniac (mostly as L.Storm replacement, doesn't Overload you and puts bodies on the board)
    + 1x Shield of Galakrond
    + 1x Dragon's Pack (activates Groundskeeper & great value with Notetakers in control matchups)

    Currently at 71% winrate 10-4 (two losses vs ResidentSleeper Priests). Very favorable matchups vs DH, Hunter and Rogue, haven't encountered yet Bomb Warriors and Paladin is favored if you get to neutralize Librams.

    EDIT: After 70 matches, still at 71% WR (50-20). Haven't seen many Paladins (which I consider the worst MU along with Gala Rogue), but generally this deck seems to have decent matchup spread across the board. Res Priest is manageable with Notetaker + Hex, Bomb Warrior with Sphere (keep placing bombs at the bottom & Elysiana them outta there), aggro Rogue & Hunter & DH is very favored and Mage is winnable if you manage to outheal their burst.

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