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    Thank you Funki for another fun deck idea! Initially I had a bad start with this deck, but after tweaking it a bit it feels quite strong.

    I ended up taking out Dark Portals (too much of a win-more imho), Mortal Coils and Felosophies for more traditional QuestLock package:

    1x Demon Seed (vs fatigue games mostly, once you run out of big threats)
    2x Blood Shard Bristlebarks
    1x Battleground Battlemaster
    1x Mutanus (for lulz, but probably fast enough to eat quest rewards if it gets discounted).

    Went 4-1 with a tweaked list, lost to an aggro pirate war. but I managed to beat a taunt druid. So far seems viable!

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    Most issues with quests would go away if the quest reward was shuffled into player's deck rather than added to hand.

    It would retain the quests identity while giving other player time to react.

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    Quote from Nefine1337 >>
    Quote from Cracken23 >>
    Quote from Nefine1337 >>

    no battle pass. i maxed out all lvls at all 2 exp. today standing at 72. its going rly slow.

    How many hours do you play in a day?

    i afk at work and as soon as i get home i afk while watching tv, eating, showering going to wc etc.

     Yes, but how many hours do you PLAY in a day?

    Then again, at the game's current state I can't blame you for not wanting to play the game.

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    United in Solitaire, amirite guys?

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    Hate to admit it, but you're right. This worked out fairly well before recent nerfs, but now it's all Elemental Shaman, Deathrattle DH and Druids. They're all bad matchups.

    At the moment it seems like Rustwix, Y'Shaarj and TIckatus (probably Tamsin too) are just too slow & impractical to use right now.  And without them, Cascading Disasters are nigh-impossible to corrupt anyway. This deck would need a lot more proactiveness to stand a chance vs meta decks.

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    Quote from xanzan1 >>
    Quote from Pythonproduct >>
    Quote from xanzan1 >>

    I would be surprised if Shaman doesn't get a nerf. Rockbiter weapon has a 71.2% played winrate.  They've nerfed cards at a lower played winrate than that.

     It has such a high play winrate because you play it to close out the game, not because it's broken

     Didn't say it was broken, but they still nerf cards with that high of play winrate.

     If you can point me to another wincon I'd gladly hear more about it. Without Bloodlust we're stuck to Doomhammer or Al'Akir + Atk boosting card. Shaman simply doesn't have the tools to outvalue Control decks nor the tools to survive from-hand face damage (DH, Rogue and Mage), that kinda locks shaman into an aggressive playstyle.

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    Mankrik has some anti-synergy with Dungeoneer, but at least it cycles itself after summoning the 3/7 token... which might not be a bad thing either. Interesting idea!

    I don't think Vashj is good in this type of list. You've got several high-cost minions in your list and no reliable way to fish the Prime, and on top of that your spells aren't that expensive to begin with. If you want more spell tutoring in your deck (which might not be necessary), try Malygos. Or just a Cagematch for tutoring out the Dagger.

    Personally I'm not a fan of Dunk Tank. In burn shaman list it's usually 4 damage "Deal 4 to face", which just feels way worse than Fireball. I'd rather go for pair of Wandmakers because most of the 1-mana spells are above average for burn shammy (Lightning Bolt, Devolving Missiles, Primal Studies and Guidance). That gives you a chance to get dual-class spells without flunking your Dungeoneer's draws.

    These are just some random pieces of theorycrafting w/o actually playing your list, so take my post with a grain of salt.

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    posted a message on Dungeoneer: more than just Doomhammer Aggro card?

    So the first thing people theorycrafted Primal Dungeoneer on was the Doomhammer list. It's obviously a good tool for tutoring Cagematch Cust. + Atk boosting spells, but I'm sure there's plenty other ways to utilize it.

    For example, Lightning Bloom + Marshspawn seems like another good package to tutor from your deck. Both cards are reasonably easy to fit in most shaman decks (let's face it, that Poisonous 3 mana 1/3 is nice value card but it's too slow for Thrall).

    Midrange Elemental deck could benefit from Vivid Spores + Menacing Nimbus. Seems sticky enough to get you through board wipe or two.

    What other uses have you guys thought for Dungeoneers?

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    Quote from fabjx >>
    Quote from Tuscarora87 >>

    Doom Shaman is possibly tier 1, though.

     Is it?

     Mage and Paladins were really popular especially prior to Spring Water nerf. And yet only few ppl teched in that neutral 3 mana "Copy secrets" Drakonid thingie.

    Likewise, it's been ages since I've seen Ooze getting played.

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    Quote from PetiteMouche >>

    Yes you are missing that Landslide costs 2 mana and Lighning storm costs 5 mana.

    You say they do "basically the same damage" with zapper. Well, yes, the same damage, for 2 mana instead of 5. And with more spell damage, Landslide scales better than Storm.

    Even without any spell damage in the deck, one could argue that a 2 mana deal 2 damage board clear is more useful than a 5 mana deal 3 damage board clear.

    ... but it's NOT "same dmg for 2 mana instead of 5". Going by your logic, Zapper + Landslide is TWO cards, 4 mana (Zapper is 1 Mana + Overload 1) "Deal 4 dmg". With any other Spell Damage, Landslide is "Deal 2 dmg". Without Zapper you'd need a third card to trigger Overlod condition, and 3 card combo with shaman's card draw just ain't happening.

    L.Storm doesn't force you to combo it with Zapper, any Spell Damage will push it to 4 dmg.

    Landslide just by itself is 2 mana "Deal 1 dmg to all enemy minions", just like that one Basic Mage card that never sees play. 3 to everything is usually enough to kill aggro player's early board (even buffed Gibberlings), without randomness L.Storm really doesn't look that bad anymore.

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    Don't have Inara, swapped in Malygos for fishing out all the cheap spells + C'Thun pieces.

    I'm not entirely convinced on Landslide either, it doesn't seem consistent enough with just six (mostly reactive) Overload cards. Any particular reason not to run Lightning Storm instead?

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    I've been wondering why current Standard decks favor Landslide over Lightning Storm.

    Landslide: Deal 1 damage to all enemy minions. Repeat if Overloaded

    Lightning Storm: Deal 3 damage to all enemy minions. Overload 2.

    Old L.Storm was hopelessly outdated, but the current implementation seems alright. Landslide makes a good combo with Novice Zapper, but... it's basically the same thing as any Spell Damage + L.Storm. I'd get the point if meta was more focused on Deathrattles or Divine Shields, but currently it's not.

    Shaman is already lacking draw to make Zapper + Landslide consistent, and buffed Storm is an alright early board clearer by itself. Am I missing something really obvious here (besides the Overload, which has always been there) or are people sleeping on buffed L.Storm?

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    After some further tweaking, I've decided to drop Claw Machines entirely and picked up the ye olde Rockbiter + Doomhammer for added burst. This makes the deck less board reliant, and adds more Notetaker synergy. I also added another Cagematch Custodian. Even with just three weapons, the early game curving is too important to pass up.

    I've been climbing steadily (I play few hours a day), this deck is absolutely punishing for mages and warlocks. Thanks to early tempo, it also feels decent against paladins too (Devolving Missiles, Arid Stormers and Whack-a-Gnolls being MVPs).
    After 40-ish games, my winrate is still hovering above 70%. This is going much better than I anticipated!

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    Quote from Reinan23 >>
    Quote from CaptKnucklez42 >>

    I've faced that before. As a shaman you have tools to negate this opener. Is it powerful? Sure it is. Could you still win? Yes. I actually kept my Landslide in my mulligan, and discovered Novice Zapper T1. T2 he conceded. In the end, he nutted T1, but I prepared for that(Actually I figured T3 is when I would need it), and won the game because of that.

     Finally someone solve the puzzle, bravo amigo!

    but seriously, there's lots of bad players plyaing bad shaman decks pushing it's winrate waaaaaaaaaaay worse than it actually should be, i dont blame them it's not easy to optimize a deck alone it takes time, knowledge and effort but yea, shaman is not as bad as people want it to be. I'm pretty sure they are working hard on it already.

     "Working hard on it already" my ass... in VS latest Standard meta report, Shaman is literally the ONLY class that's not represented in tier lists.

    Also this:

    Demon Hunter looks like a dead class that players are still trying to make work, something we can’t say about Shaman. It might have to do with the fact that Demon Hunter has powerful cards and combos, but suffers from meta related issues, while Shaman doesn’t feel like it has very powerful cards to begin with.

    So what are you basing your statement "not as bad as people want it to be"? When is the last time YOU played vs shaman?

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    Yes yes, we all know Shaman is in a tough spot and the buffs did little to alleviate that. But that didn't stop me from trying to find the Unicorn Shaman that's been flying under the radar. I've had fair success (low sample size of 24 matches, admittedly) with the following list:

    Fast & Windfurious
    Export to BBCode Export to Cockatrice Export to MarkDown Export to Html Clone this deck
    Minion (21) Ability (6) Weapon (3)
    Loading Collection

    Lost most of my games vs Paladins and Priests, but this deck absolutely wrecks Mages (currently 6-0) and is favored vs Warlocks too (5 - 2).
    If you're looking for something that ruins Jaina's and Gul'Dan's day, give this list a try! Instructor is optional (possibly even a placeholder), but I'm quite pleased with the rest of the deck. If you're on a budget, you might consider trying Unbound Elementals (haven't tried them myself) and another Wandmaker instead.

    If you can think of ways to improve the list, let me know.

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