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    posted a message on Ghastly Conjurer

    It can be used only in quest mage deck but that's it. It doesn't change the fact it is STILL a bad card. I am sorry if I upset mage fans XD 

    It is okay for arena though.

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    Lifesteal is very necessary for Warlocks right now but this card could only work in a control warlock decks which don't exist in standard anymore. May be it could be useful in the future with new cards but right now it is a dead card for a dead class. Just play Darkshire Councilman for 3 mana instead. You don't need lifesteal if you go face.

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    posted a message on Prince Taldaram

    This card reminded me Mirage Caller since they are both 3-drops. But this card is just stupid for its retarded side effect. 3-drops are essential in every deck. And this card's effect is extremely useless. Run a Mirage Caller if you are a priest or a Faceless Manipulator if you are using a different class. Hell, it is even bad for Kazakus decks as well.

    This is the worst card in this new expansion (so far).


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    posted a message on Plague Scientist

    It is a good arena card. There's no way it could see constructed gameplay. Envenom Weapon is a much better card in general but even it is only great in arena.

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    posted a message on Mountainfire Armor

    A very good card for control/fatigue warrior. It could be great for arena as well. Stats are great as well. It could see some play in control decks, no doubt.

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    "So it is Shatter in weapon form. Shatter did not see any play so I don't think this card could see any play either. Mage has soooooo many strong spells to deal with minions, so this weapon is kinda unnecessary right now."

    New comment:

    I thought it is a mage weapon but even though it is a shaman weapon it is still crap. 


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    posted a message on Ghastly Conjurer

    It is a bad card. Water elemental is a much better 4-drop in general. Besides, Mirror Image is not being used anymore. So it is really bad card in general.

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    posted a message on Blood Razor

    This card is quite useful for warrior. 2 damage to all minions and 2/2 weapon is a great combination. It is a good card in general which is technically 2017 version of Death's Bite

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    posted a message on Spirit Lash

    I think it is a necessary card for priest since he really struggles in early game to clear to board. By itself it may not be very useful but with spell damage buffs it can easily replace Holy Nova. Overall, it is not great but it is not bad either.

    Bloodmage Thalnos or Kobold Geomancercould be very good compliment to this card.

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    posted a message on The Caverns Below


    This card was extremely strong against midrange and control decks and provided almost 100% winrate against them. Even after nerf, it will be the same. But nerf focused on making the quest longer the complete, so it will affect the games against aggro decks which is the majority of the game. Even before the nerf, quest rogue was struggling against aggro decks and now it will be much weaker. This was kinda necessary for this card I admit but nerfing it like this means they don't want you to play this card anymore.

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    This is a decent card for constructed but absolutely overpowered in arena. Last time my opponent got this from a Tortollan Primalist and got a Flamestrike, Blizzard and another fucking Cabalist's Tome and completely wrecked me :..(

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    posted a message on The Caverns Below

    Quest rogue is op, no doubt. But I don't think it needs nerf cuz it has a huge weakness. It is extremely weak against faster aggro decks like Pirate Warrior and Aggro hunter. While you are busy with completing your quest, they smash you with strong minions. Even if you complete the quest on turn 4, they can easily kill you on turn 5 or turn 6.

    The main problem is Blizzard still supports aggro gameplay rather than control gameplay.

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    posted a message on Un'goro Pirate Warrior - RRRRrrrrRRRrr!!!!

    thanks a lot :)

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    posted a message on Bittertide Hydra

    A new staple for aggro decks which usually you dont care about your face health. 1 is very good for every deck, 2 could be a little bit too dangerous.

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    posted a message on Glacial Shard

    a very good one drop for arena. it could be useful in constructed as well. 

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