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    posted a message on BlizzConline 2022 Cancelled - Reimagining Blizzcon

    "We’ve decided to take a step back and pause" [and] "we would also like to take the time to reimagine what a BlizzCon event of the future could look like.

    **real meaning...we ran out of new shift to do and we've got nothing exciting right now.

    "We’re excited about what we’ll do with the event when we revisit it in the future" 

    **real meaning...this event is too expensive to justify it's existence...especially since we don't have any great new games to announce that justifies the massive marketing expense, but someday we'll think of a reason to spend all that marketing money on something.

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    posted a message on It's Nozdormu Day - Every 15th of the Month!

    If Blizzard was owned by Amazon would they have a "Prime Day" for everyone to play their "Prime Cards" like Zixor Prime?

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    posted a message on Cards in urgent need of a nerf

    This entire conversation is stupid because if they nerf every card that everyone is whining about there will automatically be a new batch of cards for everyone to want nerfed. 

    Man-up and grow a set.

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    posted a message on [FitB] Secret Mage!
    Quote from Rhegdar >>

    Bad deck

     I concur.

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    posted a message on Bug With Queueing For Games - Golden Core Cards To Blame

    Not even the "work around" is working. 

    First day of the new cards and new season rotation and Blizzard can't get their $h!t together. 

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    posted a message on Forged in the Barrens: Card List, Release Date, & Expansion Details
    Quote from Shipmen >>

    Regarding what people are saying, power level seems very very high nearly broken, but of course, everything rotates. therefore these cards must necessarily be played. 

    What I believe debatable is the innovation. Low.

     I'd agree...some cards look like there is a potential to be "broken"...I'd guess some nerfs will be coming in early April so rack up the wins while you can.

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    posted a message on Forged in the Barrens Rewards Track Visualization

    Someone check my math, but I think I counted 5650 total available gold after reaching level 100.

    I'm currently at level 200 this season and have enough gold saved to buy 125 packs. I'm still wondering if the gold accumulation next season will be better, the same or worse if I play the same amount.

    btw...as a FTP player I don't care about the hero skins or legendary cards and other freebees that are accumulated along the way down the track next season...they don't contribute to acquiring new packs for the season after Barron's. 

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    posted a message on Varden Dawngrasp

    The new Freeze Mage is back.

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    posted a message on New Paladin Common Card Revealed - Invigorating Sermon

    Not very invigorated by that sermon. 

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    posted a message on D5 to Standard Legend Guaranteed (January 2021 Season)

    "I stuck at D1 for some time yo-yo between stars but that's because of mirror or unfortunate draw streak."

    I contend that you were stuck at D1 for another reason...Blizzard's algorithms. The reason is because I noticed that every time I get to D1, I start to take losses due to horrible card draw or horrible match-ups or both. I then switch decks or switch from Wild to Standard...play a few games...and then switch right back to the same deck I was playing and then hit legend rank with a four game win streak.

    Not only have I experienced this season after season, but I have had other HS friends tell me that they did the same thing and then they hit legend rank. D1 level triggers something in Blizzard's programing to decrease your odds of winning because they know you're close and really want legend rank and you will likely just keep playing to get that carrot dangling in front of you that is just out of reach. Meanwhile, you are now D2 and moving the wrong way which keeps you playing more games.   


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