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    posted a message on More Hearthstone Changes - 18 Card Buffs (YES, BUFFS), Mech-vitational, New Legendary

    The only horrible buffs I can spot as of now are the warrior buffs

    Why tf would you buff these extremely good discovers (Dr. Boom, Mad Genius) or random mechs (Omega Assembly)?

    Just so they are actually used in decks? Unless they change the hero card in some way, these changes are for the worse...

    Couldn't they mess around with Akali, the Rhino, Dimensional Ripper or even Blackhowl GunspireDr. Boom's Scheme

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    posted a message on F2P FACE MECH 84%WR (58-11) EZ R25 to R5 //HUNTER

    Hell no. Jeeves is WAY better in this deck than Ursatron.

    This deck requires you to throw all u have on board and Jeeves will keep your hand with at least 3 cards instantly. 

    Ursatron needs to die first and draws only 1 mech. 

    Without Jeeves you run out of steam super fast, if the opponent has good answers or big taunts

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    posted a message on [RoS] Token Druid V3.0

    No offence, but can you read and count?

    Read and count how many cards in this deck have Choose one

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    posted a message on Super Budget Silence Priest

    So what are possible upgrades for Silence priest anyway?

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    posted a message on Rise of Shadows Card Nerfs - What Do Pros Want To See Smacked?

    The problem is the giant mechanics. It should interact with cards like this differently

    Remember how broken Naga Sea Witch and giants were? If they just made giants obey the cost being set to 5 mana and nothing else, there would have been no problems

    Same here, Conjurer's Calling works that way, because even tho the giant was played for 3-4 mana, he is still considered a 12 mana

    Knowing that blizzard they will at best nerf Conjurer's Calling so that it will summon cards of the same cost played (so a 4 mana giant will give 4 mana minions)

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    posted a message on Its beyond time for Mountain Giant to go the Hall of Fame...

    No, it's about time Blizzard made giants work with cards like these properly

    If they had done that long time ago, the giant epidemic in wild would not have happened and Naga sea witch would not have been nerfed or even used in the first place

    Just make the damn things obey the rules of other cards that depend on cost only. If naga sea witch made everything cost 5 mana, all giants cost 5 mana no matter what. Done, problem solved

    Same here, if the giant was played for 4 mana, they can be conjured into 4 mana minions. Done, problem solved

    This way giants stay giants, the cards that make them broken are left unnerfed.

    But who am I kidding, they won't do anything smart and will nerf something to oblivion (and I doubt it's gonna be giants)

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    posted a message on Does Blizzard/HS team even test the cards before the release?

    Mage has about the same amount if not more removal, why only complain about Warrior? I don't even know how you think removal is a bad thing.

     Ehhhh, what? Hell no, Mage currently doesn't even have half of it

    Mage removals are mostly spells, and most of them cost a lot, things like Flamestrike/Blizzard/Blast wave. U can count fireball as removal, add Polymorph, Shooting star, Arcane Explosion, Daring Fire Eater, Frostbolt. And that's mostly it. And again, all of these (except fire eater) are SPELLS and half aren't used that often

    Now look at CW: They have shitton of both spells AND minions with removals. Shield slams, Brawls, Warpath, Execute, Supercollider, Omega devastator, Militia commander (yes it counts, a 4 mana, deal 5 that can still survive), Dynomatic, Darius, Smolderhorn Lancer (also Slam and Devastate can be added to the list, kinda)

    And all that can be used without Dr Boom hero... After Dr boom hero is played, almost every single unit becomes removal, and Omega Assembly keeps making them more cards and removals thanks to the power of Magnetic and MAGIC NEUTRALISED 

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    posted a message on Turn limit too small.

    Is this a joke, lol? Turn limit too small? With the current limit, one game lasts almost an hour...

    Maybe you should consider not playing borewarrior, if turn limit has become an issue for you.

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    posted a message on Seaforium Bomber

    I swear to God, this card has to be a Numbuh 5 reference in some way.

    Don't know if she is voiced by Cree Summer, but sounds super similar. Costs 5, has 5/5 

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