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    posted a message on New Warrior Epic Card Revealed - Remote-Controlled Golem

    Maybe warrior quest procs off of damaging your own minions and syncs up well with all the frenzy stuff they got from the last expansion?

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    posted a message on Alliestrasza and Lt. Eddy Cancel Card Reveals over Blizzard Allegations and Law Suit - Trump Too

    I don't get why blizz doesn't just release the cards outside of the streamers revealing them? Fuck the streamers, they don't own the IP to the cards let that shit flow

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    posted a message on At last a healthy meta!

    Lol, except stealer  of souls but otherwise honestly yeah it's pretty good man

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    posted a message on Adventure Packs giving mini-set cards specifically

     Yep, working as intended.

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    posted a message on Anyone else feels sad wild is treated the way it is?


    And also, direct your hate towards the obnoxious malignant twits that were on APM mage last week now on the new OP warlock. 

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    posted a message on Book of Mercenaries: Xyrella - Priest

     When TF does mobile update


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    posted a message on The only Mage players who are worthy of respect ...

    Are EVEN mage players. The lot of you mozaki/flamewaker APM spam players are mindless, spineless, malignant trash who bring the class down as a whole.

    Prove  me wrong 

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    posted a message on Incoming buff predictions (post for your fav class in bad need of them)
    Quote from Tycon >>

    I don't understand why they are changing any cards, the game is fine right now. Pretty disappointed. 

     Found the mage player

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    posted a message on Change isnt always good...

    Power word shield was a god awful nerf and it’s rightfully reverted. Same principal applies to watchposts which were competitive, yet manageable, and are now hotdog water filled with floating dentures.

    Caravans probably getting buffed, then all the watchpost whiners can become caravan complainers and the snake that eats it’s own tail continues it’s slithery little snakes life cycle.

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    posted a message on (LEGEND) Vigormortis' Willow Demon Warlock

    Dude... I just tried this deck and first attempt pulled a double corrupted tickatus on turn 6. This is absolutely bonkers! Thank you!! xDDDDD

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    posted a message on Barrens Achievement Farming

    It’s no surprise that the Barrens Achievements are oriented more toward raw grind and less toward creativity compared to Darkmoon Faire. That said, I’m at 86% completion and have managed to find solid ways to finish most in a semi-reasonable manner... except one.

    Enter: Vengeance... next turn

    I’m at 110/200 currently and have been piloting a multiple spell discovery, educated elekk, and Zai the incredible deck... and despite all the extra generation, this achievement feels unbearably burdensome The “trigger” aspect of the achievement is where the horror truly sets in, given DHs limited stall and it’s groan inducing at best.

    Has anyone completed this achievement yet? If so, can you share what strategies worked for you to expedite progress? 

    TLDR: DH achievement is ridiculous and time consuming, would like to discuss strategies to finish quicker as a community 

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    posted a message on Please more nerfs

    I feel like a lot of the complaints listed are about game finishing strategies, which are NOT synonymous with OP or meta warping. They are win conditions, and they’re intended to be strong. Even counterable against certain decks i.e. yshaarj +clowns dying to twisted nether.

    Calling for nerfs just because you lose against a countering class or in close games is inappropriate and makes you look like you don’t know what you’re talking about.

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    posted a message on The state of the HS community

    It’s the gen z whiney participation trophy kids...  everyone is mean, everything is hurtful, everyone is allergic to everything and they deserve special treatment because of their frailties. Good luck fixing what natural selection was prevented from killing off.

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    posted a message on Hunter needs to be nerfed
    Quote from THEPG19 >>

    Now with mages and paladins getting a very tiny nerf hunter has become the biggest cancer on ladder, every game is a hunter and the most unfavorable matchup for hunter is hunter mirror where they start 1st.
    It has insane damage from hand and can even go wide on boards with Kolkar Pack Runner.
    Piercing ShotTrampling Rhino make it so that playing minions vs them can also give them lethal.

    I'll probably be downvoted to oblivion but every 2nd game on ladder now is a face hunter.

    With this much damage and burn that they have you'd imagine you can make them run out of steam and cards but with insane amount of card draw they have with TrackingWarsong WranglerQuick Shot and Barak Kodobane, you run out of hp before they run out of steam.

     You couldn’t be more wrong, but you already knew that and just wanted leave a slug trail of salt. Gtfo here.

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    posted a message on Buffing old (wild) expansions like the coreset?

    Why all caps

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