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    I’ve stopped playing for a while but I recently read that the rules regarding duplicates had been extended to all rarities. I guess that’s a good thing for most people, but I clearly remember that in the past, regular OR golden legendaries protected you against duplicates while now, if you own several golden legendaries from an expansion but are missing one, you can get regular versions of the ones you already have golden, and not get the one you’re actually missing (regular or golden).

    Is there a consensus that now is better? Is Blizzard planning on combining both improvements (no duplicates no matter the rarity + golden cards counting against duplicates)? I’m really thinking that I should wait before opening too many packs if this is not “fixed”, but I’d appreciate your inputs, since I’ve been away from the game for so long.

    PS: I apologize if this topic sounds too much like “first world problems” to anyone. Just know that I spend more than I should, not without personal consequences.

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    You're right, this is the general belief (as there is not enough data atm I think, contrary to the regular pity timers), but for the first 10 packs they may count (as it's a different timer than the legendary pity timer). But even if they do, that's only a 50% chance, which is better than nothing but not at all a "guarantee".

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