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    Honestly, what is this 'netdecking' you all speak of? I've always thought it to be a lame reproach. 

    If Blizzard prints 3 Warrior cards that have a 'bomb' in it's description is it weird that people play Bomb Warrior? Me and a zillion other players made a Bomb Warrior list before the expansion was out and honestly if I see the current decklists I dont see any card I hadnt included or thought of at the time. The same can be said of Token Druid because any player with some hearthstone braincells knew that a card that floods the board twice was gonna be great in a meta without Psychic Scream, Defile, Spreading Plague, Blood Razor, etc.  & an expansion that hardly introduced any AoE.

    I took a quick look at the current meta and I dont see anything original over there. The only thing I didnt think of personally was including a dragon package in Khadgar Mage. I also didnt expect Mech Pally to do so well but I could have generated a list nonetheless.

    Most current meta decks were anticipated beforehand along with 20 others (just check Vicious Syndicate's preview). In the end the best ones of those 30 decks are now the meta. This opens spots for more unconvential decks that do well against this current meta and this is where the 'originality' will begin (and the netdecking will follow).

    Hearthstone is a pvp game so you'd be a fool not to copy and try out things from your opponent's decks that you thought looked pretty nice. Wether it be the inclusion of a card in a deck type you were already playing or a whole new decktype.

    What do you want? That all players lock in an amount of decks at the start of each expansion and are never able to change them because that would be netdecking?

    Imagine a football coach complaining about the other team for using a 'Zidane dribble' or a 4-4-2 formation because they didnt come up with it themselves. That's how you sound to me when you complain about netdecking. 

    I hope you find back your fun but if you get annoyed by netdecking I would say this is not the right game for you.

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    So basically you have to do a lot of setup to get to your amazing 10-mana combo turn which does *drumroll*

    12 damage....

    That doesn't even go through taunts.

    Oh sure you can (maybe) summon more Leeroys next turn, but what do you think your opponent's doing at 10 mana? Pass his turn?

    If I need to setup like that I want do something more than that. Winning the game for example or being able to do 20+ damage to face without having to worry about taunt minions.

    For someone who plays since 2015 you are surprisingly excited about this deck. Still, for your sake I hope you have fun with it the first few days when most players are experimenting. 

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    I've been playing 100% dragon priest this season (currently at rank 8) and Handlock is by far the worst match-up for it.

    Control/Midrange paladin comes in second, they just have so many win conditions it's hard to deal with every last one of them. Secret pally is actually an easy (?) match-up for dragon priest, maybe my deck is  more suited for it idk, I run a self-made deck.

    I'm about 60/40 against Control Warrior so I wouldnt say it's a bad match-up. I played a control priest deck to rank 6 right after GvG release and Control Warrior was a nightmare then.

    Also: From the classes that are played the most at the moment (Pally, Mage, Hunter & Warrior) Hunter is by far the easiest, not a 50/50 match-up at all (both face and midrange).

    Haven't run into enough freeze mages yet to elaborate about that match-up.

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    Even though you could have worded it different I have to agree with:

    • Warsong Commander wasn't the problem, Frothing Berserker was; they should have changed the mechanic that as soon as a minion gets over 3 attack it loses the charge. Even with the nerf now they could atleast drop the mana cost of Warsong Commander to 2. A 2/3 minion that gives your charged minions +1 attack doesn't seem OP to me at 2 mana
    • Paladin is becoming a problem, the amount of threats they have is too damn high. On top of that, unlike against Mage & Hunter you cannot play around it's secrets as well since Competitive Spirit puts you on a timer & Noble Sacrifice makes sure Avenge triggers. Personally I would love to see the Light's Justice disappear from Muster for Battle and see Mysterious Challenger's stats lowered to 5/4.

    I actually think it's ok that you cannot reliably mulligan against a class tho. I mean, I would like to see each class have atleast 2 different archetype decks (wishful thinking maybe). Till now it was mostly Warlock which was very hard to mulligan seeing as the two most popular decktypes a while ago were zoo and handlock which required a totally different mulligan from your part.

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    I used to play arena with my gold (only bought packs if my gold exceeded 500) until they made that change where the pack you got was random (?; can't really remember how it used to be, but it changed sometime ago). Didn't like that change and since then I just buy packs with gold.

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    This card has a lot of potential.

    Sure taunt doesnt do much for it if you play it on turn 1 or 2, but if you draw or play this later it can really mess up your opponent's turn.

    Can be a great turn 1 play if more low-cost divine shield synergy cards are revealed.

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    As some mentioned already I managed to defeat him with a (to my feelings) suboptimal Rogue deck by just letting him fill his board with Party Portals.

    Play minions with high attack when he gets a weapon out, he'll attack em and you can slowly chip away his health that way. He normally should fatigue earlier than you.

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    Quote from adityajibhkate >>

    Weak to silence 

     Must be a troll but I'll reply anyway: how is it weak to silence if this card kills a Spellbreaker (the most common Silence in the game) and lives? 1-1 in cards (both 4 mana) and you have a 3/1 left.

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    Quote from MATWW >>

    This card has no sense for 6 out of 9 classes. Bad design, my cat can be more creative.


     It's easy to forget Rogue has secrets too

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    I've been playing a mech token druid deck as well and stumbled upon yours to see how I can optimize it. 

    I'll help you as well and will suggest you some cards that do well for me:

    Mecharoo is a solid 1 drop and I also like Replicating Menace in this deck as it can attach to your bombs, attack into a minion as if it has charge and you suddenly have 3 tokens (if it dies); I have been experimenting with 1 or 2 copies and I like it so far. If only my 4 mana slot wasn't so crowded.

    I take a less aggressive approach with Fungalmancer & Tending Tauren; this way I don't run out of steam soon. These cards have been performing really well for me. Because I have these 2 cards I also run Floop as they are great things to replicate.

    I don't run Living Mana but Soul of the Forest; inot sure about this as I haven't had enough experience yet to say how good it is in the deck (I also tend to not draw my SoF's so it's hard to get experience that way...)


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