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    Hallo everybody :D

    I hope im at the right place

    I have  got to small questions:

    1. When i click on my collection it shows the blue filled jar -> like if i could dust something
    But when i click on it it doenst show me anything to dust. Is this normal ?

    2. Since the update my play button is shimmering blue. Its a bit annoying tbh and i already played in every format a match in hope that it would go away but it was wrong :D Is there a way i can rid of it ?

     Thanks for the help

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    Hey guys :D

    i am at the moment trying to beat general drakkisath in heroic but im so desperate.

    i build an deck from which i saw online using doomsayer on turn one and then he should use his card to summon majordomus exekutus.

     ive tried it at least for 2 hours straight but its not working

    sadly i havent got much legendaries so its quite hard because i cant build any of the decks i see only 

    can someone help me out with an decklist or any kind of tipp ?



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