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    posted a message on 1500 XP Quest Trading - Play A Friend! (#7)

    Battletag: Salt#21873

    Region: EU

    Trade Only? Yes, you go first.


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    posted a message on New Legendary Card Reveal - Hakkar, the Soulflayer

    Don't think it's immediate. Since it says "after you draw". E.g You draw this, resolve the effect. Then shuffle 2 additional copies if it into the deck. I'm not sure how multiple copies drawn will function however. My guess it's the same interaction. I could be wrong of course. 

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    posted a message on [Gold Animated Cards]: My Compilation - Work in progress.

    Hey Biddio. Sorry for the very late reply.

    The will to make new cards is all about the fun to me personally. And it got a bit dulled of for a while. Usually around colder times when I get more time to spend at home I'll probably make some new ones. If the will is there.

    I just made a new Mage Legendary one - Khelden. So there's still some enjoyment left to be had. It comes and goes as I bet you and everyone else understands. 

    Thank you for you kind comment.  

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    posted a message on 1500 XP Quest Trading - Play A Friend! (#7)

    Battletag: Bibiki#2353
    Region: EU
    Trade Only?: Yes. You go first. 


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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 8.03 - Submission Topic

    To make it clear. It reduced the cost of your opponent's card, then puts a copy of it into your hand that also has the reduced cost (copy). A very realistic chance of hit and miss. But nevertheless, a very " Priest" of a card.

    Updated card image to fix a grammar issue.

    Good luck everyone.

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    posted a message on HearthPwn Turns Five!

    This is a triumph. 

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    posted a message on There's an ad hijacking url here at HP at the moment.

    It only happens here on Hearthpwn when the site is idling. 

    I've check for various malware on my side among other various scans, there's nothing.

    The URL link is killed when refreshed. Then generated as a new one.

    Here's 2 examples of them. When accessed/clicked it takes you to a none excising/responsive site.



    If needed, just PM me for further questions (admins).

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    posted a message on Mr. Yagut's Tess Greymane & Face Collector Tempo Rogue

    I don't know why someone would down vote you. Rogue is a very unique class in Hearthstone. Just keep practicing and go at it again! You'll learn on the go and there are some really good Rogue exclusive players out there you could watch to "up" your Rogue plays. :) 


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    posted a message on New Mage Card Reveal - Arcane Keysmith

    Rather insane value. There's a chance for a "hit and miss", but still. It's a Secret that costs +1 mana with a choice of 3 and a 2/2 body attached to it. Even with Ice Block rotating it's still viable since some very good Secrets will remain. Also this takes the odds higher to get a specific Secret that will serve you best in your current matchup. Downside is the 4 mana cost slot fill. Still, I'm gonna be bold and claim that this is a 5*/5* card.

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    posted a message on Witching Hour

    It's a decent thought. Only rough spot is no clean way to "kill" your own Cube. 

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    posted a message on New Priest Legendary Card Reveal - Lady in White

    An odd comparison perhaps but, this feels like playing the Rogue Quest-light. Pretty high powerlevel, though a lot more risky since it's not in your starting hand and only buff deck and not hand cards. Enables any lowcost high health minion. Wonder how it works with Injured Blademaster. I guess it becomes a 7/3.

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    posted a message on Hagatha the Witch

    I like it.
    It's never going to be a "solid" answer as for it's passive effect, however the Battlecry will come in handy. 
    The passive isn't bad nor the best. It does however turn every single minion you have in your deck into a Babbling Book deal.
    It reloads your hand pre se and has a rather fantastic passive if you go into top-deck mode.

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    posted a message on How much gold/dust do you have saved up for WW?

    I always end up around  or above the 4.000 gold mark for each expansion. Given that I usually start rather early (I have my own system) to bank some gold as I usually do. That includes a lot of days I've just skipped doing daily quests (ending up losing one the day after) because hey, there's a lot of other games to be played. So it's not a hard goal to reach but it has always been enough to keep up with the game without spending money. I don't collect everything, I collect what I want and what's needed - e.g what's actually worth getting.

    My system works like this.

    I get 40+ packs (all my current gold) each expansion.
    Then I keep buying packs with gold each time I can afford it until I've opened up 3 Legendary cards beyond the first initial packs.
    After that I go back to just hoarding gold.
    I can build all current decks except the meme-iest of the meme-iest of decks (though with some d/e I certainly could. I always d/e golden cards I already own 2 regular of.. unless it's for my favorite class. Hey, one can have a dream to complete a full Golden deck for that class one day.. right?). :)

    That's all there is to it. Thank you for listing to my story.

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    posted a message on Does Duskwood Play a Role in the Next Hearthstone Expansion? Mammoth Sets are Looking for Friends!

    I like the speculation.

    So I'm giving my three guesses on what the expansions themes could be. I'm gonna try 3 things other's haven't really suggested just for the fun of it. 

    First one: It has Fel infected wood at the bottom and thorn branches. I'd have to say that Felwood looks like a good match. Altough, there's a slight possibility it could have something to do with Razorfen as well. Charlga Razorflank incoming, Amnennar perhaps? :D

    Second one: Really hard to tell, though that is the void we see in the background if I had to guess, though I reminds me of another place (The Star Sky background, the arcane layline). This one is really hard though one guess would be that it is placed without Outland. Perhaps, Nether Storm?

    Third one: Those are Troll' (the WoW race) colors through and through. Also the subtle paint on the wood suggest a Tribe. Hard to tell exactly what though, it's so plentiful. Insert "Zul" here I guess.   

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