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    posted a message on New Paladin Spell - Lightforged Blessing

    Healing has not been a real issue for paladin and this one is slow and most of all: INCONSISTANT! 

    You can‘t use this as an emergency heal when you are behind on board. It‘s a „win more“ card against aggro to push them out of the game for good but as long as you don’t get the bord, this card is trash. 

    It may be an okay support for a heal paladin but this decktype will probably be too dependant of turn 3 Thekal.

    Some disclaimers: 

    - Lightforged blessing + Baron Gedon: seems great but it‘s a one time combo including a legendary. Not sure that this is enough to Support this card

    - LB + wild pyro + ring the bells: 3 card combos have to be insane to be good. This one is not. 

    - LB + Glass Knight: Aktually not that Bad! But then again, hard removal is allways a thing. 

    Not sure that this will be enough for heal paladin. But who knows, the meta in general seems pretty weak right now! It would counter bomb warrior :P

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    posted a message on Open Letter: How to Run a Reveal Stream

    I mean, in the end this whole thing was just mediocre publicity. It feels like they are trying to do everything at the same time. They had two options:

    1. Entertainment: Invite some well known players, play some quick games and allow some propper honest discussions. DO NOT rope every turn and treat everyone as noob.

    2. Advertisement: Present the cards in a flashy way, explain some stuff if you feel the need to but keep it short!

    Finally, Peter Whalen is just not my kind of person to be the face of hearthstone. Nothing personal, the guy seems realy kind and stuff.. I guess this needs no further explanation.


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    posted a message on How do you manage your emotions while playing Hearthstone?

    Amusing how this interesting thread degraded to  a playground for people who still think that a discussion on the Internet is worth your time.

    I most certainly just lost mine .... 

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    posted a message on How do you manage your emotions while playing Hearthstone?

    - queue into a bad matchup? Don‘t even expect a win

    - lose against crazy rng? Appreciate the moment as if it was a highlight on Trolden

    - lose to your own mistake? Be mad! Improve! Try again!

    Probably most importantly, you have to allways expect the best play from your oponents. This way you are prepared for a Leeroy topdeck or a diremole into razormaw and you can be happy when they don‘t have it. People often undererstimate the probability of these things to happen. 

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    posted a message on interaction

    My guess: weasel will put da undatakah in your oponents deck, prelate will do basicly nothing because it‘s your oponents card now so he will keep it (animation still going off but the card get‘s simply reshuffled into the deck). And desperate stand should resummon da undatakah without any deathrattles because the battlecry doesnt trigger. It’s a copy so it has no interaction with the two previous cards.

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    posted a message on Will they fix Malygos art?

    What is your point? It‘s not the first reprint. Why would they change the card art?

    Elise? Rafaam? Dr. Boom? 

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    posted a message on Im a new player and i was wondering if anyone has any improvements to my taunt mission warrior?

    The aggro style is a good choice to learn more about Hearthstone. Those decks are traditionally cheap and don‘t rely on expencive legendary cards.

    Here some other deck type suggestions:

    - Zoo warlock: It’s an aggressiv deck that swarms the board with small minions. Your heropower allows you to constantly draw more cards (this deck emptys his hand pretty fast). Consider crafting 2x Doomguard, this Card is a good finisher and will leave standard with the new expansion. This means you get the dust back but you can keep the cards! :)

    - Odd Paladin: often nerfed, hated among most players but still good! You don‘t need all the cards to make this deck work, just heropower at any occasion und fill your deck with good 1-Drops, minion buffers and agressive cards.

    As for Baku (the odd deck legendary), same applys to him as to doomguard. When you can afford it, craft him and you will get your dust back while keeping the card. 


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    posted a message on Experience climbing from Rank 5 to Legend

    Some important advice for you guys struggling:

    - Mulligan is crutial! Allways concider your oponents deck, sometimes you need to be brave and look for specific cards and recognize your winconditions worth keeping in the opening Hand (kathrena, oakheart,...)

    - Deck Choice: Every T1 deck (and most T2) is good enough in the right hands but chose the one you are the most familiar with. It may be interesting to specificly chose a counter to the most popular ladder decks. My recommandation for this month is odd dragon warrior with extremly high winrates against all kind of hunters, paladins and mages (13-3 winrate for ranks 2+1).

    - Experience:  It may take a long time to master a specific deck. Even braindead stuff like odd paladin offers more decision points than you would think. Take your time, reflect over every loss and concider risky plays when you are behind. It‘s those games you „shouldn‘t have won“ that make the difference. 

    - And finally patience: with a consistent 60% winrate (wich is realy good!), you have to expect +-90 games to reach legend. Try to focus less on the stars, those are frustrating. Enjoy the games, accept losses against bad matchups and do your best (i know, this is difficult on your first legend grind)

    Good luck everyone! Embrace the rng :P

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    posted a message on This expansion needs to be deck defining and interesting

    It will be for sure more vanilla-ish but this could be great for some time and leaves room for more fun stuff to come. We will certainly see some cool stuff but i don’t think that they will repeat crazy powercreep after basicly sacrificing two expansions to lower card quality in general.

    Not to mention those hidden gems that might start to shine soon!

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    posted a message on The last month of the raven

    Hey guys,
    I wanted to ask for some opinions and share my own thoughts about the current standard meta. I feel like not many people are very interested in standard right now and everyone is waiting for the year of the dragon. But to my surprise i found myself enjoing ladder very much since the second nerf wave!

    With deathrattle rogue, different variants of odd mage and wall priest, 3 new decks have become viable and shook up the meta.
    No one class is dominating the ladder, OTK has calmed down (druid and otk pally are both off meta in my opinion) and the aggro decks can be reasonably countered by warriors and priests. There are not many polarizing matchups and RNG is no real issue either.
    Comparing this to older metas, i fail to find many reasons to complain. Have people forgotten about the pirate warrior days? Totem golem into 4 mana 7/7? Quest rogue?
    So now that the Genn/Baku problem will soon be adressed, where lies the problem?

    I think we all should give Blizzard some more credit for what they are trying to do! Change is good for the game and the second nerf patch was something realy positive but rather overlooked in my opinion.

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