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    That’s a bunch of questions! So fist of all, take it slow. Don’t try to enter the game at high level, the learning process is unique and super fun!

    But here some answers:

    1) Prepurchase is great to get a large collection. Without it, it‘s allmost impossible to catch up. As you don’t mind spending money, go for it! 

    At some point, you should decide if you prefere Standard or wild playmode. The later is long term cheaper and more diverse but less balanced and less impacted by new expansions. Also, aquiring those old cards doesn’t come cheap as you can’t open those packs anymore.

    2) Classic is allways a safe Investment. If you want to spend 50 bugs on packs on top of prepurchase, those are the way to go.

    As for the 2018 expansions, i would mostly ignore them. They are low powerlevel anyways. You may buy single packs with in game Gold though, until you get the first legendary.  From april 2020 on, Focus on the new expansions. Until then, there is plenty of other stuff to do!

    3) You don’t start at Level 50 because your Account existed before that Update. It is impossible do drop below rank 25, once you reach it. An AI opponent can be found in the Single Player mode, the „innkeeper“, but he is not very challenging ... good for the first days.

    4) PVE content has changed a lot over the years. Old content, like Naxxramus, Black rock mountain, league of explorers etc are mini expansions. They cost money but reward a lot of cards that aren‘t found in packs. All of those are in the wild Format though. Ignore them for now, you allways can come back later. Those adventures require you to have a big collection!!

    Newer content is free to play but doesn’t reward any cards. Try out Dungeon runs, Monster Hunt and Boom Labs! They are great to learn the game and a ton of fun. It will probably take you some time to complete them all.

    The newest adventures cost money again but reward packs aswell. The Price is above the pack value though! It‘s up to you if you want unlock the content. It‘s fun once in a while but all at once is a bit much...

    5) Consider crafting whizbang the wonderful. He will be gone in april but he unlocks 18 different and semi powerfull decks at once! (You get a random deck each time you queue ladder)

    Finally, have fun! HS is awesome and offers a lot to explore :)

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    Quote from Shadowrisen >>

    The larger the number of effectively differing lines of play presented by a deck, the more difficult the deck is to play.

    In other words, the more choices you have to make, the more difficulty you face in selecting optimal choices.

     Cut the self glorification in this post and you get a very good comment! Chosing the best out of 3 1-drops is not that easy compared to eternium rover on turn 1. 

    I guess in the end, the point is not what is the most difficult deck (even less at high legend) but why is aggro percieved as a low skill archtype. And i would say it‘s because of the all-or-nothing nature of its matchups at low ranks. A bad play is obvious when you fill the bord turn 5 against a warrior. You lose against Brawl, end of Story. On the other hand, a warrior playing his warpath to early is allmost equally bad but not easily percieved as a bad play because the game goes on for a couple more turn.

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    You are talking about those changes as if blizzard made them without playtesting or even thinking if through :P

    Of course there is more behind a mana cost change and all those synergies have been pointed out multiple times.

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    I don‘t know why so many people are complaining about this.. Why do you expect people playing bad decks?

    Deckbuilding is time consuming and can be very frustrating, that‘s not everyones cake. I bet most people try something every now and then, get beaten up and return to netdecks. Because guess what, losing is not fun! 

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    I usually play whatever i want at ranks 5-4 (Tier 1-2) and sometimes accidently climbe to higher ranks and evetually legend. This happens more often near the end of an expansion when i know the matchups already.

    This month i got legend on may the 6th all the way from rank 7 without any deck-swaps. I only do this when i stumble upon a meta breaker or a deck i really like. This time it was bomb warrior and the 30 Stars took me 98 games (64 wins, 34 losses). This is my fastest grind yet and i‘m sure it‘s due to better deck understanding over time.

    To illustrate why learning a deck long term can be very usefull, i got two examples.

    1. I played a netdeck without brawls or executes but with two weapon projects and a Harrison. After multiple losses against Edwin or hunters with giant mechs, i swapped a weapons project for a single execute and suddenly started winning those matchups more often. What i‘m trying to say is that it takes time to understand your weaknesses. Little microajustments can make a huge difference in the long run.

    2. The warrior mirror is tricky. It generally ends in double Elysiana games and in my opinion the rng involved evens out because 2x10 random cards is a lot! Fortunatly most Warriors are pure control these days and the bombs end up creating a health difference of 20-30hp! This allows you in the endgame to go face and let them do the trading. At some point i started to save my elekks to guarantee double value (ellek+ Goblin+ wrenchcalibur) and maximise the health difference and hence cheat out 2-3 more wins.

    To sum it up: This stuff seems obvious (and maybe for some it realy is) but mastering a deck is really what makes the difference. Every win is essentially a 2-Star difference, so win 3 games you were not supposed to win and you basicly climbed a rank.

    Sorry for the long post, i hope it helps!

    Ps: I didn‘t even mention mulligans! It‘s one of the biggest learning factors and statistics say that a good mulligan can grant you up to +10% better winrates! 



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    posted a message on What's your current meme deck?
    Quote from MrNightmare >>

    I'm a big fan of odd/even decks and I've tried to get at least 50% WR with Odd Quest Warlock (Rank 5 Wild), but I think it's time to give up on it

     Wow dude, you combined the worst quest with the most useless odd/even heropower :P this deck is an insult to everyone losing against it! I like your style 

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    I just won the longest game of my life. 

    I played with bomb warrior against control warrior, both had >60hp at one point, both played double elysiana. The first time i got to stick some minions on the board was 2 damage into fatigue (so after allmost 50 drawn cards). Next turn (by the time i had 8 corrupted bloods in my deck - hakkar came from a heavy metal), no cards in my hand, i hit exact lethal! I‘m not even sure i would have lost next turn because of the turn limit hitting any moment.. still, i never was so relieved about a game! >40 minutes and i was behind in hand size and fatigue for most of the time! Must be horrible to lose this way.

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    posted a message on Opening the forum - first sight: Crying for nerfs

    I became active on this website during card reveals. Lot‘s of interesting discussions. Now it‘s just random people being salty about this and that because they did‘nt learn to accept losses or unfavorable matchups.

    These no-Brain-nerf-shoutouts are killing this website for me rn

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    Yea, just nerf every good card while you‘re at it. 


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    posted a message on Tips to all those crying about token druid OP

    Thank you! People want to beat the meta with their meme decks because kripp/toast/kibler/... just uploaded an epic game (recorded probably on day one!). 

    Cardgames are still sometimes won with brainpower folks

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