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    So much salt in this thread with Timmies and Johnnys. If the meta slows to the glacial pace it is at the moment with a ton of priest, then of course aggressive agro will overtake greedier decks. I hate pirate decks as much as the next person, but to say agro is mindless is plain ignorant and short-sighted. This deck is another variation on Agro druid that's more or less the same as other versions. Perfect for the 10-5 bracket at the moment.

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    If you're going to criticize something, maybe do so constructively? What mistakes? Etc.

    It's a pretty standard zoo deck with some tech cards.

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    This is good. I switched out Demonwrath with a Dreadsteed and Dark Bargin given I've played nearly all control decks. Works wonderfully and people don't expect the face.

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    I should be so happy should an opponent waste not 1 but 2 BGH's on him. Much less have both in his hand. This is a great card in a taunt/control deck.

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    I feel this card actually helps with Arena quite a bit. It's a good pick in a minion heavy environment and it removes mage flexibility, which is arguably the best in arena. Sure, drafting a fireball is better. At the same time, this gives you another option at drafting removal which isn't inherently bad vs. not drafting any removal.

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    Warlock decks probably have the best chance of baiting out hard removal. It's easy enough to drop him behind some taunts, especially if discounted with Tharusian. At 4/4 Priest can't ruin your day. Druid and Shaman might have something left, but if they burn it on him you still have a Mal'Ganis/Maly or something equally scary that isn't silenced.

    If he lives for more than 1 turn, he'll win the game in a control deck. And he encourages intelligent/thoughtful play vs. do XYZ win.

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    4/4 Does however keep it out or range of all Priest removal, and at 6 mana he's easy to drop behind some taunts. Likely a staple for control/combo lock decks.

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    I'd argue 3 mana would make it a must play and thus, too good. 4 for 4 isn't a terrible deal in a worst case scenario and ensuring it is one of the discarded cards is pretty easy to do most of the time. It's good enough to make Soulfire relevant in more types of decks again and maybe even Succubus.

    That being said, it'll see more play in a dedicated deck similar to mid range or a version of zoo. Turn 2 Succubus + 4 damage to clear something off board or even just face? Turn 5 - x Doomguard + 4 damage to something? That's a ton of value that rewards skillful playing.

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    People who are comparing him to a Wisp are barely make it to 20 each season, have never played another TGC, or are at a minimum short sighted.

    This card will create balance problems if not in this set then another.

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    I would say this card excels in mirror agro matches or midrange that is looking for a sticker minion than Abusive Sergeant. It's certainly more effective than Abusive Sergeant if there's a large amount of mage being played in the meta.

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    And you are undervaluing forcing your opponent to make a decision and be reactive. Much less on sub-optimal threats. Demonfire is a much more middle of the road card. 1 more toughness and 1 more attack, while maintaining the minion on the board, is an attractive option for a more aggressive deck. It forces your opponent to play a reactive game, very early, which is valuable. For a demon deck, this spell is rarely situational. For most mid-range/demonlocks 2 drops are Eggs, Jugglers, and creepers. If the meta changes towards control/strong late game decks, this card will find a very competitive place to keep Mid-Range Demon Zoo relevant unless better 2 drops/spells are to be had.



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    If Taunt Paladin or a Buff Paladin finds a way, I think this card will be useful. It undeniably powerful, but it's quite slow. He feels more like a last ditch control option and the 7+ mana slot is fairly contested. He might be a good tech card against Druid/Patron, otherwise I feel Dr. Boom does a better job of re-establishing board control and helps bait removal.

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    Another draw card for Shaman is not a bad thing. Often you don't need the draw until mid-late game, where the effect's tempo loss is minimized. If you're going unbound elemental and lava shock route, then it's a very good mana investment, if somewhat clunky. It could find a place in an overload based shaman or even more conventional shaman decks. Mana tide is 3 mana for 1 card most of the time. With the amount of good removal in TGT, I doubt that is going to change much.

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    An decent, sorely needed, aggressive 2 drop for druid.  Bonus points if it ends up having beast synergy.

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    I think the point of this card's toughness being 4 is that you want to trade with it to gain advantage. Rogue rarely has great plays in the lategame, and this gives it some staying power if not silenced/mind-controlled/etc. An 8/4 that leaves behind a 4/4 is a lot of value in a control heavy environment.

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