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    To me it seems like Control Paladin would be very strong at countering the most popular "meta" decks that are currently being played.

    Cards like Equality and Wild Pyromancer and even Eadric the Pure and Aldor Peacekeeper are great for nullifying Patron Warrior, being able to efficiently remove a board of Grim Patron or provide a hard reset on the attack of their Frothing Berserker . Not to mention the great synergy of Stampeding Kodo with Peacekeeper. Paladins have even received their own version of Brawl with Enter the Coliseum to board clear.


    Control Paladin was always considered a strong deck against Handlock due to Paladin being able to turn their bread and butter cards like Molten Giant and Mountain Giant that they love to taunt up into a glorified Mogu'shan Warden .

    Even against the popular Druid decks that are reliant on being able to get you to 14 life for the Force of NatureSavage Roar OTK can struggle to get you that low with Paladin's powerful late game healing cards like Guardian of KingsLay on Hands , the risky Tuskarr Jouster or even the Neutral Antique Healbot . Not to mention them being forced to hold onto a Keeper of the Grove the entire game just in case you play Tirion Fordring


    Just from my own theorycrafting I haven't been able to think of any real downside or terrible matchup a well put together Control Paladin deck would have.



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    Quote from TazdingoFTW »
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    Is this what blizzard really wants? More mindless rush decks?

    Somehow i cannot add the picture here, but you can check it out here: http://imgur.com/3UvnJHb

    Managed to empty my hand in turn 2.. ( Turn 2????) and won the game right away.

    Any half decent deck builder would have had removal and a sweep of some kind for the warper heavy meta.

    And yes it is balanced, you need to have drawn a mech for it to work. 

    Unstable GhoulArcane Missiles or Frostbolt would have killed your tempo. 


    If you don't have mechs, then it's a vanilla 2/3. If you have mechs, then it's like an undertaker start. And you don't always draw into your removals. I had 2 Hexes in my hand, and even with a removal, you can't kill everything on the board. That he floods the battlefield makes the card so overpowered, and your comment shows that you don't understand how insane minions with mechanics like this are.

    Except that Undertaker can't give you such an insane ramp on your board. Turn 1 at best Undertaker is a 2/3 if you coin out a leper gnome. 2 minions is easy to deal with. But with Mechwarper you can dump 4 minions on the board before you can even respond to it. Unless you're a priest with auchenai circle in your starting hand (Which makes you insanely draw reliant and provides no promise of controlling the mech onslaught just because you managed to clear the board once)


    Blizzard showed a lot of restraint when they created Pint-Sized Summoner In that you're only getting a 1 mana advantage over your opponent per turn and a 2/2 is a whole hell of a lot easier to deal with than a 2/3 in the early game. With Mechwarper you can get a 3-4 mana value out of the card instantly. It's solely because of that card that Mech is running rampant. 

    I'm really surprised that Blizzard overlooked the power of this card after they've done an extremely good job at cost reduction cards like Far Sight Call Pet Unstable Portal...


    I suspect that Blizzard will end up nerfing Mechwarper in the future and either making it a 3 Mana drop or giving it the Summoning Portal treatment and not letting you drop free minions.

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    Iron Juggernaut Is by far my favorite Legendary for GvG even more so than Dr. Boom. For those saying It's a terrible card I think you're just looking at things the wrong way.

    You're getting a 6/5 minion for 6 Mana. That alone isn't great, but It's not terrible either. However you're also getting a random Pyroblast at some point during the game, and with how easily control warrior takes games to the late-late game or to fatigue the odds are good that they're going to end up drawing the mine before the game is over.

    Iron Jugg also makes control Warrior less reliant on needing to get Alexstrasza in play in order to get their opponent's life total down to the level where you can think about killing them. If you get your Grommash Hellscream and your enrage activator but you haven't gotten their life low enough to combo for the win or drawn Alex you can sit back and just keep stalling until they inevitably draw the mine.

    There's also a lot of value in the card that it gets in your opponents head that at any time they may take a Pyroblast to the face, which can cause them to not try and board clear with weapons as much, or cause them to keep their life total higher than where they would normally feel comfortable.

     The face value of the card might not be amazing, but It's value intangible value in that it forces your opponent to play around it is huge. Much like you holding on to your silence keeps a Paladin from playing Tirion Fordring All card games are as much mental and mind gaming your opponent as they are just physically dropping cards on a board.

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