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    At least it’s an epic, so less likely to pull it and if I do more dust (ignore the better epic I might have pulled)

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    posted a message on New Priest Spell - Power Word: Replicate
    Quote from BrokenCycle >>

    In what situation is this better than Faceless Manipulator?

    Edit: to copy your minions summoned with the legendary spell, yes. But I mean, in what situation that actually makes sense.

    Edit 2: with Zerek, Master Cloner, does the copy also resummon since it is a copy of a zerek that had a spell cast on it? Even still Vivid Nightmare would be better for that deck.

     Those two situations and if you are trying to up-scale a small minion. Like you really want a 5/5 cleric or pyro.... still seems bad. 

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    posted a message on New Mage Spell - Shooting Star
    Quote from Dr_Horus >>

    They key to consistency : 
    Use the word adjacent for some cards ( Explosive Shot, Sunfury Protector, Dire Wolf Alpha, etc.)
    ... and then randomly sprinkle the same effect with a different wording for the rest ( Cave Hydra, Cone of Cold, Powershot*, etc. )

    ... oh, and make sure to remove the keyword Enrage, because it is confusing, right?! 



    There seems to be a general consistent logic and more nuance to when HS uses “adjacent” and “next to” then you are letting on.   “Adjacent” is used when you are only referring to minions next to the target whereas “next to” is used as and addendum when the middle effect is duplicated.  

    Adjacent is used when effect varies between middle minion and the ones next to it, either because a it’s like dire wolf and only buffs the minions next to it and not itself or it’s like explosive shot and the damage/effect is different for the middle target. Other examples are meteor and avalanche for spells or fungalmancer minions.

    In contrast, “next to” is used for targeted spells that duplicate the same effect onto minions that are next to the target like the new spell and all the examples you listed. 

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    posted a message on New Neutral Minion - Mechanical Whelp

    I think this has potential if you have a big magnetic card you want to have a target for on turn 8+.  Not only is it a sticky minion, it’s a minion that your opponent won’t want to kill the first half of.  It reminds me of decks where you would run skelomancer to be a bonemare target.  Probably a bit too slow though outside of combos with boom, coffin crasher, cloning legendary spell, reckless experimenter, etc. 

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    Quote from sashashepto >>

    Dont you guys think this makes the impression worse?

     At least it is some variety, sure it's one class but at least it's not one deck.  Even pally, odd pally and aggro pally all have different cards that really shine.  I would rather see the interactions and board battles in any of those pally matches then cube lock or face hunter.
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    posted a message on Dean Ayala on Shudderwock: Revisiting the Topic Early Next Week

    I think it is important for decks to have counters so I hope they don't completely kill the ability to have an OTK deck.  Shudderwock feels like it is intended to fill the Exodia mage slot in the meta (now that a lot of the random spell generation needed for the quest has rotated out).  This type of Combo deck requires you to draw most of your deck while trying to stay alive and can be easily killed by a strong agro or midrange deck, but is an option if the meta is too control heavy.  But, like Exodia Mage, this only works if the deck isn't too good. 

    The animations though .... how long will this go on ...

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    posted a message on Which free legendary you hope to get (And what you actually got)

    Shudderwock, mostly because Baku the Mooneater is a neutral and so not an option.

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    posted a message on The Taunt "Package" Discussion

    Thoughts on Blackwald Pixie or Clockwork Automaton for juicing the Rag shot?

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    posted a message on DON'T LAUGH AT MY DRAGON HUNTER

    See, you joke, but I think a dragon/beast hunter may actually be a thing since Carrion Drake and Scaleworm seem decently strong.  I think we may see a solid Tier 3 deck out of this.

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    Need to cut alley cat to get this ready for standard. 

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    posted a message on How many packs is everyone getting?

    Preorder: 70

    Year of the Raven New Year's Celebration: 4

    Log-In Packs: 3? (based on the hearthpwn data mine)

    Gold Purchases: 27 packs worth

    = 104-ish

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    Swift Messenger: Paladin rare with rush and divine shield.

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    Quote from Xynot >>

    Why does Blizzard even bother with rarity?  This common is the best card yet while the legend is garbage.  Devs seem just plain stupid.  Still not buying the expansion, no need since the best card is a common.

     Do you really want all commons to be bad and legendaries to be OP?  They have said many times that rarity has nothing to do with power level.  The recent arena pick changes were largely because of the effect this design philosophy had on that game mode.
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    posted a message on Evens, Odds, Rotating Dust - Site Update

    Even and Odd dust cost...

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    posted a message on New Neutral Minion - Witch's Cauldron


    Quote from ZCFlayer >>

    Zero reason to run this over a Cult Master.

    Why do people insist on easily refutable absolutes?
    There are reasons.  Some examples: (1) you specifically want spells (2) you want spells not available to your class, (3) you are playing a control v control match and fatigue is a concern, (4) it costs less mana than cult master, (5) it has more health than cult master.
    They may not be GOOD reasons, but they ARE reasons.  Probably just a meme card though. 
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