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    Half of HS comunity thinks fun=bad deck?
    I remember people saying Patron is looking and feeling so fun,
    people saying secret pala is really fun first two days.
    But when deck gets good winrate and you loose to it twice in a row, suddenly the fun is gone and it's "cancer"?

    Recently I had the most fun playing PATRON warrior,
    TEMPO Mage - specially when i had flamewaker turns with coin i e it,
    Midrange druid with double combo - i love to flip the game around turn 5 and going face,
    there are still people playing aggro trying to race druid and failing and i love that.

    So those are my fun decks, because winning is fun.

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    Yay, made it to finals.
    Good luck everyone.

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    Quote from aiDen jump
    Quote from Machinae jump
    Quote from Meeow jump

    I'm just seeing a lot of these effects that are good on paper but forget that they wouldn't fit in the game right even those who completely negate the drawback of discarding. Getting the cards back you discarded is nice and dandy (and game breaking) but also simply don't fit into the existing card pool and deck types considering how few of these discard mechanic currently exist and are used. A lot of the cards won't change that either. But I guess that's not really the point of the Challenge. New cards that just have a discard effect on them are fine.

    Though way too many "Your opponent discards cards" effects in the submissions.

    I am honestly quite surprised how many of these entries break Blizzards design philosophies. Sure, returning discarded cards and summoning them is all fine and dandy, if a bit too strong at times, but to deliberatly discard the opponents cards is something Blizz has made clear goes against their intentions.

    Because we are totally creating cards that will end up in the game

    No but we are creating them in context of the game.

    Things like making stuff in your opponents turn or make your opponent do stuff activelly (click) on your turn for example would not be new fun interaction and will not happen, it would simply be changing the game itself, because it's not MTG - It's HS and they went with secrets and next turn effects for this instead. And same goes for discarding your opponent cards in other way than making them overdraw - it's not something I can imagine in Hearthstone imo.

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    Choose one - Is it just in my head; or are people breaking rules like crazy this week?

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    posted a message on New To Game - Help/Tips Greatly Appreciated!
    • Adventures are more value (gold/content) than card packs.
    • BUT You will not play Dragon decks for a while so you can open just first 2 wings of Blackrock to get Imp Gang Boss for warlock or first 4 to get Flamewaker for mage and focus on cardpacks instead, leaving the last wing or 3 for later.
    • Naxx is more value than Blackrock.
    • Do Tavern Brawl every week for the pack.
    • TGT is least valuable pack to buy for start imo.
    • GVG is most valuable pack to buy for start imo.
    • Arena doesn't discriminate, you don't need cards.
    • Arena is good for learning basic skills of trading, and to get feel of things like card advantage and tempo.
    • Arena is best value for obtaining cards if you are not under time pressure.
    • Disenchanting cards because you think you will not play them will bite you back (if it's only your feel "i will not play this class") - there are some really terrible cards that will never see play but better ask or search before clicking disenchant.
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    Balancing compared to Poison Seeds 1 less mana and +1/+1 cause it affects only dudes (Silver Hand Recruits).

    LORE: Reasoning for the naming of cards lore wise:

    During the Battle for Light's Hope Chapel, where ten thousand Scourge faced off against three hundred defenders of the Light, the corrupted Ashbringer wielded by the death knight commander, Highlord Darion Mograine, refuses to obey its wielder. When Fordring arrives, his powers of the Light prove too great for even ten thousand to oppose, and Mograine orders his death knights to surrender. Fordring scolds Mograine for his foolishness and tells him that Arthas sent him and his death knights on a suicide mission. As they await the paladin's judgment, they witness a vision of Mograine's father, Alexandros, the legendary Ashbringer himself. He told his son that he would one day wield the Ashbringer and use it to mete out justice, but "that day is not today".



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    Most likely not, the only way i can see that is Easter Egging in some adventure.

    We saw starcraft marine being hidden in warcraft, and we saw easter eggs in naxx in form of Mr. Biggles or what was the name of that cat.

    So maybe we could get some minion from SC/Diablo being summoned by adventure boss saying "oh wait, this is not HOTS" or something like that.

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    #6 legend rank on EU added me raging because rng when i was around #350 couple seasons back, telling me i would concede if i was decent human being. To be fair it was really unlucky stuff with Knife Jugglers and Unstable Portal into The Black Knight from my side but I was glad I didn't let him the win after seeing his arogance.

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    posted a message on Ben Brode Interview - Deck Slots, Secretadin, Internal Stats; Strength in Numbers, HS Probability Guide

    "Rogue hero power from beta" :DDDD

    Thank's Ben, but in beta there were murlocs not mechs.
    There was hunter not SMOrc.
    Paladin had shells based on midrange/ctrl with many different versions not one card + same secret shell across all tempo.

    30 hp + 45 armor on empty board was not lethal, just because emperor was played :D

    But yeah, we just didn't discover how op Poisoned Blade is - we are just simply that stupid.

    Also reminder to not make most requested shit ever "what comes to mind first" - paywall and some bullshit 15 or 20 cap will be much better.

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    Crazed Alchemist -> Ysera

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    Magni Bronzebeard

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     Just because all spendings end on 0 doesn't mean all gains must as well.

    Let me show this on an example:

    • What is the point of 10 gold? Well you get 90 to get at least a pack.
    • What is the point of   5 gold? Well you get 95 to get at least a pack.

    Yes quests are ended on 0 and 3wins rewards are 10.

    Arena each "sack" gives you X-Y golds and the range is randomized by steps of 5 - they couldhave done steps of 10 but they didn't.

    So what?

    There is also the possibility that it's psychological trick to get you play arena again (to even it out)

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