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    posted a message on 18.6 Patch Notes - Battlegrounds Updates - New Game Mode: Duels! - Pre-purchase

    Why is N'Zoth a Warlock hero? Sargeras and his demon legions were against Old Gods and Void. This doesn't make any sense... 

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    You are only right regarding the complaints and people have the right to complain if they are not satisfied with something. I don't see how anyone could be satisfied with how HS devs played this. If the world is doomed for any reason, it cause of Blizzard fanboys like you. 

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    Quote from Vakulaw >>


    Quote from zeroxz >>

    i just opened mine EU really nice contents :)

     what's inside?
     Golden cards 😱
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    You can do it with Molten Giants and taunt minions, It's an RNG fiesta like every other hunter deck out there but it works. 

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    Unleash the Hounds can turn the game around because you mostly go for your opponent's face which allows him to fill his board with minions. By playing Unleash the Hounds you can use his power to your advantage. Also it goes good with Leeroy Jenkins. 

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    I just don't understand how you can bear the fact that money you invested is practiacally wasted in case you actually did spend money. 

    Of course there is something that has to be done to make game more diverse but Hearthstone has the advantage of being a virtual platform and if this is the only thing they can come up with than I'm trully astonished by their lack of creativity. 

    The way I see it is that they are very creative development team who came up with a pretty good business model and Wild format is just something to conceal the true goals of this change in which they obviously succeeded. 

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    By integrating the Standard format they will have the opportunity to print cards which will be almost necessary to obtain in order to build strong and competitive decks since card pool will be limited. Because of that many players will spend loads of money on the new expansions and focus they play towards the Standard format.

    Wild format will just keep losing on popularity as more and more new players will join the game without options to buy old cards and ensure that their decks are competitive in Wild format. But also, Wild format is called 'Wild' for a reason and in time will become unbalanced and frustrating to play which will eventually result in more players joining the Standard format.

    I just don't see how this change benefits anyone but Blizzard and professional Hearthstone players who practically get their collections for free through streaming and donations. And anyone who doesn't recognize this is either a very naive person or a Blizzard developer.

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    posted a message on Let's calm down and analyze which decks will lose what in standard and how to adjust
    Quote from GodyEND >>

    didn't want to make a new thread but I have question.

    was anything said about the card pool for joust or random card effects?

    I mean during a game will players have access to naxx and gvg cards through effects?

     Your cards will only be able to summon cards which are included in Standard format.
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    posted a message on PSA: Why you can calm down now and just play Wild when the next expansion hits

    This is not true because it is only a matter of time when more and more players will stop playing Wild format.

    Allow me to elaborate:

    First of all. Wild format will exist but it won't. What Blizzard is doing is shifting focus towards the new model by making it offical format in Hearthstone tournaments. This will result in numerous proffesional players concentrating on Standard format and by doing so, influencing other players to do as well. 

    By expanding the card pool of a Wild format, Blizzard devs will no longer care or try to keep it in balance (there is a reason why it is called 'Wild'). By not doing so, the format will become unexciting and frustrating. 

    This change will make the game more accessabille to new players but with removing the options to buy Naxxramas and GvG new players will be encouraged to play only Standard mode and therefore won't have the need to craft cards from previous expansions.

    As a result of this, Wild format will only by upheld by long term Hearthstone players who decide not to 'shift' to the Standard format. In time, Wild format will become what is today known as casual and will have less and less players till it finally ceases to exist and they just give you achievment in form of 100 gold for collecting cards from previous collections or something. Kappa

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