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    “I can wait and fish all day” - I can relate.


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    Good god... what am I missing? Why is this a topic for discussion? We’re talking about the warrior weapon from RoS... right? One dimensional? 1. It puts bombs in your opponent’s deck and 2. it’s a WEAPON.

    NOBODY is worried about bomb warrior. No need to change anything. Especially now... and full disclosure... I’ve never used a bomb warrior deck but I’ve faced my fair share.

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    Agreed, I force murloc just because it’s the only tribe that wins... I tried playing mechs with the hero that gives them +2 attack...what a joke! There’s no mech love. Beasts are way worse off after the patch. Demons, dragons and pirates are all second class.  I was in a 1 vs 2 and I pulled the Dino that gives them all poison and the person just conceded. I felt dirty. Couldn’t blame them for quitting.

    Strategy is so simple... get Brann and you will win.

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    I’m mean, I think I see where your coming from... “Hard” practice is stupid easy and it’s like apples to oranges if you’re trying a new home brew (or any off-meta deck) just to familiarize yourself against what you will face when it’s prime time. But IMO, your suggestion is likely a lot to ask. Not a bad idea, I just don’t see Blizz putting the resources in that.
    They could just make the “hard” actually more difficult and more importantly, more realistic. Maybe the “hard” or “extreme” could at least be one of the suggested builds for the class (and the corresponding meta)... cause those decks, or some variations, may actually be viable decks in the current meta. But in general, I think I agree with you. Problem is that likely no one cares enough at Blizz. They’re too concerned with churning out the latest expansion or whatever, with minimal forethought on a compressed timeline, to care about practice.

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    My pack had Millhouse.... thanks(?)

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    This is wrong... HS is heavy on RNG and your win was no different. If Illidan has the right cards (because of RNG) you will lose. If he doesn’t and you have all the right cards (because of RNG) AND the perfect mulligan (because of RNG) then you will win.

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    I want to give it a try cause it looks fun and fresh! But I don’t have Metamorphosis... I thought about Nethrandamus but that’s a big mana drag... but you might summon some great minions from early game trading. I dunno... any thoughts on a sub for Meta? I’m also pondering Magtheridon(??) as a sub. Hmmmm.

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    I dunno... I kinda like playing some completely random stuff here and there ( like in these Brawls and stuff)... I can only rely on my own intuition and resourcefulness with the deck I have. So far I’m 50/50 in those random situations which is both entertaining and acceptable to me.

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