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    "The Meek Shall Inherit" (summon 40 minions with cost 2 or less) is the dumbest daily quest in the game. I've gotten it twice now and all I do is make a warlock deck of all 1 cost minions (AND TWO WISPS!!!) and then just roll my face on my keyboard and mouse. For flavor I'll even Elven Archer my own minions. This daily basically encouraged me to waste other people's time by making them sit through me just flooding the board with absolutely no intention of winning.

    I really hope Blizzard removes this daily. 

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    Quote from HargrimZA »

    Quote from Eyepod »

    Quote from WinDyKai »

    I dusted mine for a Snake Trap

    All your opinions are now invalid.




    Sorry mate, but dusting Thalnos for a Snake Trap is a huge mistake. I just crafted mine a couple of days ago. Seeing people play around holy nova/Consecration etc. by playing 3hp Minions and clearing their board with a Thalnos + AE combo is simply amazing. It rarely gets silenced and even if it does, it forces the opponent to 'waste' a silence on a 2drop that already provided great value.

    Kobold GeomancerDalaran Mage (I know he's a 3, but still)? Same effect, better att/hp. Have you ever seen what Snake Trap can do when combo'd with a Starving Buzzard or a Scavenging Hyena? Or even a Timber Wolf + UtH play. 3 1/1 snakes for 2. Yes your opponent needs to attack one of your minions to trigger it, but a well timed Snake Trap can be the difference between win and lose for a Hunter

    I think you're obsessing with the fact that Thalnos is a legendary and therefore should have some amazing one of a kind effect like Ysera or Ragnaros. Try looking at it this way: Imagine if Thalnos was a rare card. You could have 2 of those guys in your deck. So in 1 card, you combined a loot hoarder and koblod with the only "downside" being that it is a 1/1. Thalnos is a legendary because it provides so much in one card that having two in a deck would make it a first pick for nearly every single deck.


    And a well timed *anything* can be the difference between a win and lose for any class.

    edit: Also, you really need to understand that Thalnos is not an early game card just because it is 2 mana cost. It is not meant to be played as a run of the mill 2 mana cost card. Would you be playing UTH + timberwolf immediately on turn 2 just because they're both 1 mana costs and add up to 2? Heck, would you ever even just play a straight timberwolf at turn 1?

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