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    I opened 162 packs and got 5 legendary cards....


    The warlock 2 mana 2/2 shit bug thing, the rogue quest (its amazing but I am really not inserted in playing this deck that half the ladder is playing already) hemet the whatever 6 mana 6/6 destroy all cards 3 or less in deck (yawn...) and two of the 8 mana taunt elemental that gets +5 health for ele's played last turn.

    1 more then the BARE FREAKING MINIMUM I was able to get and that extra was a duplicate. really just shit. I want to get more cards but they need better options if you open X amount of packs I really wish you could start buying cards with gold/money it feels so bad to just throw away money on more packs now just for the dust... horrible value.

    Really just not satisfied at all and not looking forward to their being 2 more sets this year... adventures are really nice value *sigh*

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    Yes that is true sometimes it sits dead in hand. I have been using reno once I have 13 or less cards in the deck, sometimes the zoo stuff just wins but its fun to pull of a reno after a renounce.

    This deck is by no means great or refined just fun to play renounce and having two doomgaurds has kind of screwed me a few times might make that a one of.

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    Quote from buffaloblack >>

    Well, earning enough gold for 50 packs the free way takes me like a year on average, so for me it was a no brainer. Think of the cost split over 12 months and its basically free anyway :)

    just my opinion 

     if you play once a day and get the quest done that is about an average of 60 gold a day (50g from quest 10g from 3 wins)
    Thats 21,900 gold a year!
    I am terrible at saving gold but when they announce new stuff I put my mind too it, I am still getting the pre-order cause I only save gold when things are announced but I should have 95 packs on launch 50 from pre-order, 42 from gold, 3 from logging in.
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    Quote from xskarma >>

    PHEW, that was a lot of people. :D

    Everyone up till here has a nickname credit. Just log out, and back in to claim it and change to something you want and is available. 


    EDIT: That includes you (soon to be) Barcasaur. :)

     My hero!
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    Holy crap I did not know this thread was a thing...

    When I signed up forever ago I typed my User name too fast and messed up.

    I would like it to be Barcasaur... that would be fantastic to correct this typo that happened a million years ago.

    (I view daily and don't post probably cause I am mad about my damn typo)

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