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    posted a message on It's just broken
    Quote from Xssx >>
    I am playing Even Shaman.
    In high plat to legend I only meet time warp mages who are playing secrets. And I don't meet much of them, so I don't use a card too remove their secret.

    But you have thought this through, right?

    You play the top deck of the format, almost had the win by turn 5, don't run any counters because you don't see many mages, yet you complain that you can't win?

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    posted a message on Big shaman Aviana's night brawl

     If you are looking to mulligan for something, Alakir into Criminal Lineup is a two turn kill:

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    posted a message on Issue with the reroll system offering a card which is subject to a reroll, itself
    Quote from vNihilism >>

    I assumed the reroll prioritized cards you don't have. There's no chance you have two copies of all the Festival epics already?

    Correct, reroll respects duplicate protection.
    I mean the OP states "for which I don’t yet have all the regular copies" but that is a different topic as an epic is an epic whether normal or golden.

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    posted a message on When will Hearthstone end?

    Care to elaborate on the date or your reasons?

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    posted a message on No interest even after rotation

    Ok, thanks for letting us know.

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    posted a message on We should be able to dust free cards

    Why do you deserve the right to obtain resources from free stuff? If you have the normal copies, you can dust those.

    One could argue that deleting cards should be possible.

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    posted a message on Patch 26.0 Unannounced Changes, New Skins, Textures, Voice Lines, Improvements & More!

    Yeah, I like that table better. The visual impact of the black/white contrast is reduced.

    I want to have all the information in one place so that people don't have to remember a ton of different article types like "Patch - Artwork, Patch - Voicelines, Patch - something...", it's much easier for people to search for one article with all the changes. I feel like if people are interested in something, they're going to read at least the headlines.

    That is true, but I think that you need to know the content in order to later search for it again. Like if I wanted to reference the Gold Packs for gold or Skater Bot info, that I know I read somewhere in a news/patch article, but can't remember when:
    Then I manually go and check the last few articles until I don't bother. That could of course be elevated by finding it in the search, but also if it were its own article. But I understand not wanting to flood the front page with a dozen posts on patch day where half of them will be missed as well.

    Overall, what if: collapsible sections? With a table of contents at the top that links to each section?

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    posted a message on Patch 26.0 Unannounced Changes, New Skins, Textures, Voice Lines, Improvements & More!

    But if you have any ideas for improvements, please let us know!

    I think it might be a bit much for one post. I know there is a lot of more technical stuff in here that might not interest everyone but I feel like a lot of the more interesting stuff will be skipped simply due to the sheer amount of information.

    Like the new art could be a post on its own and might be interesting for those who create their own card or just want to browse the images. It's a small section here that might be overlooked.

    The voice lines is a long list that isn't super accessible. Maybe better in a table format? Also colours: the boring part (name string) is white on black and the actual line is green on black.

    The tooltip glue could also be reviewed. Is going from 16 to 17 unlockable cards important? That it displays 1 hour instead of hours? The strings section is a whole page on my desktop without really saying anything. I mean if we had new information like the Immune change back in the other post, that would be something interesting, but without that I think it adds a bit to the "wall of text crits for over 9000" feeling.

    Maybe a separate post (each) for skins, diamond + signature cards, card backs + april's fool, merc stuff?

    Overall I like it though! Poking around a bit under the hood, checking for cool stuff.

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    posted a message on Patch 26.0 Unannounced Changes, New Skins, Textures, Voice Lines, Improvements & More!

    Can I have a different Druid portrait?
    We have different druid portraits at home:

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    posted a message on Festival of Legends Live - Animated Musical Set on Twitch - With Drops!

    While sadly true, the additional pack isn't really going to change that and should be the least concern.

    But human psychology sees that we miss out on a tiny reward and we get mad.

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    posted a message on Fireside Gatherings Today - Enjoy Your Early Pack Openings! Now Live!

    How did you get 254 expansion packs? Both bundles and then over 100 more?

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    posted a message on It has been 4 years since I last played Hearthstone. Blizzard gifted me 150 free packs of cards, Opening of 150 free packs

    Yes, that was or is a promotion to get selected people back. It's not something that everyone is eligible for.

    Not sure if you are interested in playing the next expansion that drops in 8 days, but in general you should save standard packs for that, so you will be able to receive the new cards in the packs instead of the rotated ones.

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    posted a message on Returning Player - is this „return and get X amount of card packs“ feature still a thing?

    The free deck is still a thing and updated to whenever you have been absent for a longer time - but the free packs were a targeted promotion for a tiny percentage of eligible players.

    Not everyone that was away for a while got them, you probably had to have a spending history to be considered.

    If you are considering the free deck, the new expansion drops in April along with the usual rotation and also updated starter decks. You might want to wait until then or you end up with with cards that rotate shortly after.

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    posted a message on Wait, does this work? (Possible EZ win combo for next season)
    Quote from HoraceWalpol >>
    Quote from xskarma >>
    Quote from Scorpyon >>

     Are you sure? I just played a game against someone who played Jailer. It wouldnt let me target any of his minions with Power Word Death or some other spells either

     It's in the unannounced changes here: https://www.hearthpwn.com/news/9875-patch-25-6-unannounced-changes-data-mining

    Scroll down to Strings.

    I haven't come across anyone playing the Jailer or other Immune minions lately so haven't tried it myself either. 

     It's a change in tooltip, not a change in functionality. I'm pretty sure this has happened before, with the tooltip change being reverted shortly after (it was a mistake).

    That would be my guess as well since it's unannounced and just a change to the string. But maybe that is their intention and it will be changed for the next major patch.

    And I also tried it yesterday when I came across an Onyxia and targetting wasn't possible.

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    posted a message on New Hunter Cards Revealed - 2 Cards

    I like big dreams and I cannot lie!

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