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    Good for him. I think a lot more will be leaving for Legends of Runeterra

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    rogue rogue rogue rogue rouge fucking piss off

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    They need to nerf Galawarrior into the ground. Over  60% of my games at rank 2 is against the retarded deck. Play cards and just kill your opponent with the face damage. Invoke should do 2 damage, not 3

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    sure...shaman has over 60% win rate, everyone else is just bad..

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    Quote from DjGrapejuice900 >>

    New expansion, so far I’ve played 2 mages and 12 shamans... battle cry shaman definitely needed more support It wasn’t already in every worlds player deck this year. Thanks for the battle cry counters Blizz. 


     yup, expansion not even a day old and already $@%$%^@ good thing battlegrounds are so much fun

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    Have fun getting nuked in the face  for 10 in DOD

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    posted a message on New Priest Legendary Card Revealed - Mindflayer Kaahrj

    wow....just wow. good in early game, good in late game. Instacraft if you are a priest player

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    Quote from Zaywop >>

    shut up. every single ladder deck cheats in some way. 

    otk druid and paladin is ok, 5 mana 2 5/5 with rush is ok, fucking curpoon defender and n'zoth is ok but 3 random 4 mana minions on turn 4 is unacceptable?

     correct, that is unacceptable. Worse even on turn 3 or paired with a flesshaper.

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    ow wow..another evolve shaman....people who never managed to get legend in 5 years suddenly got it with flesshaper, hare, evolve and mutate. Other 22 cards don't matter that much

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    Quote from CasmX >>
    Quote from JockyRhonson >>

    Didn't see a section dedicated to Battlegrounds so i just threw it here. I won the training, obviously but can't seem to get even close to winning anymore... Is there some sort of secret to lining up minions?

    There's a lot of....questionable advice being thrown around in this thread. I don't want to call anyone specific out but let's just say that you can't always bank on a specific strategy for every game. You have to be able to adapt to what options are available to you and your goal shouldn't necessarily always be get 1st but rather see what you can do to make top 4.

    That being said, there is a strategy for lining up your minions though I wouldn't call it a secret. Try to keep your number of taunts low for the early to mid game. Too many taunts won't do you any favors but 1 or two really let you dictate how the flow of battle will go. Also, don't taunt high value minions when possible. IE: Taunting a hydra, Junkbot or Hyena is almost always a terrible idea. Until you reach tavern 5 (if you even bother going that high) you shouldn't have more than 2 taunts. After that, you can taunt more minions because you can get Strongshell Scavenger for large board buffs. Before then though, more taunts will just hurt you.

    Keep minions that receive progressive buffs throughout a fight to the far right. IE: Junkbot and Hyena. You don't want them attacking early and killing themselves before they have a chance to get big.

    Keep your weakest minions adjacent to taunts once people start ranking their taverns to 4 star and divine shields at least 1 space away from them. That's when cleaves start to appear and you want to make sure you lose garbage trash instead of valuable minions or divine shields to a stray cleave attack.

    Keep Cobalt Guardians adjacently left to a mech spawner so they will attack, lose the shield, then immediately follow with a spawned mech to refresh the shield. The only exception to this is if you see your next opponent is Nefarian, then swap them. You want the mech spawner to refresh the shield by the time the Cobalt attacks. Just ensure they are far enough down your lineup that some space has been made on your board for the mech to actually spawn.

    Try to keep track of other player's strategies. If you know your opponent is going hard mechs, there's a good chance they'll have taunt/divine shields. Put a weak minion as your first attacker to remove the shields, then follow up with a cleaver or heavy hitter once they're vulnerable.

    The player with the most minions always strikes first. If both players are tied, it's a coin flip. If you have a full board early, you can take advantage of this.

    And lastly, and I can't stress this enough, do not try to force a strategy that isn't conducive to what the game is offering you. You absolutely have to adjust your strategy accordingly or you'll simply lose more games than you win.

    Good luck

     This is actually very good advise, especially the last sentence. Remember that a lot of people will try to get the mechs. The chance of you getting the good ones early, is not always that high. You can spend a lot of gold on refreshing the tavern and getting nothing.

    Although there is a lot of RNG, there is a reason for people getting to 6k+ and some being stuck at low rankings. There are many many many smaller of bigger decisions which are critical for you doing well.


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