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    Quote from thedaywedied >>

    Why is it that the meta always settles to having Face Hunter on top?
    I'm sick of it. That deck is braindead. 

     Then if you arent also braindead construct a deck to beat it or stfu and use facehunter to just dominate and easily attain legend rank 1 so you can tell your friends about the highlight of your life and how great of an accomplishment it was!

    I'll give you 1000:1 odds you can't even make top 1000 legend with facehunter. Let me know if you want to take me up on that., Send me a PM

    so we can work out the details.  I'd be happy to take just one shiny dollar from you when I win but on the other hand facehunter is so braindead you should jump at this chance to win an easy $1000! i can pay with any currency or bitcoin if you want that. LET ME KNOW!

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    Quote from GGR1972 >>

    People need to stop saying this game isn't rigged for the P2W whales!!!

    Matched up with a mage with a fancy avatar and was gold on top of it, so I knew it'd be ugly.

    He was playing a pure spell deck and got the mob that increases your + to spell damage for each spell you cast......he got this "randomly" but every spell he cast got him another cheap spell.....and of course all the defenses to protect his creature......I eventually ate two fireballs for 18 each.......

    Gotta LOVE that P2W brand of RNG


     I was rolling dice last night and won $380 bucks I did have to pay to get into the game but I don't think that the $20 bills i put into the pot gave me an advantage.

    I'd like to see people like you who post random garbage like this to link an hsreplay of the game so we can see what you are playing and just how you lost. rng is rng and nobody gives any credence to some anecdotal 1 of game where you were high rolled and whine about it. You need to seek therapy buddy.

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2
    Quote from Zangoosed >>

    This game freakin sucks anymore. Bgs are a joke. Standard is a joke. Arena is a joke. Wild is a joke. Devs are a joke.

    Cant believe devs get paid the amounts of money they get paid to make a game so horrible compared to what it was years ago.



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    posted a message on Stealer Of Souls In Wild Mode Will Be No More!

    the better thing to talk about would be the survey I was sent that basically laid out the framework for the mercenaries mode. I took screenshots of the questions and it was pretty lame. Mercenaries mode is going to be a roguelike random dungeon crawler using a team instead of a deck. They will be releasing 50-60 mercenaries to COLLECT(no doubt buy most of them) to go through solo content or head-to-head for items inside the dungeon that increase your mercenary's power/abilities. They asked questions about the art style, who would be the best promoter for the mode ie. celebrity, twitch personality. How likely you were to play the mode based on twitch views, collectability of mercenaries etc. 

    They are basically asking if anyone is even going to play this mode and how to best achieve possible revenue from it. I basically told blizzard if they don't focus on the reason anyone plays hearthstone and that's to play a CCG not random solo bs content that means nothing then they will finally lose me as a customer for good. Once I leave this game I will never play another blizzard-made game ever again.

    They are trying to do too many things at once and they are doing none of them well at all. 

    Wild is and will always be a sh}tshow. I could care less if some kid wastes his time flipping a coin on a combo deck to try and get a legendary cardback. Nothing any other player does or has in the game affects me in any way at all. The only thing combo decks are to me is BORING. 

    Look ma.....I drew my combo and won....WOW AMAZING! 

    Look ma I rolled craps last night at the casino and won $1000....YEAH THATS MY BOY!  Too bad you win or lose nothing in hearthstone so why would anyone even care?

    Let's have a GOLD GAMBLING MODE where you put up 100g and go head to head best of 5.

    Let's have a mode with permanent 15-second play timers

    Let's have a solo mode where 10 wins against the AI nets you cosmetic goodies or better yet NEW VOICE LINES FOR TOONS. That you can only get with a gold entry fee.

    let's have a tournament mode that awards special card art and costs gold/money to enter

    Players need to push for things like this or you will just have more of the same boring garbage that you complain about.

    They have dumbed down the game so much it's not even a challenge anymore and has become nothing more than a collecting game for me

    nobody cared about stealer of souls before it was introduced so why would you complain that now its going to be gone from wild? Seriously who cares?

    How many stupid if this than that, if and only if, if xy happens then ab happens if and only if xz happened bs mechanics do you think they can put in a game that eventually won't break another mechanic?  That problem will never go away because you cant keep the game new and interesting forever with new conditions that do not ultimately bust one or more other previous conditions.

    Blizzard knew this would happen when they released the game and if you think they needed playtesting to figure it you aren't too bright. They don't need playtesting when they have millions of playtesters already. 

    They wanted to see how many people would craft the card or buy the mini-set to abuse the mechanic. Desperate souls thinking they can get a legend cardback with a coinflip only have til next week to do it so you better hurry up. 

    I liked the fact the new achievement was easy to get and that's all I used it for because it was a bore-fest. 

    I made a deck where I get a 12/12 on turn 3 and beat the stealer deck 100% and it's another achievement deck. 

    I'm on pace to beat my free packs last expansion (175) with 180 this time around. LVL 200 on RT now and I just shake my head with all the things people complain about.

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    posted a message on Super simple wild fix - No nerfs required

    I could play the warlock brainless deck in solid gold...but why? I had 1000+ wins with all nine toons 3 years ago. I had a legend cardback 7 years ago. I'm already 190 on the RT and own everything in the game. I'm still trying for the last mini set achievement of 4 adventures with party up and I have to play the short bus kiddos who so desperately want a cardback they cant possibly get the normal way. I just rope every turn and do other things. I had d5 on the second of the month. I play for the achieves and free packs. legend hasn't meant anything since they made it practically braindead to get when they changed the ladder. Some people are just meant to be laughed at. 

    If I get my cards in the deck I made for the achievement I can have a 12/12 on turn 3 and they lose anyway...

    The problem is wild is such a bore seeing the same trash over and over and over. yawn and rope are about all it is.

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    Quote from Fyrfytr998 >>

    Against my better judgement, I bought the new mini set. And just as I thought, the new set reset my already completed Barrens Collection Achievement. So cards that I have dusted since first completing the collection are no longer being counted as collected.  So now if I cared enough about the collection achievement I'd have to once again buy Barrens cards or craft them again from dust. Yeah, no thank you.

    Once again Blizzard is bending the customers over and giving them the big blue weenie. Whoever does the programming for the Achievement System should publicly apologize for their incompetence and resign.


     maybe you should be sending them a ticket and not p[osting this here?

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    posted a message on 1500 XP Quest Trading - Play A Friend! (#7)

    Battletag:  WarNerve#1478

    Region: US

    Trade Only:  Yes! You Go First, will verify!

    Playing NOW!!

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    posted a message on Two New Golden Standard Bundles + Sparkles Card Back Have Appeared On The Shop

    You have to look at things in terms of dust.

    24.99 for 3100 dust guaranteed and maybe more is  about 31 packs

    49.99 for 6200 dust is  about 62 packs

    40 packs are 49.99

    15  packs are  19.99

    7 packs are 9.99

    2 packs are 2.99

    31 packs would be  2x15 and1 x 2.99 so $42.99

    you can buy a 60 pack bundle for $70 on pc buy on ios mobile or android you can only buy 40 pack bundles.

    so you buy a 40 pack 49.99 and a 15 pack at 19.99 and a 7 pack for 9.99 for 6200 at $80

    I'm just using the time-tested 100 dust per pack average but your mileage may vary.

    From a dust perspective which is 100% guaranteed to never be less than 3100 and 6200 that is still a decent deal if you are buying dust to craft.

    I use amazon coins to buy packs and never use anything else so I get a permanent discount of 20% and sometimes as much as 40% if I get coins through promotions but at 20% off both these bundles are $60 for me. which nets me  9300 dust. or 93 packs would cost me $96 after a 20% discount for roughly 9500 dust.

    So dust-wise it's $60 or $96 dollars for roughly the same amount of dust.

    You have to keep in mind that these bundles are not marketed toward people who want cards in which case you would clearly just buy regular packs. These bundles are marketed to people like me who have every card in the game and purely buy these for a guaranteed chance to get a golden legendary without having to use 3200 dust on it with the upside that even if it's a duplicate I still get 9300 dust for $60 bucks.

    Everything in life is relative. People compare the cost of these bundles to a new video game. That's fine but you have to realize they are not the same thing.

    Companies charge whatever they can to make a profit and stay in business. You don't have to buy the bundles but its nice to have an option if you want dust or simply want golden cards. 

    When was the last time you were at a grocery store and said to yourself wow $12.99a lb for a ribeye steak I could buy 13 McDonalds dollar chicken sandwiches for that...this grocery store is a complete ripoff, ill just eat at McDonald's!

    I'm at a point in my life where $100 isn't that much money. For some people, $1000 isn't that much money. Stay within your budget and use money wisely and you will be miles ahead of the game. 

    Blasting people and berating companies adds nothing meaningful to a discussion about the cost of anything.





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    posted a message on 1500 XP Quest Trading - Play A Friend! (#7)

    Battletag   WarNerve#1478

    Region NA

    Trade only? YES, you go first! Playing Now!

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    posted a message on 1500 XP Quest Trading - Play A Friend! (#7)

    Battletag   WarNerve#1478

    Region NA

    Trade only? YES you go first! Playing Now!

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    posted a message on 1500 XP Quest Trading - Play A Friend! (#7)

    Battletag"  WarNerve#1478

    Region:' NA

    Trade Only:  YES you go first playing now !!

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