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    I agree OP. Personally I like combo, but to be fair the meta is pretty fast for combo to be doing so well, which makes players frustration understandable. Yes I know it's early days, which means experimentation is rampant, but I fully expect nerfs to most of these quest decks. I'm more concerned with, to your point, how established decks appear to be doing so well. For instance Face Hunter and Shaman hold the top spots on hsreplay for nearly all rank brackets.  I wouldn't mind nerfs to these new quest decks, but at the same time I think Shaman and Hunter would need to be toned down in kind to really bring about a more interesting and diverse meta.  I think Warlock deserves to get hit the most with nerfs. The class plays like a combo deck, but has a strong control shell with so much removal and healing, and it has a tendency to flood the board with minions. This seems pretty toxic and deserves to be looked at and touched up with a rebalance.

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    Some of these nerf suggestions are making me smh. Why all the desire to nuke cards out of existence? Incanter's Flow to 4? Give me a break. Also, practically no one seems interested in Shaman or Hunter nerfs? I'd wager the next vs report shows Shaman and Hunter as top tier while quest mage barely at 50% wr.

    My two cents on nerfs:  To line up with the Mage hate; Ignite initial damage set to 1, Arcanist Dawngrasp to +2 spell damage also seems reasonable. Stealer of Souls to 5 mana or 4 hp, Darkglare to 3 mana or 2 hp or both, Granite Forgeborn to 5 mana or make it a 3/4, Arid Stormed to 2/4, Aimed Shot to 4 mana and Piercing Shot to 5 damage. These suggestions imo seem fair and subtle while keeping the cards playable.  Also, don't lose sight of Battlegrounds Battlemaster, this should not dodge the nerf bat, can easily be made 6 mana. 

    Food for thought; Tour Guide to 2 mana, this card is boasting over a 70% mulligan wr in some decks. Fringe suggestion: Cult Neophyte to 2/2, Wriggling Horror to 1/1


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