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    posted a message on Game Reveal - Warcraft Universe Mobile Game - Warcraft Arclight Rumble!

    I don't think they were talking about "been working at Blizzard/Wow for X years", but rather about people who have been keeping up with it for a long time. Be it a fan, a worker, or a general consumer. 

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    posted a message on Wouldn't a card like these make ladder a lot more playable?

    I like the concept. It is really fitting for a virtual card game.

    But it wouldn't make the ladder more playable (in the "balanced" sense) since it will bring its own OP cards and combo plays. Your main reason for this is teching. But have you been "Teched" before? Thus, it will become the new "cancer" of the meta, and what will counter this? A tech for the tech? xD

    Maybe if this worked with a Legendary like Prince Malchezaar and Benedictus. "Start of the game: Put your embedded cards into your deck"

    *Obs: we don't have interaction of Discovery in "Cast when drawn" because it may trigger in the opponent's turn.

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    posted a message on New Warlock Legendary Card Revealed - Gigafin


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    posted a message on I miss ben brode.
    Quote from Crusader2020 >>
    Quote from FlyingCarrot > 

    Read my message. Powercreeping STARTED WITH Ben brode. And even after a billion changes they still have it and still runs rampart - so this is a moot point. Thanks Ben for providing a lazy design choice that only scales to the worst, invalidates older cards, makes past expansions useless and, implicitly, makes all the money players spent on them a terrible choice/losing investment. 

    Again, good riddance.

    Powercreep would start with any director/designer/producer. It's almost as the natural flow of a collectible game like this. The thing is that it can happen more quickly or abruptely without the proper attention.

    About Brode, tho, he was a more "conservative" game designer - he would rather nerf the card to death as it's 'safer' in the context of balance - and took the time he think was needed to make changes or updates. It's not good or bad, it's just a way of doing things. Personally, by the time he quit, Hearthstone was a little "stale" to me. I think the game got some needed refresh. 
    As for today (as I have no idea who the director is right now) they are right the opposite of conservatives, to the point of creating whole 2 different games inside Hearthstone. I don't see this happening with Brode.
    Anyways, I was also wanting to share some opinions about this, thanks for the topic, cheers.

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    posted a message on New Rogue Common Card Revealed - Sketchy Information

    AND it's 5 mana....

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    posted a message on Custom Class Competition #8 -- Discussion Thread | Week One
    Quote from Klaytonio >>

    Hello everyone, I have a small question. I was tinkering with a custom class "Secret Agent" for some time and was going to upload it for a discussion and feedback. However I just noticed that this class already was created and made it to the finals of second custom class competition. Does that mean I can't make that class?

    Hello, Sir Klay. You can make that class, no problem at all. Just be sure to make it different from that one. (i.e not copy that one ideas, use your own). I would see some problem if that class was one of the latest champions, but it is not the case, and there was some time that it debuted. In the utmost case you can just change the name to something similar.

    Edit: looks like my page wasn't updated and there were A LOT of new posts. hahauha so I will give my 2 cents to your agent here: 
    The concept is going cool! I dig it! The cards are well fitting, too. The only minor I see is with Orc Agent. Looks a little too strong for me for basic set. And also, I believe Deathrattle effect is NOT ALLOWED in this phase, so you might want to change that or just keep it to the next phase. Well done.

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    posted a message on Custom Class Competition #8 -- Discussion Thread | Week One
    Quote from Ardin427 >>

    The Winglord

    My Questions

    Hero Power balance ideas? What about cards? Does the class look too similar to Hunter?

    Thank you for your time, I'll try to start working on feedback for your entries as soon as I can

    So far my favorite class! :D really nice! Flavor-wise, I think it looks more of a knight (paladin + warrior) than hunter. Perhaps you can mix some features of these 4 classes (counting shaman, but with no overloads, please! hahah).
    The hero power is good on its own. You may be careful when creating cards that buff the Skyree, I can see some "OP-potential" from them. (not from the power itself). The +2 attack on Cooperative Strike is for the Hero?

    Quote from JeanTheMedicRat >>

    Alright, have made some changes to my basic set but decided to keep the Hero power the same. The majority of people were ok or even liked it, so i won't change it.

    The way you developed the class is really good! But it is too OP, because nothing is stronger than family. xDDD
    For serious now, the only thing I worry about is the Hero power. In some situations, and not that hard to pull off, it can be VERY strong, as you can just choose the minion who will get the buff. I would go for a more "safe" approach, like giving +2 attack or health, 'Summon a 1/1 Whelp', or +1 spell damage (this one is fine).

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    posted a message on Custom Class Competition #8 -- Discussion Thread | Week One

    Niiice! Love this time of the year ^^ although I don't intend to take part this time (schedule full....but you never know.... xP) I will follow up for fun and make a few feedbacks. 
    I'm liking a lot the presence of the Shadowlands in the cards so far, it's something I've been thinking about myself.

    Quote from MasterGolos >>

    I have a genuine question. Might not pursue this based on the time I have. 

    My class idea is "titan-forged", a class based on tol'vir and other titan forged creations. 

     I like the idea of other "Resources", but I foresee problem regarding hand size in your case. PERHAPS you could make it cost 0 (or even 1 as a 'penalty') for playing the monument and empty your hand.

    Quote from TheNameForgotten >>

    Here are my card and class ideas now that I think I figured out how to post. The class is called Cursed. They are people and creatures with contagious curses who were exiled to an Island during the Scourge. They got help from the Island "gods" to survive. The starting hero is called Irdon. He is one of the ancient entities of the Isle. I'll have them escaping the Isle and spreading across Azeroth in later expansions. 

    As mentioned already, the hero power has some weird interactions and looks very OP in early game (with a potential for late game, too) as it is basically an area damage. Most of the cards are pretty OP as well, for basic set.

    Quote from El_Skele >>

    Been a minute since I last joined a card creation comp, so I could be misremembering the steps as to how to do it but I seem to be unable to upload images. What I did:

    I remember to work properly sometimes I needed to add ".png" after the link they provided, because it actually referred to the page where the image was in, and not the image itself.

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    posted a message on Savory Deviate Delight

    This is a Rogue card.

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    posted a message on Patch + Patch Notes Coming Tomorrow, Changes For BGs & Ranked Mode

    Is this the most anticipated patch notes ever? Why taking so long to reveal? o_O

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    posted a message on It Ever Was A Time In This Game When Only One Class Have Acess To A Hero Card Before?

    Before Knights of the Frozen Throne, the whole concept of a "Hero card" didn't exist yet. Jaraxxus was just a legendary with a cool effect. And most of the time it wasn't even that strong. It is stronger now, but far from unfair. Being a Hero card doesn't mean it WILL be broken.

    And regarding other classes not having other hero cards, you must consider that Lord Jaraxxus is taking one Legendary slot from warlock that other classes have (broken or not) Legendary minions. In some cases they even have legendary spells or weapons, that the others don't. Balance doesn't come this way.

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    posted a message on Why isn't Holy Wrath a Holy card?
    Quote from Nightmyria >>

    Couldn't tell you, but the spell schools do seem a little ambiguous. Here's an inconsistency a noticed in regards to that:

    Ancestral Healing: Nature

    Spirit Echo: Nature

    Ancestral Spirit: *Not nature

     I got your point, but I believe the reason is that these spells work differently on their way of casting. Ancestral Healing and Spirit Echo summon the power of the spirits inherent to the Earth itself for the shaman's aid. While Ancestral Spirit is more like a soul manipulation, almost like necromancy.
    I'm very naive to wow lore, but I believe it's something like this.

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    posted a message on Pre-Launch Party & Pre-Release before Forged in the Barrens Launches March 30!

    I would really like to see Solem and Roffle get some love from blizz in this kind of event. Best youtube videos and deck makers for wild format, imo.

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    posted a message on Custom Class Competition #7 -- Voting Thread | Week Four

    Yeah! Thank you guys! \o So happy for winning :D It was really close! 

    Already PMed McFartson, I would like to share the card boarders publicly RIGHT NOW. Sry Jengus xP. I am not using it effectively (probably) in the next couple months and it's funnier for everybody. : D But it's a great token of appreciation, thank you ^^ (I can also say I kept it for a few hours lol)

    Anyway, well done everyone and thank you again! ; ) (until the next CCC?....) 

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    posted a message on Custom Class Competition #7 -- Discussion Thread | Week Four

    Just made my submission: https://www.hearthpwn.com/forums/hearthstone-general/fan-creations/247105-ccc-7-finalist-fisherman

    Boy, this week was tough! But fun, nonetheless : D Wish I had interacted more in the threads, but life doesn't care about free time hahhaha

    Quote from MvonTzeskagrad >>

    Anybody has make its custom class thread yet? I want to take a look so I know what exactly do I have to post (the entire class, only latest set, and so on)

     I BELIEVE mine is okay. You can still put one more decorating image where you like, too. I was like "Let's go and post it NOW", before it is too late. xD (those international times are quite confusing sometimes : P )

    edit: And, of course, good luck to all, folks! Very nice jobs we got here \o

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