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    Did it with this, sorry didnt see the comment about the deck list. 
    Lady Vash'j draws alot, but if you just dont play anything you can slow it down alot. 
    Just remove effectively, important to know is that she has those overload giants, see some hard removal for that. 

    Thanks to you, I won using that priest deck off of a Yogg, Master of Fate steal 3 minions on turn 8. Mind you, they weren't GREAT minions (a classic 2/1 murloc, a 6/8 rush dude and a 4/5 elemental). But they swung the board enough to let me keep going face. That was without all the legendaries as well. Being able to discover Soul Mirror dealt with some of the board. Ysera helped close out the game. Thanks again.

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