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    posted a message on Play 50 Druid class cards quest.

    Winning games on turn 3, full of shit.

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    posted a message on New Expansion Releases on November 7th?

    Look right below the title of the newspaper that was teased.

    "Volume. 32 Number. 7"

    So it can't be a date, because no months have 32 days... But it can be a season. November 2016 is season 32. And number 7, which is just a few days after Blizzcon. Coincidence? I think not.

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    posted a message on Should I disenchat these legendaries?

    just DE them all. theyre all really bad except for the black knight, which is just sort of bad but could be used in a meta but highly unlikely to be used in the next year.

    i've DEd so many legendaries that youd hate me, but no regrets. (cough, like 50.)

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    posted a message on I have priest quest, I have Murloc quest

    UNNN! priest murloc quest pen!

    if you dont get the reference then ur probably confused

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    posted a message on They ruined casual even more with new quests

    Since I am done ranking this season, I decided to play some casual.

    First game: Mage coins hero power on turn 1, turn 2 hero power, turn 3 hero power and concede. 

    Second game: Priest has a bunch of crappy 0, 1 and 2 drops just to play Priest cards.

    Third game: A warrior who played war axe, next turn war axe, then turn 4 coin arcanite reaper and concedes.

    Good job Blizzard!

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    posted a message on They ruined casual even more with new quests
    Quote from 1xbenx1 >>


     Clearly you have not read the new quests.
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    posted a message on What's the most annoying luck you've had opening packs?

    If your worst pack opening rng is getting a gold legendary and 2 normal legendaries, I'd like you to start opening my packs.

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    posted a message on The problem with Heroic Brawl (rewards too top-heavy)

    You need to get basically get 6 wins to get your money back.

    So you have to be really lucky. You might say "Just don't play it if you aren't good" but someone is going to get under 6 wins and by someone, I mean like... the majority of people. So now you have a bunch of these people that are really salty, including these people that get 1 win, and basically payed 10 bucks for a pack. Then there's going to be the people that get 11 wins. How is that bad, you might ask? Well.. Here's the difference of 11 and 12 wins.

    11 wins: 16 packs, 480 dust, 480 gold and 2 golden legendaries

    12 wins: 50 packs, 1100 dust, 1100 gold and 3 golden legendaries

    So in one game of a difference, you get 34 packs, 620 dust, 620 gold and a golden legendary. That's like... a lot of money. I'm not sure how much difference that is in the US, but in Canada that's like 70 or 80 bucks. 

    So 70 or 80 bucks decided by 1 game. Remind you of something? Yes, gambling. Are

    Are you ready to start gambling on a kid's card game?


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    posted a message on Road to golden CW (cus wallet warrior isn't wallet enough)

    Day 1: Golden Unstable Ghouls

    Day 2: Golden Grommash

    Day 3: Golden Justicar

    That's what I've done so far, I'll keep this updated.


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    posted a message on Basic Priest

    So earlier I said to myself that Hearthstone is just a game. So I went and made a basic priest deck, then played it in constructed at rank 5. First game, I faced a shaman. At first I had the board. Chillwind Yeti, divine spirit and inner fire combo = OP... if your opponent doesn't draw hex.

    Then he started playing the troggs and the wolves and the 0 mana 5/5 taunts. I did not concede. This is a battle that had to be fought. I played my second divine spirit on his thunder bluff, healed him and said "The Light shall burn you!". Just as he was about to strike the lethal hit,

    "You win this one, friend."

    See guys? Winning does not require a good deck or lots or dust. All you need is a meme. And a meme is a dream. #priestOP

    But seriously, it's a game. It's meant for fun. Once you realize that you will win more because you'll actually like the game. 

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