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    Quote from RolandofGilead >>

    I mean you're rank 3,000 and it's early June. Not like you're exactly high legend, which is where balance really matters, and where CW sucks.

     You put C'thun in any deck and it becomes tier 4 dude, the list on that report was made by people who didnt bother to try and refine CW. It only took me a couple days to make a list that beats ALL the current popular decks (Shaman, DH, Hunter and Priest, all perfectly beatable).

    Thousands of stats dont mean anything if people keep netdecking bad lists, the point here is that CW has a lot of room for improvement, dont need to grind until high legend to make this clear.

    Quote from dirvenstylez >>

    Nice deck! Around 2k legend I also use CW as one of my stronger decks. However I find Minefield way Stronger then Slam. Against Face Hunter or Deathrattle Demonhunter it is very likely that it clears 2/3 minions.

     I tried Minefield, didnt feel necessary to me, was already very favorable against all aggressive decks. Slam is good in all matchups, you need to draw a lot to make Silas OTK consistent. Which wincons are you using? Feel free to share your list here!

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    Quote from kiwifocus2 >>

    it is possible for VS to be wrong, 'lad,'.  your smarmy and cocksure attitude make your entire post unpalatable and completely undermines whatever good points you may have had in there.

     So you agree with me but dont like me? Sure buddy, I can live with that.

    Just wanted to updated this thread a bit, I tested and found an even BETTER list than the one I got legend with:

    Export to BBCode Export to Cockatrice Export to MarkDown Export to Html Clone this deck
    Minion (15) Ability (12) Weapon (3)
    Loading Collection

    Stats are attached. This list fixes the Doom Shaman and DR DH matchups (N'zoth wins those games on the spot, too much armor gain) while still being able to beat Priest, so its a direct upgrade to my last one.

    The point of this thread is to show that CW has tons of untapped potential, the archetype wasnt even CLOSE to being refined when the VS Report came out, dismissing it as "failed experiment" was way too irresponsible. Hopefully more people will try CW out and change the crappy reputation this last VS Report gave it.

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    posted a message on VS Report is WRONG, Control Warrior is Legit!
    Quote from JJSawry >>

    I can only assume the VS bit is clickbait. You can't possibly be arguing that because you hit legend with a deck it clearly can't be t4? It MUST be successful, right? Your 26 games vs their whole statistic field.

     The new VS Report data on CW is completely useless, and its not rly the team's fault, the people who tracked and sent the data have zero idea how to build CW.

    People think CW needs C'thun to beat Priest, which is just straight up WRONG: double Rattlegore/Silas OTK is more than enough. C'thun has been plaguing CW lists everywhere and thats why CW seems bad, when in truth the people are just netdecking bad lists. Thats the point I'm making in this thread.

    Quote from PetiteMouche >>

    How is Shieldmaiden compared to Scrap Golem, is she really better ? I know there is no hand buff in the deck that the golem can benefit from, but Venomous Scorpid can give you some, and Archdruid Naralex can give you Nightmare. I also feel like in most situations taunt is better than +1 atk and +1 armor. Is it because of silence and transform cards that can negate the deathrattle ?

    It's crazy to think shieldmaiden once was an auto include in every warrior deck at 6 mana, and she now has competition at 5 mana.

     Shieldmaiden is faster, has synergy with Shield Slam and doesnt care about Hex, making her way better against Shaman, a class with lots of burn. Scrap Golem is only good if you plan on using N'zoth, which I dont recommend in CW.

    Quote from hillandder >>

    Rattlegore is awful against priest, the opponent always have a way to silence your and make one or more for them, copy they back don't solve the issue, he can discover much more answers than you can copy back, but this strategy of copy him make warlocks cry blood. :P

     They dont maindeck any silence, so thats not a reliable answer to this strategy. If they Soul Mirror Rat you steal their copy with Silas, won many games like that. Warlock is way harder to beat than Priest imo, you have to get Rat and Faceless b4 they play Tickatus and pray their Mutanus doesnt eat them, good thing warlock vanished.

    Quote from Ace1a >>

    Very impressive on your legend with a tier 4 deck! I see 12% of your games were vs. (Tickatus) warlocks, were you able to beat any with rattlegore+faceless highrolls? Priest is also a bad matchup because of soul mirror, I know this as my rush warrior often lost to them as well as Tickatus. I consider rush warrior t4 as well since it has too many bad matchups, had like 40% winrate with it.

     Priest is very beatable, just read my other posts on that matchup. If you drop Rat and copy it against Warlock you win, the problem is getting to that point LOL, very hard matchup, but lock is fading from the meta so its cool.

    Quote from Lyconik >>

    Sure Control Warrior could be improved since there is a variety of option where he could adjust to the current meta, but even then you are better playing Control Priest or Rush Warrior for the matter.

     I completely disagree. This list actually beats Priest, something Rush Warrior can hardly do. Rush Warrior beats Doom Shaman, something CW can hardly do. It all depends on what you're facing.

    Dont take the VS Report on CW seriously, that data on this archetype is trash, no CW list running C'thun should EVER be taken seriously. 

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    Quote from Holzi85 >>

    Deathrattle DemonHunter deals with this easily!

     This also eats Face Hunter and Elemental Shaman for breakfast. So your point is, it has an unfavorable matchup therefore its bad? Those two decks must be bad too then LOL.

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    Quote from IDProG123 >>

    I love Warrior, but Control in general sucks right now compared to aggro. As far as I'm concerned, Control Warrior is probably the best Control deck right now, but it still sucks.

    I play Control Warrior, a different variant with N'Zoth, C'Thun, and Saurfang, but without Mutanus. I'm currently in Diamond 9, and my highest is Diamond 8. I actually breezed through Gold and Platinum using an incomplete Face Hunter deck, but I realize people in Diamond are a lot smarter and the deck no longer works, so I switch to Control Warrior.

    Multiple Rattlegore is VERY powerful, but smarter Priest players can counter it.

    Priest can silence your Rattlegore. Priest has multiple ways to steal your Rattlegore, using Psyche Split, Initiation, etc., and it can generate the cards very easily. It's impossible to win against smarter Priest players without C'Thun, and even with C'Thun, it's still very hard.

    I don't know why you play Silas without Ashtongue. Without Ashtongue, Mutanus is a lot better. Same with Shieldmaiden. Why play it without Ashtongue? The card sucks against aggro.

    I'm not going to discredit your victory to Legend. I genuinely congratulate you for reaching there. With that being said, I don't know exactly what kind of matchup you got in your journey to Legend, but you were probably on your luckier side in your journey.

     Never said its tier 1 amazing, just not a failed experiment!

    Priest is much easier once you know what to do:

    NEVER play any minions until they play Mutanus, to increase their chances at a low roll;

    Only play Rattlegore once you have Faceless OR Silas in hand, so you can have another copy on the next turn (they always soul mirror it, you steal their copy with Silas, instant win);

    Pray they dont get silence out of their discovers, cuz they never maindeck it;

    I've won some priest games with this deck, would even say im favorable here. Warlock is way harder, almost impossible even, good thing it vanished from the meta due to hyper agression everywhere.

    As I said, the Silas otk is not rly necessary. Ashtongue is dead in 90% of your games and double Rat kills priest already, why should I use it? Silas is good on its own, acts as pseudo removal and gives me another Rat against priest.

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    Quote from SirJohn13 >>

    VS collecting data over thousands of players and many thousands of games: Control Warrior is not good.

    One player playing 26 games and going 16-10: VS is wrong

    I do like your list though, getting rid of the greed (N'Zoth, Saurfang, etc...) that makes Control Warrior decks often losing to aggro. And C'Thun indeed sucks and going all in on Rattlegore as a win condition seems legit. However is Slam better than something like Minefield?

     I guarantee you most if not all the lists used by those 1000s peoples run C'thun, the data on CW in this VS Report is of VERY low quality, not to be trusted. Most people just dont know how to build CW.

    Slam is super versatile removal/draw, exactly what the deck wants: remove early aggro, help you set up bigger removal (bladestorm/rancor/weapon), activates Barov and Kresh, it is never dead in your hand.


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    Quote from Kurgo >>



    Ok, I needed the morning laugh.

    There's not a lot to say to be honest as you are, by your own admission, woefully ignorant and with clear deficiencies/biases that stop you from understanding how statistics work or what they even are. I'll try to elucidate you on why that's the case.

    The VS report is based on 195.000 games, almost 6% of which (at all ranks) were control warrior games. Now, that's not even that many overall as according to hsreplay almost 12 million games have been played in the past week alone but, as a starting point, it's a good enough number to extrapolate from. What isn't statistically a good enough number, under any circumstance, is a pathetic 26 games played between diamond and dumpster legend. In fact, 26 games wouldn't be relevant to anything even if you'd gone from legend 15 to legend 1 with a 26-0 run (in fact, it'd be less relevant than your dumpster legend journey, funnily enough). That isn't to say that you possibly found the miraculous metabreaker, the one build of control warrior that magically elevates from tier 4 (tier 4 at all ranks, might I add) to tier 2. It is possible. Laughably unlikely, but still possible.

    What actually isn't possible is that the vs report is, as you put it, wrong, when it comes to the statistics it presents. To paraphrase an overly used statement from the past months, "stats don't care about your feelings". It's possible, albeit unlikely, that the vs report next week will say "hey we were wrong, based on the new data we obtained, control warrior is actually tier 2" but at the present moment, control warrior is a dumpster archetype, marginally better than control warlock (or marginally worse, depending on your rank and meta pocket), with its best matchup against what is possibly the worst deck of the entire expansion, the almighty celestial druid that boasts a very healthy 35% wr overall. 

    Those are the facts, dear lad. Your meaningless 26 games don't change anything about that because 26 games are entirely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. And to be brutally honest, one might think that there are players out there who are more knowledgeable about the game and about control warrior as an archetype than you, you'd imagine that at least one of them would have come up with some good control warrior list by this point, don't you think? 

    The fact of the matter is, with enough luck (or, who knows, skill) you can reach legend with any deck. That's been true since the system changed and singular lucky streaks aren't unheard of (a 62% wr is pretty pedestrian, if we're being realistic here). But if you want anything you say to have statistical weight, go play a few thousand games with your control warrior deck. If at that point you'll still have a 62% wr then I'll be listening to your vs is wrong!1!!1!!ELEVEN tirade but until then...you are wrong and vs isn't. Cheers.

     Can you even read? I claim VS Report is wrong cuz they called Control Warrior a FAILED EXPERIMENT, barely tier 4, which I have clearly proved it isnt. I even said the reason their data on this archetype is trash in my post (people are having trouble finding a working list, C'thun clogging everything).

    You have a real reading disability bro, you should get that checked.

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    The VS Data Reaper Report #198 is out and im very disappointed at how people are seeing CW as bad, which is far from the truth. Got legend this month with a list of my own:

    Export to BBCode Export to Cockatrice Export to MarkDown Export to Html Clone this deck
    Minion (14) Ability (13) Weapon (3)
    Loading Collection

    The stats and proof are attached. Started recording at Diamond 3 but was playing with it and testing since 5! People are just having a hard time figuring out a working list, too many crappy lists being netdecked on youtube! A couple notes:

    1. C'thun SUCKS! DO NOT PLAY C'THUN IN WARRIOR, EVER. It doesnt improve your control matchups at all, ppl just throw crap at the board to soak most of the dmg, screws your other matchups, overall not worth it.

    2. The Silas OTK is ok, but mediocre. It only rly matters against Priest and even then I didnt need it, as shown in my stats. Theres a much faster way to win control matchups. EDIT: it is much better at Legend since the meta there is always slower, feel free to switch Naralex for Ashtongue then. For the climb, the current list is better still.

    3. DOUBLE RATTLEGORE. Yep, thats the stuff. Play your big boi on 9, Faceless it on 10, watch your opponent panic throwing their kitchen sink at them! Priest used Soul Mirror? Steal their copy with Silas! Thanks buddy! Tutor your big boi with Taelan, run a bunch of card draw to get Faceless, worked very consistenly, even in other non-control matchups.

    4. This list farms Face Hunter and Elemental Shaman very easily, which are the most common lists ppl are using to get Legend. Doom Shaman and DR DH are tricky, but winnable. All control matchups are coin flips: if their Mutanus chomp your Rattlegore or Faceless you lose, if it doesnt you win.

    Hope this helps my fellow warrior players out there. Control is a solid tier 2, nothing stellar, but also not a "failed experiment" as says the report! Thanks in advance!

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    Dayum, this is probably the first time I got EVERYTHING right with my predictions: DR DH and Shaman are all over the place and control warrior is a solid tier 2, got to Diamond 5 pretty easily with it, stomps all face decks.

    Anyone else having fun with the new meta? It is a million times better than the last one for sure.

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    posted a message on Post WC Miniset Meta Predictions!

    Demon Hunter: Deathrattle DH won big in this set, Felrattler and Devouring Ectoplasm are exactly what it needed to increase winrate in faster matchups, the deck will see a huge spike in play for sure, Possible tier 1 here.

    Warrior: Kresh, Lord of Turtling is an amazing addition to Control Warrior, as it can be brought back twice with Saurfang and N'zoth! There are many routes this can take the archetype, but im sure whatever win condition it chooses, it will have time to make them work. Solid tier 2.

    Shaman: Hey look, new class! Elemental shaman is looking like a real thing now, with card draw and much better early game, I can see it reaching tier 2. Fingers crossed.

    Not a lot will change for other classes im afraid, so they will remain at their current tier standing.

    Who do you think will stay on top? Lets leave our predictions here to laugh at how wrong we were later KEKW.

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    This card is so badly designed it makes me angry everytime I think about it. It wants you to TRADE YOUR TAUNT MINIONS into the opponent's, the one thing you dont want to do, EVER.

    The whole point of taunt as a mechanic is to force your opponent to trade THEIR minions into YOURS, so you dont have to!

    So the legendary thats supposed to support taunts COMPLETELY misses the point of why taunt minions are played in the first place, easily one of the most failed designs in HS history.

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    The worst part of this meta is not rly these two decks separately, its that they effectively cover each others backs and dont allow counter queue. For example, Clown Druid eats Mage for breakfast, but gets anihilated by secret paladin. Control lock beats secret paladin easily, but cant stand the amount of burn from spell mage.

    Theres nothing that counters both decks at the same time, so the meta is super hostile to counterplay.

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2



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    posted a message on I Finally Get Why People Hate Tickatus

    Warlock is fighting cancer with cancer, thats all. Control decks have to be degenerate in order to win these days, its either Tickatus or stupid crazy value generation, pick your poison. Tickatus is not the cause, its a symtom.

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    Hell no, the 2 mana one is great in EVERY matchup. You play it on turn 2 or 1 with coin, wtf does the control player do? Nothing. Theres no removal that gets rid of this on 2 efficiently, so most of the time the tower effect procs at least twice, thats HUGE.

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