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    posted a message on UiS - Murloc DH

    Came here specifically to comment on this deck: do not expect it to win too much. By which I mean you'd better not expect to win at all. It is fun to play with murlocs but any current in-context deck will destroy you w/o noticing. Definitely do not craft the epic crescent for it, just replace it with something else.

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    Have been playing with the deck for 2 evenings. Can confirm that it IS FUN to play but unfortunately the deck overall isn't that good as the author says - you are really heavily dependend on your draws thus making the deck unstable.

    In short, if you have all the required cards to play the deck, I'd recommend to give it a shot. If you don't have any of the legendary cards, do not craft them for this version of quest hunter.

    Anyway, thanks to the author for sharing the fun deck!

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    posted a message on New Expansion Revealed: United In Stormwind

    Just wanted to say that your post made me smile as a WoW player :) /and ganged in some other places

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    posted a message on Archbishop (Mages join Priest)

    The fact that the deck this bad is present on the main Priest page should mean something... I rarely downvote something but in that case I would actually prefer people not to waste time, dust and nerves on it.

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    posted a message on [budget] Rexxar vs. The Lich King

     Restart Button VERSUS The Lick King!

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    posted a message on Knights of the Frozen Throne is Hearthstone's Next Expansion

    Now compare it to Tirion and think once more :)

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    posted a message on #1 Legend Loyan's Bloodlust Shaman [WoG] Cheap

    I think he meant word UNDEFEATABLE. Shame on you.

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    posted a message on Divine Aggro (84% WR to legend)

    This deck isn't consistant. It goes out of steam really quickly with only 1 Divine Favor and a wide ranga of small minions at the same time. You simply dump your hand about turn 5 and have nothing to play, that's especially painful if you didn't get board control and you have mainly buffing spells in your hand. I still get more then 60% winrate and the games are decided very quickly - you either take the board in 3-4 turns or get obliterated but if you are getting salty too easy about those luckers and random effect (just like me :) ) I wouldn't advice you playing this deck.

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    posted a message on New Druid Card - Dark Arakkoa

    Just another very good card for ramp druid. Also looks like we have the #1 contender for the C'Thun deck - meet Malfurion :)

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    posted a message on New Hunter Legendary Card - Princess Huhuran

    This card rocks. Unfortunately, there are only few good deathrattle cards left in the card pool - Sylvanas, Cairne, Leper Gnome and Loot Hoarder. And Savannah Highmane as class-specific for hunters. I'm not convinced that hunter will be playing deathrattle themed decks yet.

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    posted a message on New Legendary Card - The Boogeymonster

    Road to Ragnaros, Eredar lord of the... eeh, wrong quote :D


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    posted a message on Patron still considered high skill cap?

    Play CW, patrons seem to be quite week against it :)

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    posted a message on New Card - Argent Horserider

    That is what I think ;D

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    posted a message on Weekly Design Competition #19 - [Ended]

    Some love for warrior, hooray!

    Additional info:

    • Every murloc is murloc but not every murloc is pirate! That's why he is considered pirate but not murloc. Yarrr!!!
    • The idea of the card to stimulate playing the pirate-themed decks. Blizzard tryed this by introducing in GvG cards like One-eyed Cheat and Siltfin Spiritwalker (oh god that's impossible even to write not to pronounce!), but they unfortunately were not that successful. This one goes for warrior (since we know pirates can be played well actually only in classes with weapons).
    • The card is a bit overpowered if you would compare it to common cards but keep in mind that there can be only one of this AND at the same time this is going to stimulate now dead deck-type of aggro-warrior.
    • This card synergises not only with pirates but with weapons too! Just imagine playing this into Death's Bite and Dread Corsair! That will be amazing!
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    posted a message on Weekly Design Competition #18 - [Ended]

    Additional Info:

    • The art is taken from the Blizzard "Goblins versus Gnomes" after-release contest, so the theme of the card is GvG-ish too.
    • Initially I wanted this as a 4-4 but then decided to give this minion more health in order to be able proc fatality at least twice.
    • I like spare parts - they are kinda "artifact" mechanic from MTG, they also work really well with cards like Flamewaker, Gazlowe, Archmage Antonidas etc. Unfortunately there is only one good provider in the game - Toshley this card is designed to solve the problem :)
    • Trades with Piloted Shredder and survives giving owner a spare part. Can also kill the second iteration of it. Equally trades with yetis in two turns. That card is insane!
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