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    Reading some of these comments is hilarious to think back on the predictions aye. I though murloc paladin and quest paladin were gonna be ass, then the dreaded tip the scales + prismatic lens combo came. And my favourite deck to play with is quest paladin....

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    I see people keep saying that Hunter's quest will only work if it's token hunter....

    Did you forget about the deathrattle shenanigans that is Mech Hunter??? 

    SN1P-SN4P, Mecharoo, Replicator, unleash the hounds, etc. Anything that summons additional goblin bombs. 

    This will make mech hunter even more op imo as the smaller 1/1 mechs that come after the quest is complete will be the 'tokens' of the deck. 

    Crafting it day 1 to see if this deck is good though.  

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