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    Just remember that Blizzard wants to nerf the fewest cards as possible and REALLY doesn't want to nerf any legendaries because they want to keep the potential dust refund as low as possible.

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    Quote from Zaywop >>

    I can understand why ppl think this deck is broken becuase they are rank +10 low skilled players who play shit/non competitve decks and gets destroyed and think shaman needs nerf while  at rank 5 up to legend where 99% of ppl are playing meta decks such as reno mage, reno hunter, quest hunter and pirate warrior, shaman is just as powerful as the other meta decks out there and you can't win every single game becuase "it's op, pls nerf". 

     Truly an idiotic take. Really? The "git gud" response? Are you 12? 

    I play rank 5 and below consistently and when I can afford the time I make legend. We get it. You are playing Shaman and you like that it's powerful and you can beat people and it makes you feel like you're the shit. 

    But if your theory was correct then why, pray tell, are Blizzard responding with their quickest nerfs in the history of the game aimed at Shaman? Hmm?

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    posted a message on Your Experience with Galakrond shaman
    Quote from Zaywop >>

    Honestly I think the deck is no where close to overpowered. 


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    The golden age of Hearthstone is firmly in the rearview mirror. Meaningful experimentation is over. Finding interesting interactions and strategies is over. Everyone knew exactly what would be OP as soon as they released the cards and any attempt to homebrew against the established power curve is hilariously pointless. 

    The game is too swingy and they seem unable to playtest their own game before releasing it. I've been here since beta and have watched misstep after misstep with Hearthstone. 

    Remember when academic espionage rogue was almost viable? Probably one of the healthier metas but even then Odd Pally made too many matches an oppressive slog. There was still room to try things though.

    I really feel that the lackeys were a mistake. 1 mana 1/1's with ridiculous effects that combo off tons of other things makes the game a race to lethal instead of an interesting strategy of counterplay. 

    But if we want to talk about the design issues for a moment look at Corrupt the Waters and the Druid quest, Untapped Potential (one of the stronger quests). 

    With the Druid quest, you have to have mana unspent for 4 turns. This is an actual sacrifice. You are losing tempo for 4 crucial turns to get a strong effect for the rest of the game as a reward. The strong effect is that the choose one cards are combined. It's a good quest and well designed. It doesn't automatically steamroll opponents but is a strong effect that is worth the sacrifice of tempo loss in decks that design around it. 

    Now, look at Corrupt the Waters. Play 6 Battlecry minions and for the rest of the game, you can spend 2 mana to double all battlecries. 

    Now on the surface, this looks like it has some disadvantages to the Druid quest. Firstly 6 minions vs 4 turns. Well, we all know that with lackey generation and the fact that you WANT to be playing Battlecry cards anyway this is no hindrance and the quest can often be finished by turn 4 anyway without any of the tempo loss. The requirements are much better than the Druid quest.

    So the reward is clearly better than the choose one combined effect so you have to spend 2 mana each turn activating the effect as opposed to the Druid quest that remains passive.

    You can see the logic behind how they attempted to balance it but it shows how badly thought out their balancing actually is. It simply doesn't take in to account how easy it is to spend 2 mana a turn with the sheer amount of strong Battlecrys attached to cheap bodies in the game. 

    OK, so it's a bit of a screw-up so you expect them to not make the same mistake twice... 

    Nope. They don't just ignore the issue they actively decide what it really needs is to be buffed with even more ridiculous Battlecry cards that make it even stronger. 

    How is this stupidity getting through playtesting? It's not feasible for a competent team. 

    If you are still not convinced imagine you had seen all the cards for DoD on the Custom Hearthstone subreddit. What would have been your honest reaction to most of them? 

    Be honest.


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    posted a message on Blitzchung kicked out of grandmasters and banned from competitive play

    Friendly reminder that the Chinese government is currently involved in state-sponsored organ harvesting of those it deems undesirable. 

    The whole world should be on the Hong Kong protestors side for liberation from these monsters in complete and utter unity.

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    posted a message on Blitzchung kicked out of grandmasters and banned from competitive play

    Let me make this crystal clear: FUCK YOU BLIZZARD you dirty pieces of shit. Utter scumbags bending over backwards for an authoritarian regime with an absolutely atrocious record on human rights. I hope this costs you a fortune. 

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    posted a message on Mana cheating is the worst thing that has happened to the game

    This has been Hearthstone for a long time. Basically, any deck that is "fair" will be hopeless in ranked play. Every deck that reaches Tier 1 or 2 has to have some mechanic that lets it do unfair things to be competitive. The game is literally who can pull off their OP plays before the other one can. 

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    As others have said, the fact that Divine/Inner Fire is a thing in every single expansion is a joke at this point. Especially given the cards that have been nerfed/hall of famed instead of it. 

    Even when the deck is not that competitive it's still a shitty thing to face and a horrible way to lose. 

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    I like it. Are you sure that finding a place for the quest isn't worth it though? The healing is there for it. Also, you're running FIVE 9 cost spells. Surely it might be worth playing King Phaoris in such a high-cost spell heavy deck? 

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    Having to play around certain cards is an actual skill-testing part of Hearthstone. I know it can feel bad to get burned by an MCT but the card is fine. 

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