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    This deck abuses Sethekk Veilweaver for crazy value turns so minion targeting spells are favoured.

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    I am running a similar list but I run TWO Sethekk Veilweavers and two Renew. People are sleeping on the Sethekk's IMO. This deck runs a lot of low cost targetted spells by design and the Sethekks can generate a LOT of insane value. 

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    Quote from user-100394506 >>

    In my opinion, (and I am a rogue player), there is no need for DH nerfs. Win rate is high yes, but:

    1) It is a new class, everybody are playing this class (so, data are strange)

    2) It is not overpowered, it is good, if you use it in wild you will see that this class is not remotely broken as Mage, Warlock or Priest

    In conclusion, it is fine in this way. After 2/3 weeks the win rate will be much lower due to class diversification.

    For these reasons, your nerfs sucks.  


     You have literally no clue what you're talking about.

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    Quote from jarls >>

    Skull Of Guldan should not exist. They should not be allowed card draw its stupid.

     At the very least it should be legendary. 

    It's launch day. It's Early, Blah blah blah blah. 

    Great. Demon Hunter is still blatantly broken and way overtuned. Anyone who denies this is either a moron or being purposefully obtuse.

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    This deck is great. It ticks the two most important boxes for me: Be super fun to play and actually competitive at the same time. 

    Nice job!

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    It doesn't surprise me that it's getting delayed. They probably went in looking at a bunch of Shaman cards but are now realising that there are other cards that might need a nerf in other classes as well. 

    The power level of this set has been outrageous and has resulted in one of the most polarising metas ever (and that's saying something) and the last thing they are going to want to do is have to come back in and tweak stuff a second time. 


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    Zephrys is a very safe craft. Highlander decks are not going anywhere for a while and he even finds a home in some non-highlander decks that want to draw their deck fast. 

    If you are really into playing Highlander Mage then you should be aiming to craft Reno (he's not essential but he's very good) and Alexstrasza (classic) is a pretty strong card in the deck to bring them down to 15 health and stick an 8/8 on the board which will win you a lot of games. Kalecgos can be a potent finisher as well although it can be a bit of a high roll. Mountain Giant is always a safe craft as well and is a strong card in Highlander Mage and a top target for your Conjurer's Calling. These are all strong additions although I wouldn't call any of them absolutely essential and they can be subbed out although all should give a bump to winrates.

    Zilliax is the best neutral legendary in the game but it's becoming hard to suggest for those with limited dust since it's rotating soon. 

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    lol at Shaman players in this thread moaning that they can't win as much with their utterly degenerate netdeck. My heart bleeds for you.

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    Allow me to join the chorus of disapproval over fucking Shaman.

    It's actually incredible that this managed to get through playtesting. I'm convinced Team5 is actually incompetent. They must be. There is no other explanation. 

    It's already clear that Corrupt the Waters is a dangerous quest that limits design space when you consider the power level of spending 2 mana to double all battlecries for the rest of your turn. 

    So do they tread carefully and make sure that they don't give Shaman more broken cards? LOL. Of course not. They just ignore the issue entirely. 

    4 8/8's with rush AND a 5/2 weapon not enough to kill your opponent? Play Shudderwock and try again. 

    Dragons Pack? Who the FUCK thought this card was OK? Invoke twice to get TWO 5/6's with taunt for 5 mana? Oooh, twice you say? Quickly, print a card that double invokes and give it to Shaman! 

    They're fucking useless. TRASH unbalanced shit all over the place. And now every fucktard is playing this broken shit on ladder meaning that any sort of experimentation with anything else is pointless. This whole expansion has been a disaster and I don't give a fuck that they are fixing it. It's still taking too long. Why do we have to wait for another week? 

    The fucking indie company, right. Idiots!


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    10 games today. 8 of them netdecking Shaman cancer. Roped the fuck out of every single one of these fucking unimaginative shitters.

    Honestly fuck you if you're playing this deck. Fuck you even harder if you BM whilst playing this deck and a special FUCK YOU to Blizzard and Team 5 for being fucking useless. 

    Yes. Yes, I'm salty. Fuck you too. 

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