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    Don't know why people are surprised. Team 5 has been shite since Brode left. 

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    Galakrond can easily fit in Priest without the full invoke package. It has one of the weakest Galakrond effects fully invoked but one of the very best hero powers so it is more than viable to put galakrond in alone without the package when it comes to priest.

     If you're going to have a moan at least understand what you're talking about first, eh.

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    These salt threads are highly annoying, especially since we have a dedicated mega thread for it. your salt is not more worthy than those that post in the correct thread. 

    THAT SAID, I don't subscribe to the idea that more shouldn't be done to keep wild a bit more balanced (it will never be properly balanced but truly degenerate decks ruin the format altogether.) 

    Personally I'd like to see new wild modes that only utilize certain combinations of sets (you can change it every 1 or 2 months or something.) 

    This would allow players to have fun in entirely different metas and it would be way more balanced because it wouldn't have every card available. 

    If it became popular then I could see people buying more wild packs which could make it lucrative for Blizzard alongside keeping the game fresh in-between expansions but we all know they don't give a toss about the format and are only interested in keeping people jonesing for news sets. 

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    Having a legendary with a specific effect come down earlier or be able to be combo'd with other cards is often vital to the effect. 

    Is a 6 mana 6/6 Zola the Gorgon preferable over the 3 mana 2/2 version we got? Clearly not. The 3 mana 2/2 version is WAY better. 

    Stats, in that case, are in a distant third of importance compared to the actual effect and cost of the card. 

    What is the better legendary? Bloodmage Thalnos with its paltry 1/1 stats or Majordomo Executus with its beefy body and effect? 

    Bloodmage is a far better card. 

    The effect of a legendary is way more important than the stats attached. That isn't to say that this is always the case of course. If you look at a card like Archmage Arugal then his 2/2 stats stopped what could have been a very good effect from ever really breaking into the meta because it almost never survived on board. That's usually the exception rather than the rule though.

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    What's Blizzard's idea on dealing with 5 secrets from all classes? Do they think as a casual player I'll memorize them, or am I OBLIGATED to use Hearhtpwn's secrets calculator? 

    Umm, yes? It's a competitive card game in a ranked mode. You are absolutely meant to know the secrets your opponent could have played and which ones are currently viable in the meta. The fact that you would think having to learn some aspects of the actual game to get past PLATINUM ranked mode is unreasonable is asinine. 

    Hearthstone is not a difficult game but having knowledge about the cards and decks currently being played is kind of mandatory if you want to continue progressing in ranked mode. Would you play World of Warcraft and expect to do well in raid content if you didn't know your own classes rotation or the mechanics of the fight? 

    The game does have issues with balance and the design philosophy that Team5 employs is often inexplicable. There are valid reasons to be annoyed with the state of the game but I think your complaints are aimed at some really unavoidable features of CCG's. 





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    This might be bordering meme territory a tad but the concept is so bonkers who cares. I have to try this. 

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    There is a dedicated salt thread. 

    There are hard counters for Bomb Warrior already in the game, although why you'd want to run them in this meta is anyone's guess. Just accept you got wrecked by a fully off-meta deck and move on.

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    I feel your pain guys. Team 5 are incompetent I'm afraid. It's been a shitshow since Brode left. The fact that they continue to ignore the best aspects of Hearthstone in favour of the most frustrating and unfun mechanics and balancing is just tiresome at this point. 

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    So this is going to keep happening. 

    People are going to complain about Demon Hunter and then people will complain about people complaining about Demon Hunter, etc. 

    Yes, there are too many topics saying basically the same thing but the points being made are valid. The nerfs were a failure because the design philosophy of the class was borked from the start. 

    Being able to chain massive face damage turns that would make the most abusive hunter and warrior decks of yore blush is not good design. Giving Demon Hunter this ability without ANY OTHER WEAKNESSES is downright incompetent.  

    The card draw is insane, the mana reduction is insane, the class cards are completely overtuned, etc. It just seems unfathomable how they managed to mess it up so badly. 

    I'm fine with Demon Hunter being a strong class just so we're clear; but there are decks that feel horrible to lose to because you don't feel like you ever had a chance. This is DH's entire class identity. The card chaining is still broken after the nerfs. Simple as that. 

    If we take the nerf to Altruis the Outcast as an example you really have to admit that it seems like Team5 don't have a great grasp of what they're doing. 

    Their logic was that by increasing the mana cost by one the card would be slower and less abusive. But this is obviously not the case. Demon Hunter doesn't care that this card comes down slightly later. They can still chain to their heart's delight while smacking you in the face AND clearing your entire board. It's like they refuse to admit that their design from the start is....well... it's not good. Until they do people are going to be upset getting steamrolled by this class without feeling they had any say in the matter. 

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    Honestly, I'd tell you to go outside but... 



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