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    posted a message on Dust Refund for Card Art Changes

    I am deadset against the changes on the simple basis that they are not needed. Is anybody really getting offended by Succubus, Deadly Shot and Secret Keeper? Really?

    Really, really?

    Is showing a bit of skin in some stylized fantasy artwork really that big a deal? Same with some tame fantasy violence artwork. 

    It's really stupid and totally unnecessary, BUT, that said I actually like the new artwork even if I don't agree with the changes themselves. All the card changes look good from an art style so I'm not going to get my panties into a bunch about it. 

    As for dust refund... come on, man... They would never give dust for making cosmetic changes. 

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    posted a message on What deck murders Conjurer's Calling Mage

    Ironically control mage is probably not a bad bet. 

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    posted a message on 4000 dust to spend so 2 legendaries but which to craft?

    Pocket Galaxy, Myra's, Windlord and Black Knight are the best of the bunch but I have a sneaky feeling that Plot Twist Warlock is about to get some help in the next expansion and Dorian is going to be a centrepiece of it. It's never quite made the grade but it's not too far off being viable if Warlock is brought out of the gutter next expansion. The power potential of the card is quite high it just lacks a bit of support right now. 

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    posted a message on Will WoW ever be free to play?

    Mists of Pandaria was actually decent looking back. For me at least, I loved the aesthetic and had a ton of fun with it. Comparing it to Draenor, Legion and BFA and it's not even close, 

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    posted a message on Best Card In Game History?

    Ice Block, Caverns Below and Drakonid Operative all deserve a nod. Maybe none of them is the supreme best ever single card but all insanely overpowered. 

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    posted a message on 1600 dust, legendary or 4 epics?

    Remember that we're only a few days away from a lot of cards getting buffed. Unless you have something really specific in mind I'd hold off for now on crafting. For all we know Pocket Galaxy or one of the other buffed cards might become really strong in the meta. 

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    posted a message on Card Balances Announced

    Dr. Boom not even being tweaked at all in these changes? Something like making Delivery Drone add a random mech instead of discovering tons of Omega Devastators would have been something. This is so inconsistent and weakens other underpowered Rogue archetypes like Academic Espionage Rogue which was already in the gutter.  Have no problem with the Miscreant and Raiding Party nerfs. 

    I'm sure there were better candidates for nerfs other than Prep but whatever. 

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    posted a message on Let's make all Classic Cards F2P

    Maybe think about a compromise. We all know Hearthstone needs more modes and a better single player experience (hopefully we will see more of that later today) so perhaps they can make some relatively hard and grindy content for new players that will reward classic packs at a much better drop rate than the one pack pw from Tavern Brawl we are seeing now. 

    A cost reduction on classic packs might be worth considering as well instead of making the entire collection outright free which I think is a mistake. Basically, make the earning of the classic collection much quicker but still require grind (with compelling single player and ranked rewards).

    If it took 3-4 months of grinding on average to get the classic collection for free players instead of the 3-4 years (or more) it does now (unless you just drop a lot of money on it before you still needed to keep up with expansion collections) then this will be a lot more inviting to new players and hopefully they will want to stick around and buy the next expansions. 

    Giving the classic collection away for free in a one and done manner is not a good idea, but making it a lot easier to amass a starter classic collection seems like a no brainer 5 years in. I've been playing since beta and have a large collection. None of this will help me but if it helps the game keep a steady influx of players coming in then it eventually will help me because the scope and development of Hearthstone will continue for longer with new people that don't feel completely gated out sticking around. 

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    posted a message on FAST LEGEND for Stupid


    Bad player. 

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    posted a message on Betrug Handlock [Bonus Jaraxxus]

    I find that not including Dollmaster here is a massive missed opportunity. It's strictly better than Betrug most of the time. 

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    posted a message on Is it correct to use Tracking on turn 1?

    I can see how a card like Tracking can be quite unintuitive and "seem" bad from a beginners perspective but think about it like this: If you are going to fatigue with an aggressive deck like Mech Hunter you've probably lost the game so by being able to pick a preferred card and toss the other two you are giving yourself an advantage whilst also being able to thin your deck of two cards that might not be as optimal in a particular match-up meaning you are raising your odds of getting better future draws as well. 

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    posted a message on Rise of Shadows Card Nerfs - What Do Pros Want To See Smacked?

    These are the nerfs that I think would make the game healthier and allow a lot more creative deck building. Open to suggestions of where I might have got it wrong though. 

    Barnes = Cost nerfed to 6 Mana with stat bump to 4/5

    Dr Boom Mad Genius = Delivery Drone changed from Discover a Mech to Add a Random Mech To Your Hand 

    Brawl = Cost nerfed to 6 Mana

    Raiding Party = Cost nerfed to 4 Mana

    Edwin = Combo nerfed to Gain +2 +1

    Waggle Pick = Stats change to 3 Attack / 3 Durability

    Omega Devastator = Cost nerfed to 6 Mana 

    EVIL Miscreant = Cost nerfed to 4 Mana

    Mountain Giant = Cost nerfed to 13 Mana

    Sea Giant = Cost nerfed to 11 Mana

    Elysianna = Cost nerfed to 10 Mana with stat bump to 9/9 

    Darkest Hour = Cost nerfed 8 Mana

    Magic Carpet = Stats nerfed to 1/5

    Leeroy Jenkins = Cost Nerfed to 7 Mana

    Problem is if Blizz went on a comprehensive nerf to problem cards they would be refunding a LOT of dust and that's something they really, really don't want to do. 

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    posted a message on Why do you play heartstone?

    I love coming up with new decks and ideas. I lean heavily towards control type decks and stay well away from tempo and aggro for the most part because I don't find the decks as interesting to play. 

     Of course I like to win games from time to time and climb ladder and unfortunately, the game has become so narrow in its scope if you want to do that. Especially in the last few metas, decks have become so refined you have totally abysmal win rates if you try and homebrew in standard. 

    Even last meta you could play around with decks like Tesspionage and still get decent results and it seemed like there was a lot more room to flex cards in and out of strict meta refined lists. That definitely has to do with how many cards we have lost but it's made the game less fun for me right now. 

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    posted a message on New Mage Legendary - Kalecgos

    Makes running a copy of Pyroblast seem like a decent idea finally. 

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    posted a message on Viable control decks

    Those Cutlasses getting oozed all the time must sting though, no? Tesspionage was my favourite deck of the last expansion but the super aggro meta makes it hard to justify for me in this one. 

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