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    Quote from PDaniel2001 >>

    But what if I keep both of them until the hall of fame patch? I get 3200 from the golden (I keep the golden) and I disechant the normal (1600 dust).   (I already HAVE the normal, Im thnking of crafting the golden)

     You DO NOT get full refund for the normal when you disenchant it. You get the dust (no need to disenchant) ONLY for the highest version you have. For Leeroy, you get to options:

    1. Do nothing, get 1600 dust for normal. Result: +1600 dust and regular Leeroy

    2. Craft golden (-3200 dust), get 3200 dust for golden, disenchant regular (+400 dust). Result: +400 dust, golden Leeroy, a lot of bling and some salty opponents been killed from hand.

    You can seee this as an opportunity to "upgrade" your Leeroy for 1200 dust you give up.

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    The WR is calculated base on the games that hera was played, not all games in the format. If you want to know how many games were won by lich kings, you have to multiply the WR by the "picked rate", and then by 8, since there are 8 players on each game. This means that around 2,26% of all games are won by Lich Kings (1 in 44), and one in ten games is won by a Brann.

    This is still not perfect, since the picks are not independent, thus the 102,58% of the games, but is close enough to what you want, a real "overall winrate" and is as far as I´m willing to go without metadata from the software.

    Hero Win rate Pick rate Pick rate x8 Win %
    1. Brann Bronzebeard 17,88% 6,97% 55,76% 9,97%
    2. Yogg-Saron, Hope's End 17,80% 4,87% 38,96% 6,93%
    3. The Rat King 17,08% 5,53% 44,24% 7,56%
    4. Lord Jaraxxus 16,51% 4,18% 33,44% 5,52%
    5. Patchwerk 15,45% 4,41% 35,28% 5,45%
    6. Bartendotron 14,80% 4,34% 34,72% 5,14%
    7. A.F. Kay 14,11% 6,41% 51,28% 7,24%
    8. Elise Starseeker 13,85% 6,04% 48,32% 6,69%
    9. George the Fallen 13,68% 3,42% 27,36% 3,74%
    10. Nefarian 13,58% 5,16% 41,28% 5,61%
    11. The Curator 13,48% 5,85% 46,80% 6,31%
    12. Sindragosa 11,82% 4,28% 34,24% 4,05%
    13. Queen Wagtoggle 11,58% 2,52% 20,16% 2,33%
    14. Ragnaros the Firelord 11,04% 3,08% 24,64% 2,72%
    15. Dancin' Deryl 11,03% 3,88% 31,04% 3,42%
    16. The Great Akazamzarak 10,99% 2,66% 21,28% 2,34%
    17. Shudderwock 10,68% 4,01% 32,08% 3,43%
    18. Trade Prince Gallywix 10,02% 2,38% 19,04% 1,91%
    19. Pyramad 10,15% 1,92% 15,36% 1,56%
    20. Sir Finley Mrrgglton 9,93% 4,31% 34,48% 3,42%
    21. Infinite Toki 9,19% 3,71% 29,68% 2,73%
    22. Professor Putricide 7,73% 1,76% 14,08% 1,09%
    23. Patches the Pirate 7,58% 1,93% 15,44% 1,17%
    24. The Lich King 7,27% 3,88% 31,04% 2,26%
    Total       102,58%


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    Don´t forget to rate the app accordingly.

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    C'Thun, C'Thun, C'Thun!!!

    Just needed to comment on a card for an achievment....

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    Hey, guys. I don´t really remember if we got free arena tickets for unfinished arenas last standard rotations, as we get with every limited-time arena event. I assume we will get, which usually means every one, even those who are not that much arena players like me, should start a run in the next couple of weeks to get some juicy extra rewards.

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    Community: The initial reveal stream was the worst thing ever
    Blizzard: Hold my puzzle box

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    I think it may have some sinergy with Gadgetzan Auctioneer, since you get all the 1 mana cards that summon jade golens and can help you cycle after.

    The deck seems a little vunerable to Mecha´Thun decks, since golens are not able to put enough pressure to seal the games and depend on two dirty rats to prevent losing. 

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    Its a more reliable option, for sure! Included on the description.

    Micromachine is more of a quick highroll option than the bronze gatekeeper, whatever floats your boat! I managed my 100g for today, so maybe tomorrow I will try other options for the deck.

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    Thanks for the comment! Reflected that on the description.

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    Well, the idea is you have something kind of scary for when they ban the Metalthoot Leaper. There are other options such as Zilliax or Gorillabot A-3.

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