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    posted a message on How bad is King Krush?

    Make him a Druid card and his power level go up

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    posted a message on Experience with Priest in Standard

    What is your favourite / or the funnest Archetype of Priest to play?

    Control, i love a good priest control, you beat all oponent cards before win, the most complet win. 

    What do you find the easiest to climb Ladder with, and what is your highest Rank with Priest?

    Control. Games go long, but you have a hi %win. Sadly for me, i play most at work and drop a lot of games becouse of that. Hi rank 5, then past to aggro decks. 

    And lastly, what is your favourite Priest card? 

    Auchenai Soulpriest



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    posted a message on Patron + Worgen. Did I build this deck wrong?

    Combo warrior used to run 1-2 Brawl, i dont recomend remove it. Mayve add more combo pieces? +1 worgen +1 charge?

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    posted a message on Card replacement?

    Cult Sorcerer is insane good, never remove it. Overall could work, just add some more draw cards (looter, gnome) and try to mantain clear board for Cthun. When u get more dust if still like this deck, go for the better cards. 

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    posted a message on What to craft first Bloodmage Thalnos or Edwin VanCleef

    Edwin VanCleef, no repleace for him. Its a wincon alone. 

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    posted a message on Disciple of C'Thun good even without C'Thun Deck?

    Its a strong card, but i only play it on cthul deck (druid), soo IDK if his power stand for a regular deck. On a cthul theme, u try 3 things, reach 10 crystal, reach 10 power (giving food to the ancient god) and control the board.

    This card help to the 3 all, its a good card vs aggro (and help at removal/trades vs mid range). Yeah, some say that its easy pin off, but that take a 2-cost of a hero power, and not all have it, and u keep getting value on this, for the tempo. 

    If you used him on aggro pal... well, it will help you vs others aggro in form of removal, and can be usefull in mirrow, poping DS and then trade. But a cost 3 card on a aggro must be think carefull, at same cost u got the blood knight who can be game breaking. 

    Test it and think on other cards that can repleace it. Every time u draw it, analyse if he is better than the others option or worse and why, u whould get a hint on what the deck need that way. 

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    posted a message on Will Overwatch go Free to Play?

    No, i dont think that it will be f2p, ever. U can expect a 50% sale on some holiday, but thats all. 

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    posted a message on Looking for Hearthstone friends? Post your BattleTag Here 2.0

    Battletag: artea#1898

    Region: EU

    Usual Play Times: Almost every day

    Level of Experience: Used to be rank 3, but quit for a year, now 10ish

    Prefered Heroes: Druid, i love his versatility. Like priest too

    I'm looking for: Friends to discuss cards, decks, and test

    Tell us something about you: I love play cards games, mtg (t2, EDH), heartstone and i was a great fan of older wow tcg game. I'm 29, (i know old AF) and from Argentina 

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    posted a message on Is Crazed Worshiper good?/safe to craft?

    For a warrior, i think its not that bad, they have a lot of key card to auto hurt him, and gain some nice cthul buff at par with some armor or buff for the berserker. Maybe, someone can build a Patron/Cthul deck or something like that, Crazed Worshiper whould be an auto inclued, but for now... wait to the meta to settle? 

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    posted a message on How Do I Druid?

    C'Thun Druid is working fine for me, and i face some Beast Druid and they were kite good too. Maybe if you show us what are u runing, we can help you better.

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    posted a message on C'Thun Druid in Standard - Optimized List!

    I love the mechanics of chulo and build some deck myself


    Any coment would be great for improve

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    posted a message on Thoughsteal bugged into copying legendaries?

    The chances are allways the same, unless your oponent draw card acording to their mana crystal. 

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    posted a message on Is really possible to get 6-7 wins every run?

    Yes its possible, you only need more practise at deck building and limited gameplay, who differs from constructed gameplay. 

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    posted a message on Is paid coaching worth it?

    I dont see the point on paying for something its suppose to be funy to do by yourself (and free). But if money isnt a issue for you and u want to learn to play better that badly, go for it. I spend my money on licor, ciggars and other expensive consumables and some friends say i'm crazy for that.

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    posted a message on Wild Pyromancer Question

    The OP say he use the coin on T3, soo, no. I'm inclined to think abount arcane missiles theory, but plis try to take a pick of the screen, its one key.

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