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    posted a message on Does anyone else hate mage?

    a week ago everyone was complaing about how random generated cards were ruining the game, there shouldnt be any discover stuff and here we are a deck that can cheap mana better than rogue, drawing better than rogue, and creates more random stuff both rogue and priest... so i can, i am waiting eagerly to see some nerfs -not just for the mage  but esp. mage-

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    posted a message on Trying to think of some changes for this Lib-Watchpost Deck

    it seems you are trying to keep the towers alive but  sunfury + 2 argus are overkill they are definetly unncesarry and i would say blessing of kings is unnecessary too, since you already have libram and hand of adal and

    you can definetly use new 4/3 rush legendary, holy spells cost 1 less and 4 mana 1/6 rush frenzy is pretty good with librams and lord barov is needed for big board clears

    thats what i think at least myself planing, but i aggre paladin might be the best class for tower stuff gonna try myself smth like this too :)

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    posted a message on Rewards Track Refresh & Diamond Cards

    Sir, first I want to state that I am a f2p player here. so, as you can see amount of gold they give is highly increased and it seems this time it will be easier to get more gold and stuff. But the only thing you say is they give 2 supposedly unplayable common cards instead of giving 50 gold -which is half a pack and likely equal to 20 dust- I am not trying to make you look bad btw. you just did what almost whole community did, without appreciating just critize every single thing blizzard does. When the new system came everyone was going crazy about how bad it was... i dont see anything like that now so you know a little bit of more appreciation wouldnt hurt anyone 

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    posted a message on Budget OTK Priest (5 x Leeroy)

    I think instead playing like a nomi ctrl one would be better for now, because priest already has lots of board clear stuff plus galakrond now, so you just need early game at least until meta settles. Thx for idea :)

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