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    posted a message on New Rogue Card Revealed - Bazaar Mugger

    Ogre rogue archetype in the future? No way!  :D

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    posted a message on New Card Revealed - Weaponized Wasp

    Si:7 Agent for shaman? Yeah. Why not.

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    posted a message on Big priest this, big priest that...

    Calm down, bro.

    No one wants play against deck who play all removals board clears until turn 6-7 and then summon big annoiyng minions.

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    posted a message on Dalaran Heist special interactions

    Rakanishu secret interactions: blizzard, fireball, meteor, pyroblast. Against troll with treasures (trying to ask about fire proof maps) against kobolds (Queen and sneaky pirate Kobold)

    Rakanishu sorry emote: "yeah, sorry about that"

    Vanessa: snake trap, lighting Storm.

    Against ungan oddkin ( different start of game voiceline against other heroes too.

    Gnoll with gun: spell who set minion to hp 1, lock and load.

    Against dark ethereal that ethereal ask "where is your golden gun?"

    Against awilo, cooking master hunter: " i smell tasty meats!"


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    posted a message on How Zayle, Shadow Cloak Works + All Five Decklists

    Zayle > Whizbang. Less rng and only warlock sucks from zayle deck. 4/5 valiable tier 2 decks.

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    posted a message on Last golden Legendary/epic?

    Hello, everyone.

    What's your was last crafted Legendarg/Epic card? And reason why you crafted exactly that card to golden? :)

    My was Zul'jin. Because he is one of last hero card released on game (no hero cards on 2019) and good feeling when Zul'jin makes your board and hand golden! :P

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    posted a message on How can a new player get wild mode?

    Wild is expensive? And YES and NO.

    YES - If you want collect all wild cards, play with combo decks (Like big priest, cube warlock or anyfin paladin) and play with different classes.

    NO - If you here for rank and no matter which class you pick. Then play with cheap deck (Mech hunter, Tempo mage, Pirate warrior) 

    (First two tier 2 and  3500-3800 dust, last one tier 3 and 5100 dust)

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    posted a message on Is aggro really that hated?

    I love agro, tempo decks. Fast game and need a brain if you draw bad muligan.

    And i hate those cotrol decks. What a fun play one match 30 min? It's time wasting.

    Plus board clear or removal every turn! 

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    posted a message on Legendary Priest Card Reveal - Madame Lazul

    After rotation

    Rogue: Academic espionage

    Priest: Hold my beer 

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    posted a message on New Card - Oblivitron

    On wild very good! You will mark my words.

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